Dashing Do

Slicked back styles are no exception at all. Here his subtly highlighted locks were brushed up and down, but given in the front a small volume.

Hair Of The Day

This hair style follows pompadour fashion; has a hair lift over the front. The hair gradually gets shorter from the front to the back and sides.

Prince of Hearts

Matthew McConaughey looks like this medium-length hairstyle perfect gentleman. The wavy pattern appears organic and gently combed back into his locks.

Young Gentleman

From this angle, the smooth transition created by the razor fade is clearly visible. The front’s longer hair was split at an angle and lightly textured.

Mr Style

There is an undercut under the longer hair on top of this mushroom style. This hair was feathered to have beautiful edges of texture.

Rocking Refined Look

Jamie Fox wears a plain fading skin hairstyle and sports a flat surface over the eyes. Sharp lines are shaved just above the front, giving a smart, polished look to his short do.

Beach Date

You definitely wouldn’t want your hair too short if you had such a beautiful blonde color! A textured scissor cut on the front with shorter combed down locks on the back has been given to this hair. It was straightened and given a parting of the high side.

The Duke of Detail

This hair has been skilfully trimmed to have a smooth tapering on all sides and backwards. A high side parting extends to the crown and in a pompadour pattern the hair has been cut.
Typically these cuts suit the dandy or pompadour style, but they can also be individualized with the right styling. It’s all about having clean lines and subtle trendy cuts without being above the mark. Let’s look at some interesting examples:

Dandy Comb Back

Here the locks are divided with a high partition with the right side hair cut back. The hair was combed up and back on the left and created a slight lift.

Moving Forward

In this casual fashion, the sides of the hair have a graded undercut that slowly blends into a bare skin surface. Approximately finger-combed forward was the top portion of hair.

Fancy Man

The hair appears to be the same in length at first glance, but the right side is slightly shorter. The hair in front of the hard parting with a lift over the forehead was smoothed to the left.

Dark Knight

This look features a dark beard that contrasts with the lighter locks above. A high undercut was done and a deep ash platinum blonde colored the hair.

Trend Seeker

The hair was shaved out of the temple and the hair flip was allowed to fall. A fantastic look for the gentle trendy!

Voluminous Waves

This reserved hairstyle contains lots of volume on top and back with a slight wave. The sides are long, but with the help of wax, combed back.
The Refined Step

In this retro 80’s look, the hair has been cut back into shorter layers so that the front is longer. The hair was coiffed and blow-dried into shape.

Sauvé Brush Over

Josh Harnett grabbed hearts from Pearl Harbor and will certainly catch some more in this style! These super straight locks have a separation from the center and a sexy brush over them.

Rock Renaissance styles

Throwback styles, inspired by rock and roll adventure, are warm again. This look has a front portion pushed up while the crown hair and temples have been sliced back.

Flat Fashion

It may also be appealing for a refined man to cut a simple crew. In this example, in the middle, the hair is cut short, with a flattop, and on the sides even shorter.
Most men strive to behave like gentlemen; well mannered, courteous, and polite and virtuous treatment of others. They want their style to reflect the type of person they are enter the haircut of the gentleman. The haircut of a gentleman is one that looks clean, sleek and uncomplicated in general; not messy or untidy.


Ready For Love

Here, Iwan Rheon (Game of Thrones) displays a gentlemanly haircut there is plenty of volume and the hair has a soft look with gentle curls. It’s a romantic style for sure.

In this famous gentleman’s hairstyle, the X-factor

Gary Barlow looks beautiful and new. You can see the finger was combed in front of the hair and on the sides he’s got a splash of silver.

Valiant Vintage

A contemporary dandy look! It was allowed to lift and hang slightly forward in front and has plenty of volume instead of the hair being combed flat.

Style connoisseur

In this photo, the full beard hair is the same as the undercut hair. For a dandy feel, the top portion is long, loose and allied back.


Scissor cut locks on top, textured with finger combing are the main focus of this style. The sides are short and simple, flowing into the well-kept beard the hairstyle.


Clean lines make this style so beautiful, especially when combined with the super neat stubble beard. This cut is a skin fade that leaves long and brushed up high on the front section.

Once you’ve grown your hair long and need a polished look that’s simple to go, braids and buns will help keep your hair looking trendy while still practical. And if you want to put them together? Okay, go ahead, men’s braided buns are currently trendy! Don’t know where to start? Don’t be afraid! We’re going to show you guys who get it right!

braids of all sizes are used for this hairstyle. It begins on the side with a tight, thin Dutch braid, followed by a larger braid and then repeated again.

Short Locks

With patience and skill, even such short hairs can be braided to provide a loose but smooth style with a small bun on the back.


There is a high, tight undercut in this hairstyle that starts just below the crown. The longer middle hair segment was formed into a few tidy braids, well divided by defined sections.

From the Bottom Up

While most undercuts come to the top, this style makes a V-shaped long hair section on the back. From the bottom up, this hair was braided and tied into a fold over the bun.

Front Row Style

In addition to being super stylish, man braids also keep the locks neat and clean. Here, with two short rows of French braids, an undercut is teamed up and secured with a bun high on the head.

Full Head of Braids

His hair is long and neatly separated into thin braid lines. Such braids ‘ ends are wrapped in a comfortable knot at the bottom.

A Little On The Side

Slicing your hair back into a bun keeps it smooth and out of the way, but why not jazz it up a bit by adding some tiny braids alongside this guy’s parting?

Pretty parts

Here the hair was split into three sections; a larger section down the middle and two smaller sections on each side. Each of these was tightly braided and pulled back into a large bun together with the rest of the hair.

Up and Over

For this unique hair style, the hair was split in the center and the Dutch braided on each side. At the back of the head, the two braids meet where they are joined together.

Master Styling

You can create amazing patterns using braids to make your hair a masterpiece. This look has been crafted with tight rows of Dutch braids interlinked.

Signature Look

In order to create a signature style, a pompadour look (height over the forehead) was paired with a braid. The hair was brushed up and back and on the side was added a small tight braid.

Colored Locks

A bit of color will make a hairstyle pop, which is a great example. The hair was shaded in a dark to light shadow from black to white. Then it was braided from front to back by the Netherlands.

It’s all about the spacing

The better when it comes to the spacing of the braids. With its Dutch braided lines and a tight bun, this hairstyle looks perfectly uniform.

Super Neat

The hair has been molded into several braids that extend from front to back and finish with a twist over man bun.

So Sauvé

Dapper meets the braids and it’s a winner. With two super neat French braids, we see a carefully graded undercut along the sides.

Dutch braid

This style is called a Dutch braid and can easily be identified as it appears like the braid is sitting on top of the hair. A single braid runs down into a high bun down the center of the face.

Braids and Buns

Thick hair can be hard to handle, but as we can see here a braid will take care of it in no time. This is a thick French inverted braid attached to the back with a round bun.

Ocean Twist

From the front to the back, we see hair that has been finely combed. The hair was colored in bright blue shades and that really makes this hair stand out!


Why settle for one braid if you can have a lot of braid? With the longer hair on top and tied in a simple fold over the bun, four rows of tight braids were created in this picture.

Precision locks

Using its longer top locks, a loose French braid was fashioned. The hair has been precisely combed back into the style and the ends on the back are tucked away.
Ball Of Box Braids

In this image, long box braids are put above the undercut and gathered at the back of the head and twisted into a smooth, round man bun.

Style Time

In this photo the hair was cut into long, thin box braids and they were pulled back and tied into a messy man bun a very sexy, laid back look.


Dutch braids will help to add height to the hairstyle we see in this example. A broad braid extends the head length and is tied to the back of a man bun.

Stark Sides and Black Braids

In this look the hair is rasped bald along the sides, pointing to the dark colored locks on top. Sectioning these strings and braiding the Dutch, finishing with a high pony.


Slick-back hairstyle shows why the comb is the best hair styling tool or equipment to be invented and will remain. This hair keeps a medium-length cut scissor sliced off. Some hair product can be used before the slick back, but it will still look good in its natural texture and appearance, even without any.

Professor Style

Professors have a distinct, severe hairstyle that looks pretty simple and plain. This professional look involves doing almost nothing to the natural hair except to cut it short (scissor trim), wash it clean and use a small amount of gel or any other men’s hair product. It is very easy to maintain if you get the right length and it is perfect as a professional or formal cut.

Curly Ivy League

Curly hair is perfect even without any styling, and you can get a fantastic look with a good gel and your fingers. The curls are trimmed to a medium length or approximately three inches long for this style. A generous amount of gel or any other performance hair hold material is used, and with your hands you can shape the curls. Try to leave the curls as natural as possible as they are going to be more appealing in this way.

Spiky Locks

Short spiky locks in this style are very well done, showing that you can turn your spikes into an Ivy League in several respects. Although the spikes may not look like what you traditionally call locks, because of the way they are styled, they can still be categorized as such. Most of the attention is focused on the top section in this hairstyle because the back was simply sliced.

Good Old Look

Sometimes all you have to do is stick with the good old look like in this style. Keep your hair naturally, and just trim it a little to give it some uniformity. If there are signs of white or gray skin, you can keep them as they are, as this adds to the style’s charm. A slide side part can spice up stuff as well, but it’s not always necessary.
The haircut of the Ivy League has been portrayed in many ways, and many names have also been given, but this style is just an overgrown cut of the team. For years, this cuthas have been around, and it’s always been synonymous with gentlemen, but nowadays anyone can wear it even if they don’t regard themselves as such. The Princeton as it is also known to be designed and made in a myriad of ways, and this variety has led to its various variations. If you’re talking of wearing this beautiful haircut, though, the following are brilliant ideas you should try.

Just a few Bangs

This style is all about exquisite-looking natural bangs, showing the magic that scissors can do if it’s in the hands of a skilled stylist. The bangs are very natural and the way they are cut is what makes them attractive as there is little shaping done afterwards. Colour, texture and volume all play an important role in showcasing this look.

Smart Side Sweep

Most hair experts will tell you the simplest thing you can do with your smart-looking medium-length hair is sweeping it sideways. It should start with a neat side parting for this side swept hair to look beautiful. Top hair is pulled to the side and the rest of the hair is pushed in the opposite direction. Recall using a generous amount of the right hair product to look fabulous to the side swept hair.

Stylish student

Students always strive to distinguish themselves from the rest, and the best way to do this is to get such an incredibly stylish haircut. Here, the stylish student maintains a high, voluminous and wavy top with the sides and the clipper on the back. Besides the perfect cut, all you need is some hair product because the natural wavy hair provides all the styling you need. This style requires regular trimming of the top and sides.

Do it Right

The only way to look beautiful with the Ivy League haircut is to do everything right. Whether you mess up with the cut or the styling, you’re going to look very different from it. This particular haircut demonstrates a perfectly correct model. A scissor trim is provided to voluminous wavy hair, then a side section. The hairs at the top are swept to one side and given a certain height while the ones below the line are sliced.

Perfectly designed

Perfection begins with hair trimming, color and texture in all aspects of this haircut. Just by looking at it, you’d know it’s a skilled, very experienced barber’s work. Design involves a longer crown hair with the sides being scissor cut short and a small part created at the top section. Although the color is natural in this style, if you have a different color, you can always use a dye.

Classic Ivy League

This style is one of the earliest forms of the Ivy League, and maybe it’s what most people associate with alookas. It requires a neatly trimmed hair throughout the head that is equal in length. Hair is short, but it’s long enough to be swept to the side or styled in short curls. The Classic Ivy League is perfect for the shape of the round and oval head.

Voluminous Smartness

All meanings of voluminous hair are beautiful, particularly if it is organic. And all you have to do with it is beautifully trim it and use a comb to style it. It will still look good in this style where it’s just pushed back, even without all those fancy designs. The best thing about volume is that by creative trimming and using hair products, you can make almost any hair complete. This ensures that the style can be worn as all that is needed to give it some texture with different types of skin.

College Boy Waves

In college, you are free to do whatever you want with your hair, as many universities do not have strict regulations. Boys with wavy hair have many advantages when it comes to haircuts and styles as it is easier to work with these types of hair than most other types. A small side part is given in this particular cut the wavy hair then the crown strands are swept to one side. The rest of the waves are moved back to complete an ordinary look of a college boy.

Smart guys are named as they always find a way to steal the show with their presence. What most people don’t know is that hair is the one thing that makes them look smart. The smart guy model that puts the typical Ivy League together, and a side part is an example of a hairstyle that can make a man stand out. A longer top is retained in this cut, while short sides and a back are rasped. Then a side part is given to the high crown and finished by being pushed to the side.

Gelled Harvard Video

There is no other hair product similar to the men’s success gel. And this is rightly so because, no matter how dull it may be, it always has a way to breathe some new life into any hair. The Gelled Harvard Clip is all about gelbecause it does all magic and besides, from the hair trimming the only other things needed is to push the front strands slightly to one side to finish an eye-catching look.

Total Slickness

Whether you like slicked hair or not this style will impress you, and you will perhaps also want to try it. The hair texture is incredible and the dark color is very attractive as well. After the application of a hair product to give it a shine and to make it easy to slick, hair is given a hard side art then slicked. The deeppart line is the base from which, except the front, the hair is completely sliced in all directions.

Short spikes

If done professionally and by an experienced stylist or barber, spiky hair always looks good on men. Pikes are kept throughout the head and in uniform length in this cut. What makes them look especially good is that the spikes are short and very firm and brilliant. The presence of these short spikes indicates that hair product choice plays an important role in getting a great hairstyle.

Blond Innovative

This blonde haircut will shorten all blonde locks. What makes it unique is that it is highly innovative, and it goes beyond the tradition that keeps blond hair long. The hair at the top is reduced to about two inches, then the sides are cut short and undercut to complete a very innovative look.
Small Faux Hawk

You don’t always have to overdo things to look good in a false hawk and it proves beyond doubt. The style holds in the middle of the head a short faux hawk with the sides cut short. Also the wavy hair makes the look fantastic. But men who don’t have a naturally wavy hair, using hair products can achieve the same look.

The imagination of Caesar Ivy

Combed Textured Top

Sometimes the length of the hair may be affected. Here, when combing the top to create a straight look, the length is kept on track. The faded sides blend in to create an incredible haircut shape.

Stylish pump cut

This fade cut also gives you the opportunity to explore the world of pump haircuts. To create the illusion of a sleek Mohawk style, the shorter sides surround the pomp. Several ear piercings are useful to further enhance your stylish looks.

Touch of Natural Waves

The sloping blonde top creates the illusion of a sloping haircut with a higher front height. On the sides, the tapered cut transforms into a skin fade disconnecting the thin beard.

Temple Fade for Golden Top

By adding some warm tones to the hair, the elegance of a fade cut can be enhanced. Here, with golden blonde color, the long top is outlined and reaches a few inches past the forehead. On the temple a fade cut is given and styled to link to the lineup of the beard.

Clippers Over Comb

To produce a wavy flat top, the hair is textured, combed and trimmed. It has plenty of thickness to suit with a beautiful blonde voice. The sides have a small bald fade between the hair and the thick beard.

Cool Fade for Asian Hair

Long top of this Asian hair transforms into shorter sides sporting a low bald fade stretching from the temple to the back. Also a fade cut extends about an inch from the front to create an enormous contrast with the long top.

Medium Drop Fade

This is a clean blend of faded and clipped top sides. The top is designed to create a total pomp illusion. To give it a blocky shape, a moderate fall fade on the sides sits well on the chest.

Blow-dried on top

Simply amazing is the elegance of blow-dried hair combined with a perfect faded cut on both sides. Some jewelry added to the ears add to this haircut a little sparkle.

Low Razor Top Pump

This is an intricate style that may require a professional stylist’s touch. This sports an elegant boom with shorter sides on top that quickly turns into a bald fade that covers the occipital bone to the nape. A smooth curve is given to a hard razor component and sits low on one side.

Skin Fade for Part Style Pump

The stylish look of this blonde hair contrasts well with the dark beard. It sports a piece of pump style that fade into a low skin. To reveal the full effect of this haircut on the head, the hair is sliced off.

Textured Top

The top hair is textured and beautifully trimmed to make an elegant haircut form. The faded cut only leaves a small bit of beard on the chin to the beard lineup.

Ultimate Fade

This haircut is the perfect fade on the sides. To create the illusion of thin hair, the top is textured. The low bald fade disconnects the beard entirely from the body.

Tapered Fade

This side pump haircut is definitely a cool take on the tapered sides and back. A bald fade is given to the temple and the neck nape, which in this style creates a vintage look.

Slicked Undercut

This is a brilliant way to earn compliments from even the most skeptical people. On the beard lineup and the nape, the undercut sides sport a bald fade. A sleek pump is sitting on top coolly.

You can upgrade your medium fade haircut to match these special moments and events in your life in many different ways. I’ve done my best to find the most amazing styles on you that will look absolutely good. Take a moment and let me introduce you to the best styles in front of many that will create an œwow look.
Razor Fades

You get a pretty cool fading hairstyle here. The top of this Asian hair is textured and the roots are given some lift. For additional beauty, a razor fade traces the sides and the back.

Good African Hair Touch

Flexibility of a fading haircut is unparalleled. Here’s how it can be integrated to give you a more sophisticated appeal on short African hair.

Sliced Back Top

It features longer, textured hair on top to produce a soft look. At the crown, the hair is pulled back. The faded sides fit the bald fade just below the neck’s nape.

Cool Fading Cut

This style is certainly a masterpiece and brings to its limits the cool look of a fading haircut. It features a preppy haircut that sits low on the temple with a sleek fade.

High-Low Fall Fade

This style takes an extra mile to look cool. It sports a piece of hard razor separating the sleek top from the sides. A high-low drop fade is given to the back and sides which adds sophistication to this style.

Young Asian Style

You will certainly be blowing off the smooth texture of the top. It takes to the extreme the brilliant appeal of dark Asian hair. To build an elaborate look, it is divided into different pieces. This sassy haircut is a fade cut around the top seals.

Short bumper cut on top

The well-defined outlines and the clean bumper cut on top give you a cool look. To create an amazing fresh look, the beard is cut down to the skin. For everyday wear, it’s a perfect style.

Longer on top and back

This fade sports a little bit of creativity making it unique. In order to give them a smooth and shiny look, the top and back hair are left longer and textured. A bald fade from the temple to the occipital bone covers the sides.

Straight Razor section

This style sports a low back and side bald fade. A surgical razor part is given to the left side, which adds more elegance to this haircut. For young boys, this is a perfect cut and offers the benefit of easy maintenance.

Blurry Fade

This is how in the world of fading haircuts you can get that œwow look. This style, combined with the elegance of blurry fades on the sides, sports a clean cut. A rough razor section establishes a barrier between the elegant top and the bottom.

Short Ponytail with Thick Beards

Jared Leto gives his textured hair a casual look by incorporating a short matching ponytail. To fit well with his long hair, he leaves his beards to grow thick. To completely reveal his head, the hair is cut off.

Shag Style Haircut

By choosing a shag haircut, the singer produces a pop-style look in itself. The haircut gives him a grotesque look without too much concealment. Jared Leto gives the rich burgundy tone to his hair that adds a great deal to his haircut. He allows his beards to stay short and coarse.

Parted genius hair

Jared Leto tries to add some creativity to his body. He incorporates a glossy finish into his highly textured hair and divides it into a statement at the middle top. Despite his short trimmed beard, it combines well.
Slick Back Haircut

Jared Leto makes his haircut quick. He slicks his textured hair back to give a smoother look to his face. The slick back hairstyle is good at exposing the front and ear edges. He combines it to match with a short beard.

Silky Smooth Cropped Hair

Jared Leto adds elegance by cropping it to his long, sleek hair. This pays similar resemblance to a side-flipped bang dangling just under the right eyebrow. On the left side, the hair is layered and the ear is rarely exposed. The hair on the back is cut to rest.

Hard-part Style for Medium Textured Hair

The singer appears quite formal in a medium textured hair here. To create that gentleman look in him, the hair is hard-paired. This haircut transforms the face of the singer into the face of a serious and focused business tycoon. Jared Leto allows the haircut to connect his beards.

Dark Brown to Orange Ombre

Here the celebrity cuts his hair just above his shoulders to let it hang. He uses the ombre style to give this haircut two color combinations. The transitions of the hair from dark brown to orange. To give him a hideous look, he lets a single strand of hair hang in front of his face.

Slicked Back Blonde

The hair is shaved backwards and the sides are trimmed, making a remarkable difference in length and size. To create a youthful look, the beardis rasped down to the skin. Jared Leto completes the haircut with a couple of sunglasses that give him a much bolder look.

Grey Hair

Jared Leto chooses to play the style of the old man. He’s painting his hair gray and adding a sleek back top. To build a difference, this haircut has undercut sides. Jared Leto maintains his youthful looks fresh and smooth in a grey hair by shaving his beards.

Sliced Back with Beards

Jared Leto textured his hair in order to achieve great consistency and add some brilliance. He styles it into a technique of smooth back. To create uniformity, he gives the same color and texture to his beards. The beard is cut to medium height and left for hair connection.

Parted layered hair

Jared Leto embodies his long, layered hair with a part style. To build a wavy appearance, the hair is textured and styled. This rests on the shoulders and perfectly dissimulates the ears. To create a perfect blend, he cuts his beards to medium height.

Medium Blonde Pompadour High Fade

Jared Leto is a medium blonde hair pump model. He combines it with a haircut with a high fade. The beards have the same blonde appearance and are cut short. A pair of dark sunglasses complete the singer’s looks.

Hint of Blonde Dark Base Highlights

The singer adds a bit of hue to the medium hairstyle. He aims for a dark foundation and applies a touch of blonde highlights to the hair by completing it. There’s no chance that the beards will give him a boyish look.

Dark to Blonde Ombre

This hairstyle would give the singer a totally feminine appeal if it were not for the beard. Just above the shoulders, Jared Leto cuts his hair. He separates it and gives it a complex look. The transitions of the hair from dark to blonde point to the ends.

Dark Auburn for Medium Hair

The wealth and depth of dark auburn hair is shown here by Jared Leto. To remove interference, it is separated side by side and swept backwards. To compliment his haircut, Jared Leto is growing a blonde beard.
To millions of men around the world, Jared Leto haircut has been a popular look. The celebrities have done everything they need to bring out the coolest looks before the screen. He’s been experimenting with many different haircuts that have become men’s favorite. Would you like to join the flow? Okay, spare your time for a few minutes and let us discuss the many different haircuts that make Jared Leto’s best.

Bun Style with Thick Beards

Jared Leto gives a lot of length and volume to both worlds. He finishes with a bun his delicate burgundy hair. To create a perfect uniformity and smooth transition from the hair, the beard is left to grow to its satisfaction.

Bun Style and Dark Layered Hair

Jared Leto decides to take a darker shadow. In a layered design, he styles his long hair and ends it with a bun at the back of the neck. For complete his looks, a short trimmed beard comes in handy.

Messy Textured Top in Pageboy Style

Jared Leto does the pageboy style of his hair but decides to mess with the top to create a wild look in a hairstyle that is otherwise tamed. To create a little formality in the hairstyle, he shaves his beards short.

Dark Brown Bob Cut with Blonde Peek-a-boo Highlights

This bob haircut creates a contrasting look. It’s a mixture of dark brown shade added below with blonde peek-a-boo highlights that come back to life. Jared Leto is not giving a chance to his beards-he is giving it a smooth, clean shave.

Blonde Locks

Unlayered Blonde Locks

He gives his unlayered locks a blonde look hanging over the shoulders. The locks are swept sideways to enable his face to shine. The hair roots are given a dark shade to allow a visible color change.

Layered Locks

You may be mistaken for a lady by this haircut. The dark brown layered locks lend him more feminine appearance and cast off his face for a few years. The absence of any beards creates a youthful face with life and energy radiating.

Undercut Bang Style

Jared Leto tries to go the casual way by choosing a haircut bang style. But the singer pulls out something totally different, unlike the typical bang style we’re used to. By incorporating undercut sides, he decides to isolate his bang style.

Dark to Blonde Ombre for bearded long hair

This haircut has long, wavy hair. The hair transitions color from the dark shade that fades to the highlights of blonde. To suit the long hair, the singer leaves his beards and thick moustache.

Mohawk Tiger Style

Jared Leto achieves the stunning Mohawk tiger stripes. This is a perfect haircut that offers beautiful color patterns with contrasting looks. In order to avoid compromising this unique and elegant Mohawk haircut, Jared Leto shaves his beards short.

Parted Balayaged Look Jared Leto produces a balayed look with his dark brown hair. From the middle shaft, the hair is screened to produce blonde highlights. This creates the illusion of a dark hair fading to a lighter tone seamlessly. To add more style, the hair is divided.

Side Parted Long Hair

Have you ever watched the Alexander movie? If so, maybe you’ve picked this haircut. Jared Leto grows long hair here, which includes braided sides. The hair at the top has a part style. The braids hold back the hair to fully reveal the face.

Dark Brown to Dark Red Ombre with Eye Color

Jared Leto is matching his skin to his ombre hairstyle. He textured his hair to make it loose, allowing a few strands to wander to his face’s front. Seamlessly, the hair color changes from dark brown to dark red. To complete his looks, the singer adds an eye shadow.

Short hair

This haircut gives a cool, relaxed look to the singer. The hair is cut short and the texture is coarse. To create a deep hue, the hair is brown-colored. To compliment the haircut, the singer shaves his beards short.

Pink for Mohawk

This is an entirely new era in the Mohawk hairstyle world. Jared Leto decides to go pink while keeping a blonde shade below. He cuts short and rough his beards.

Parted Blonde Hair

Jared Leto adds length to the blonde hair. At the middle tip, the hair is separated and allowed to rest gracefully on the shoulders. A black beard and moustache give a dark shade to the lighter blonde hair.

Long Balayaged Hair Style

Jared Leto gives his best bun hairstyle shot. He gives a lot of length to his hair and uses the technique of balayage to create a smooth color transition. The hair starts with a dark shade, giving a lighter tone to the ends from the middle shaft. The singer leaves his beards unshaven for the long hair to blend well.

Short Slick Back Hair

By pulling his short hair in a slick back style, the singer reveals his face in full display. He colors the dark brown hair and textures it to make it look smooth and shiny. The beard is cut short to a coarse texture and left in order to preserve its blonde-like appeal.

‘ Blonde Dark Base Highlights’

Dark Brown to Blonde Ombre

In his long wavy hair, Jared Leto shows the shadow style. The transitions of hair color from dark brown to blonde highlights ending in waves of texture. At the edges, the hair is separated and lined to add elegance. The whole look is completed by a medium trimmed beard and mustache.

Dark Burgundy

The dark brownish tone gives a monochromatic appearance to this haircut. There is no noticeable color change. Nonetheless, you’ll be able to pick those red highlights with a closer look. The hair is long, separated, and unlayered. The singer grows a few beards as a reminder that you’re actually looking at this man.

Going Green for Slick Back Style

The singer chooses to combine his time with nature. By dyeing his hair green, he achieves that. The hue contrasts significantly with the light skin tone that makes it easy to identify from a distance. Jared Leto shortens his beards to avoid interfering with the unique color of the hair.

Slicked Back Pink Hair

Jared Leto’s hair color tests here. He paints his textured pink hair and slicks it back to reveal his face’s outline. The hair attaches to the short-cut beard line and retains its natural color.

Textured Long Wavy Hair

Jared Leto draws his hair back to completely reveal his forehead. The hair is textured with the spiky feel of the edge. The beard is cut short and a pair of sunglasses complete the whole look to give a cool look.

Dark Burgundy-inspired Mohawk

In Jared Leto’s long list of haircuts, the trendy Mohawk style is found. This is a Mohawk, influenced by burgundy, with a dark red hue. This haircut produces an elongated face’s appearance and goes well with short beards.

Texturized wild hair

In Jared Leto, this hairstyle produces the untamed look. The textured hair, however, does a lot to give him a cool look. The hair has a hue of dark red burgundy with blonde highlights that contrast well with its clean rasped beard.

Looking for a haircut that makes it easy to maintain? Well, the answer is straightforward and simple–a buzz cut. This is a haircut that gives you that military look without being a force member. The good thing about buzz haircuts is they’re simple, convenient and affordable straight away. It’s a haircut for everyone, even for the bearded.

Tom Hardy decided to revolutionize the buzz cut style with something completely new and attractive. This buzz cut provides a two-extreme element. This makes it look like with one hand cut short and the other extended to moderate size, the head is split in half.

Low Fade Crew Cut

This is a trendy haircut that makes you look young and sexy. On the left side, a thick razor cut line is made. In fact, this haircut is a more discreet version of the clipper cut.

Taipei style

This buzz cut is a perfect match for thinning hair, embraced by millions of Asians. Known as crew cut, with some height left at the top and back, it features undercut sides.
Faded Buzz Cut

This is a hairstyle that makes Tom Hardy’s best, particularly with a pair of black sunlasses to suit. It offers a sleek razor component line with the beauty of a fading brush that runs halfway up the top.

Textured Low Fade

Benefit from silky, smooth top hair with a matching fading haircut. At the edges of the forehead, the hairline is tapered while the forehead is left to take its natural outline. This silky smooth look is also given to the beard and the moustache.

Coarse Medium Top

Undercut thinning hair

Colton Haynes adds some brilliance to the haircut buzz. To complement the under-cut sides, the top is cut to medium length. So bring out that youthful look, this haircut looks fantastic with no beards.

Medium to Short

This haircut shows a nice medium to short hair transition. The portion is cut short just above the ear line. At medium height, the top and back are trimmed. A thin line of beard is a good addition to this haircut.

Blondie Buzz Cut

Justin Bieber brings this unique, boyish haircut to the fore in a blonde hair. With a V-shaped nape line to suit, the hair is cut to medium height.

Long Buzz Cut with no Beards

Reference to a buzz cut often brings to mind the image of someone with short, well-cut hair. Film star Paul Walker, however, changes everything by adding a little height to it.

Short hair with rasor line

Drake adds some style to a short hair buzz. A line of razor slicing extends from the front to the middle tip. A moustache and a mustache provide the look with a few extra touches.

Slicked Back

This buzz cut works smoothly for people with thereto. The hair is trimmed to medium height and the razor is rasped at the front edges to bring out that military look in you. A couple of glasses and a leather jacket are going to make a big difference.

Easy buzz cut

This haircut has no further touch or style. It’s a style that in a haircut brings out simplicity. This haircut blends well with a short-cut beard to give the adolescent look.

Clean Cut with Thick Mustache

This style allows you to create clean buzz with no front tapering. To give you that bold look, a thick moustache comes in handy.

Faded with Stylish line

This theme features a razor-shaped L-shaped segment line with a more dramatic appeal. The hair is rasped razor just above the ear line extending backwards in a way that separates the beards from the hair completely.

Razor Cut Edges medium hair

Anyone with lots of beard might want to try this stylish haircut. The haircut features sides of the top medium cut hair. To make a distinction, the edges of the forehead are razor off.

Jamaican / Street Style

Any African American will look great. The hair is cut to medium and contrasts well with a thick, bushy moustache and beard.

Short Top with Longer Sides

Usually the reverse side is longer and shorter. This buzz cut, though, shows a whole new look. To build a channel-like shape in the centre, the top hair is cut to a shorter length with the sides left longer.

Quick Fade

This haircut goes a step further in the fade fashion. The top is cut short while the sides are cut to the bald look. To give it more style, there’s a tapper line on the front.

Clean Shaved Sides and Back

For that humble man, this is a haircut. The top is cut short while the sides are rasped to distinguish the beards from each other. With this buzz cut, a thin line of beard that has some thickness on the chin goes well.

Low-High Fade Buzz Cut

Low-High Fade Buzz Cut African-American way and cut to medium height. From low to high fade, there is a wonderful transition. The best in this haircut is a curved line of beard that has some length on the chin.

Fading with hair art

This fading haircut clipper offers this artistic appeal to your body. The cutting lines of Razor are carved on top to create two crescent-shaped designs back to back.

Undercut Back Pompadour

This is a multi-style haircut demonstrating a radical transition from one style to another. It features a sliced back hair pompadour. Cutting the sides to a shorter length.

Razor Parted

Including a standard buzz cut to the beards. The cut has on the side a tapered line of the neck and a part of the razor to bring out that sexy look.

Clean Cut

Any Tom Hardy fan will not miss identifying this iconic buzz cut which has greatly contributed to the success of his acting career. It’s a simple buzz cut that combines well with a medium-cut beard on the arms, leaving the chin bushy.

29Sliced Back Crew Cut

The hair is cut to medium height and sliced back to make a point. The whole look is completed by a medium trimmed beard left thick and bushy at the chin.

Silky Smooth with

This haircut combines different styles. A side section is closely clipped while the rest of the section remains thick. To provide a more creative style, the clipped side is completed with shaven lines.

Long Buzz Cut

Jake Gyllenhaaladds a touch to the long bumper cut. He accompanies it to carry out that mature look with trimmed beards.

Faded Crew Cut

This haircut may be the best you could ever have. It features the famous faded style that matches trimmed to medium height with a beard and moustache.

Medium Shaved

Nick Jonas ‘ hair has been uniformly cut to medium height in this buzz haircut. It is left to the hairline to take the normal form. A short beard is good for upgrading your looks.
I’m going to give you 70 inspiring ideas for buzz cuts in this article. I will also provide short descriptions and photos to help you to choose the haircut that will make you the neighborhood’s envy. Okay, take your time and let me talk you through the store’s options.

Men are very popular with shaved side hairstyles as they make them look trendy, presentable, cool and stylish. They’re also very easy to achieve because you just have to shave the sides clean, taper, or fade. The style on your crown, however, also determines how adorable in this modern design you will look. And if you’re going to try it out, the haircuts below will give you some ideas on how you’re going to look.

Messy Man Bun

This haircut is another example of a fashionable style you can create without cutting a big piece of hair. It involves pulling the long strands into a loose and messy bun of man and shaving in the sides a few inches to create a beautiful fade.

Blowback with Neatly Shaved Sides

You’ll need to use a dry blow to get this perfect blowback, and it’s also helpful if you’re full of hair. Getting some clean, smooth sides is also important as this will enhance your look.

Tapered Faux Hawk

All you need to create a trendy style like this is a little inventiveness. It’s also very easy because you just have to leave a few short spiky strands in the middle and taper the sides.

Short and Neat Quiff

The sides of this haircut show the beautiful head tattoo. Besides this, the style also has a short, tidy quiff at the end, which is very smooth as well.

Comb Flat Top

You can spice up the style by combining it smoothly to create a stylish hairdo instead of just going with a traditional flat top and undercut.

Free Flowing Locks with Subtle Undercut

If you have long wavy locks like these, you don’t have to do much to create a perfect shaved side design. All you need on the sides is a subtle undercut and two simple lines of razor.

Back Swept Waves and Fade

This haircut is very original and involves leaving some wavy strands of medium length on the crown and then creating a hard line and a fade on the sides.

Upswept Textured Bangs

The thickness of the strands on this haircut is incredible, but they also have a beautiful style that includes sweeping the bangs and making them slightly messy and finishing on the sides with a tapered fade.

Curly Mohawk with complicated patterns

Although this style may seem complicated due to complicated razor patterns, it is very easy to replicate if you have thick curly locks. All you have to do is leave the thick hair in the middle and create the patterns of fancy.

Trendy Bangs and Undercut

No complicated cut or styling is required for men to look elegant. A model like this requires only a few moderate trimmings to add some texture to the bangs on top. To create a trendy look, you should also create an undercut and inventively style the bangs.

Classy Man Braid

In the middle of your head you can do several things with longer strands, but few will look better. And it involves braiding them into a simple man’s braid to finish by tying them into a ponytail.

Thick Wave and Blurry Fade

In this hairdo, the thick waves on the top are fantastic, helping to make the face look longer. Also, this style has an incredible blurry fade that spices up the look and gives it some class.

The disconnecting fade

Fading is also a practical design as it creates a disconnection between the short layered bangs on the crown in this haircut and the massive beard to ensure that both attract attention.

Curly and Front Swept

You can create this chic hairdo by shaving the sides if you have curly locks. Then you should push the curls to the front and finish by making them somewhat messy.

High and Flat Top

This high and flat top can only be created by an experienced barber because it requires a high degree of accuracy. This design also has some geometric shapes around the hairs of the face and some fading that will also require some skills.

Elegant steps and curls

Curly locks build a beautiful appearance, but you can still look a little higher like this. And to do this, on the side you should create some elaborate steps and give a brilliant light blue shade to one of them.

Fresh Slick-Back

This style is easier to create than it looks like and involves creating high sides tapering and leaving a few inches of hair in the middle. Then you should finish the look with the longer strands slicking back.

High and Layered Bangs

Layered bangs are very trendy and can be differentiated by keeping them on the crown only and fading the sides. To separate the two levels of hair, you should also create a soft part line.

Redhead Combover

Finding any defects in this redhead is very difficult if not impossible. It has a fantastic comb-over on the crown as well as a classic fade with geometric shapes to line up the facial hairs apart from the lovely color.

Brushed Back Taper Cut

Crown strands look and feel very light in this hairstyle, making styling easy because you just have to brush them back. However, without a moderate tapering, this style would not be complete.

Wavy Bangs and Zero Fade

Zero fades are good as hair can be found in most areas of your face. This fade adds to the thick wavy bangs on this hairdo’s crown to make it look stunning.

Clean Upswept Mohawk

This kind of gentleman will make you stand out wherever you go. It’s clean and neat, and on the side it has an incredible fade which enhances the appearance of the upswept strands at the top.

Side Swept Classic Bangs

In order to create this hairdo, taper the strands on the side and leave a few inches of hair on top. And you just need to sweep the long locks to the side to finish the look.

Sleek Tapering and Side Sweep

Some men don’t like to cut a large piece of their hair, but this shouldn’t be a problem because a style like this will work for them. With a simple tapering, a part line, and side sweep, the strands are a few inches long.

Slick and Smooth Quiff

If you know how to style it, a short and smooth patch of hair on the crown will make you look beautiful. Upon offering them some oil, a good idea is to brush the strands to one side and also keep the sides short and faded.

Front Swept Blonde Bangs

Swept front bangs are fabulous but they look very distinct, not only because of their beautiful blonde shade but also because of their perfectly tapered sides.

Fancy Rows and a Knot

This style consists of three smooth braids ending in a knot in the middle of the head. Also the headdress has an incredible fade and some elegant razor lines which make it look very exquisite.

Chunky Brush-Back and Side Part

This headdress locks are longer than expected in shaved side hairstyles. However, it looks very refined due to the brush back styling over the undercut and the side line.

Complicated haircut patterns

The fancy razor patterns on the sides make this haircut look really sophisticated, and it’s hard to believe it’s a typical Caesar style.

Hard part Bun

What you do with your crown’s long strands will determine how charming you are. The design draws them to the middle of the head and, before finishing with a hard part on the arm, wraps the strands into a man bun.
Clean and Neat

Rasped side hairstyles don’t have to be complicated because if you keep things as simple and clean as in this style, you’ll always look great. But, as this also improves the overall appearance, you should also have a fancy design on the crown.

Vintage Double Lines

Those short upswept crown bangs are perfect, but you can still improve their appearance with two double side lines and a classic high-fade model.

Side and Skin Fade

This hairdo shows you shouldn’t just shorten the sides, but give them a fashionable style like a side part and a smooth skin. And if you combine this with some upswept textured bangs you’re going to look amazing.

Cropped and Textured

This design is flawless as well, but its beauty comes from a smooth fade that blends perfectly into a textured crop cut. And you finish it by sweeping in delicate layers the short bangs in front.

Undercut Sleek Combover

Rockabilly hair refers to styles that made rock and roll music common during the advent. These were high-volume greased styles that tended to look very neat and polished. Modern rockabilly hair is inspired by these retro styles and has created a host of hairstyles, ranging from classic pompadours and jelly rolls to more trendy assumptions of these styles. These pictures show some of the looks prepare to be inspired the most sought after!

Pomp It Up

This was a gently tapered undercut. In the pompadour style, the long hair on top was slicked back and given volume.

Copper Roll

The sides are rasped bare in this style and then the hair is rasped to the top. The front section was curled back at an angle and the high curl leans slightly forward onto the front.

Tapered Sides with Tall Top

Once again we see the clean cut sides tapering up to a highly defined part. The style is in front of a high wave, sliced to a brilliant finish.

Smooth and tall

An eye-catching aspect is the square shape of the temple. This straight shape plays with the above hair’s tall curved shape.

Curving Curl

In this look, the high brushed over the fringe tapers off, but rather than straight back, it curves gently around the side of the crown. We can see a blended razor slice under the close parting.

Straight Out Rock

This image shows an undercut running along the neck nape. The rest of the hair is long, brushed from the neck, bringing forward all the hair. The hair was then fixed with the product in place.
Rockabilly Spin

Here a very unique look was created with the hair pulled in two long fold-overs at the back. Those drop forward creating a look in front of a high volume.

Endless moves

The hair has been styled in this very chic rock and roll style into a rounded wave curving on the head. His locks are cut back, adding to this look precision and shine.

Bring back the curl

From the right temple, the hair was combed to fan over the head. Detail was applied to the front section with a close peak and curl.

Classic Rockabilly

The hair was cut short on the side in this classic style, creating a well-defined parting. The hair at the top was styled as a high curled wave tapering backwards.

Lift Revival

Flap hairstyles are released While still looking soft and touchable, this style has great volume. The light brown fawn and discreet highlights are helping this pop hairstyle.

Two Tone Under Cut

His hair was firstseparated with a long, rounded segment to create this rare look. A perfectly formed coif has been cut into the top portion of hair. The hair is cut short under the section and another section has been made. The hair is at its shortest under this partition.

Punk Pompadour

This style combines punk and rockabilly appearance. The sides are shaved high and the hair on top is thicker, tapering to shorter in the back of the head.

Sleek Upstyling

Jagged sideburn lines contribute to this look’s rockable feel. While the longer hair was styled, a high undercut was applied.

Concert Hair

Seek the look of this easy 50s! Here medium-length locks were severely combed back, with the slightest light in front of them. Add some grease to complete the look to hold it in place.

Flicked Fringe Detail

This standard short sides and long top do has been enhanced by ironing a small hair section in the front and flipping it over the smooth back locks.

Jelly Jive

The look you see here is called a jelly roll the top hair was split in the middle and then curled into two long rolls that sweep down to meet each other. The sides are usually trimmed with razor in this look.

Classic Dark Lift

In this case, a beautiful lift was created not only by styling the front portion of the hair but also by giving it a ruffled look.

Rock Fusion

One of the things to love about this popular style, which begins high in the middle and tapers backwards, is that it can look great on almost any guy and it’s easy to keep. As you can see, this is a look perfect for company as well as fun!

Fashionable Forties Do

Its brown chocolate hair is the perfect addition to this smooth style. The look is tall in front and brushed back all the hair. The upper and lower locks are separated by a small high partition.

Retro Sweep Style

The hair was thoroughly rasped over the ears and slowly polished into a high undercut. The hair is swept straight up at the front of the head and tapers towards the crown. Adding a sharp square detail above the temple added extra interest.

All Shook Up

Lots of little elements come together to create a great hairstyle in this look. The brushed hair has a beautiful wavy texture, gliding into a blended undercut. Then there were added sharp razor lines around the face.

Sectioned looks

Instead of the usual smooth, back-slicked feel, this style combines texture with the surface. To create small waves that blend together, this hair has been sectioned and ironed.

Blonde dancing

We usually imagine dark hair styles when we consider rockabilly. This image, however, shows that blonde hair in high-top styles can look just as trendy.

Elvis left the building


It was such a hit when the flat top haircut came around that it has never died down for more than three decades now. Those guys who still flaunt this hairstyle look cool and it reminds you of the beauty that many years to come will never lose their taste. If you still have some great memories of this iconic style, there are styles that will send you a standing ovation to go there.

Curly Wild

If you thought it wasn’t a curly hair style, here’s proof you’ve been wrong. The high middle patch is left to make wild waves, and it’s such a genius development that you can testify.

Real Flattened Look Throw Back

This is the way it was done in the years. Thick mop and relatively short on clean sides, and you’ve got what was the best top at that time.

Medium Spiky

Copies a military cut but the large patch strings are spiked on this one. Even if it is mixed with a thick chin beard, it is impressive.

Tidal Matrix

Typically cleaned on the edges, leaving a high middle landing. It then proceeds to divide the top into tides: the back section moves forward as the front moves backward but with a slight sweep.

Midget Trim

The length of this type can be short and still move. Faded sides only give rise to a vertical climb that ends abruptly just below an inch from the scalp.


The sides are rasped and the top is adjusted to a compact size. The genius in this cut is the front three-fork appearance. One of the ends of the fork is painted to a dramatic end.

Stubby Short

The skin side is blurred. The top is heavily trimmed to show how the razor can make the barber intense. But it just goes that far and the results are eye-catching.

Real flatbed

Hair trimmed to a thick compact, it looks sturdy and the top is pronounced to be admired positively.

Wide High Top with Faded Sides

The sides faded to the hair, the high end started immediately after fading and then extended as it went upwards. It’s such a lofty look combed into a smooth, refined look.


It’s the highest real top but it has a radiant yellowish color added. It’s very pronounced on the tips and you’d fall in love with what you’re seeing.

Vicar’s Cap

Styled into a broader bottom than the rest, it looks like the barber was trying to create the look-a-like cap of a vicar. It is in contrast to clean sides and in every sense it is mercurial.

Smart Look

Vertical upward strands form a canopy at the top and end with blunted tips that create a flatbed impression. It’s a creation that has caught up with celebrities and you’re going to see them show it off.

Classical Trim

Short and exclusive for those who do not want the high end to be noticed. Before it finishes with a longer but tamed peak, the sides are arranged in different lengths.

Slanting High Cliff

This hairstyle starts with a cliff-like look on the front. Slanting backward, it naturally ends in the faded back and dissolved on the sides in the bareness wilderness.


A military guy can be seen here and it’s all attractive to have it here too. Such a mind blowing appearance is a short straight middle patch and cleared sides.
Tapered slope

The hair is cut to a relatively short size and then curled into a short stub-like look. It’s what you’d want for easy maintenance with cleared sides and a short straight parting line.

Medium Brown Flat Top

This style is a catch for many men today, expertly trimmed to medium size. It’s a stunning look with clean faded sides. The sleekness starts from the front and in nice straightness falls backwards.

Wavy Hawk

The black bottom and brown top waves on the sides. It’s long and the bare sides are in comparison. With this haircut, you’ll get the look of a star.

Smart Guy Side Sweep

With side sweep flatness it can be as stunning as you like. The sides are clearly divided by a straight line and the sweep starts at the front hairline immediately.

Long coiffeur

Only the low sides are trimmed, but the rest of the hair is blunted. The sides and top are thick and bright. There’s an effort to make a flat landing into the top patch.

Side groove

A grooving line separates the top section from the sides. The hair is left with its tips at the high end and then given a slight side sweep intended. It’s a great finish that gives the flattened haircut landing a new dimension.

Ooozing Slid Back

Who said that with modernist imagination this style can never be touched? Here’s a slid back top guarded by cleanly shaved sides on the sides.

Glowing Waves

This may still include the top glow. The hair is peeled backwards, but not in fine strands, leaving in it a rough tone.

Acute Edge

His ability to get close and acute with the edges makes the flattened top earn his honor among the best styles. You can trace the patch here by looking at the side edges that reinforce the thick middle portion of the patch.

Brad Pitt has been in the spotlight for a few decades now, and he’s arguably one of the greatest male actors ever to have won several awards and bagged countless nominations for himself. Brad Pitt is also known for his good hair aesthetics in addition to his acting prowess. He’s got a healthy hair that can look good at every haircut or hairstyle you can think of and he’s tried many styles over the years. The following are some of the most popular Brad Pitt hairstyles of all the looks he’s worn over the years.

Short Wavy-Casual Look

This style is designed to give a cool but casual look to the man. It is best suited to people with shapes of the chest, triangle, oval and round head. It has sliced the sides of the clipper and back with the top cut jagged. Maintaining it is also very easy. All you need to do is get daily trims and make the hair shinier by using some good product to keep.

Short with Tapered Sides

This is a very simple haircut that Brad wore for the Oceans opening night screening in Vegas. In this style, while the sides are chipped in for a textured finish, the hair is tapered into a longer top part. For guys with thinning hair, it’s an incredible style as it can add some volume to their hair and fits most face shapes including oblong and square.

The Slicked Back

Brad likes to slick his hair back even when wearing different styles, but the slick back is the main style in this style. The hair is cut to a medium length then added to it some smooth material. The hair slicked back with a comb to finish the look. This style is appropriate for all sorts of face shapes and medium to thick skin, but people with long foreheads may not want to wear it as it is more likely to expose it.

Clean Shave

The moment of clean shave hair is about the beard, not the hair on the head of Brad Pitt. What makes it an appealing hairstyle is that it’s unusual to see Brad on his face with a clean rasped beard and not a single drop of hair. Lack of hair on his face helps to draw more attention to his hairstyles that are a smoothly cut short hair in most cases.

The Flowing Locks

Brad can hardly be seen with any locks on his hair because even if he has long hair, he likes to keep it straight and pull it into a man’s bun. He had some good flowing locks, though, a few years back. Brad had some luscious flowing locks back in 1993 and he looked nice in them, particularly as he also had a short well-trimmed beard to go with the locks.

Red Tone Brad

Hair colors are a good way to add some style and class to your hair, but choosing the right color is the secret behind a good look. Brad Pitt proved this to be true when he chose to go all black with a hint of red hair. This style looked fantastic to him, especially as he had a short, beautifully trimmed hair on top which had a longer length. And his red choice was also right because it wasn’t too light and it wasn’t too dark either.

In 2003 Brad Pitt’s angelic look at the Golden Globes was pulled by the Angelic look

and most people consider it one of his best looks ever. He was sporting a hair of moderate length and his head was cleanly shaved. What makes this look unique is that with his hair, he went all natural. The hair was split in the center then swept to the sides each of the two sections. To complete what is described as the anglic look, the back was brushed back.

Waved Out

Brad Pitt waved all out when he was awarded the Golden Globe in 1996. He paired a nice suit with this hairstyle to finish an elegant look that left people talking for weeks. The short but very soft waves on his head made his hair look more textured and voluminous, and at the middle of his head he had a small and nearly invisible section. This slight departure gave the front waves some direction, while the back hair was also slightly sliced back.
Short Messy Style

Short messy hair is a great style particularly when you want to wear a casual look and Brad likes to wear it sometimes. For Oceans , he wore this style, and it looked pretty good. The messy short style involves cutting the hairs in a uniform size and making the front hairs a little longer than the back and sides. The hair then becomes messy with the fingers, and a product of styling is used to keep the style longer.

Brad’s Curly Hair

It’s hard to tell what Brad’s natural hair looks like because any style he’s wearing looks natural to him, and curly hair is no exception. Brad used two distinct ways to rock the curly hair. He wore a long curly textured hair in the first style, which had what looked like a side parting. The hair is shorter in the second style, and the sides and back are tightly cut, leaving a longer curly hair at the top of the head. The superstar looked fantastic in both styles and a lot of people tried to copy the two styles for that reason.

Feathered Look Long Hairstyle

The long hair is cut in this style to give a man a light and feathered look. It’s a style best suited to men with fine and medium hair that looks like casual hairstyles. As it looks best on them, this style should also be worn by men with round heads. Regular trimming is needed to avoid split ends, and some products are needed to hold and give some shine to the hair.

Brad’s Fauxhawk

You probably wouldn’t expect Brad Pitt to wear this hairstyle these days, but in his younger years he tried it somewhere in the past. The faux hawk is a good haircut, and it fits most styles of faces and skin, but Brad still seems to add a spark to an already good style, bringing it to a new level. For his younger face and hair texture, his faux hawk looked incredible, but if he wore it today, he’d probably look pretty good too.

Short Spikes

Brad Pitt has on many occasions worn his spiky short hair, but the most famous is when he wore it in the Fight Club movie. Though in the 90’s this cut was more popular if you remember how good he looked in the short spikes, he would still stand out with the same style today. In this style, in the top section of the hair, the short spikes are left while the sides and back have been trimmed and swept to the sides.

Relaxed Bob

Bobs not only look good at women, and Brad proved this in September 2011 when he wore a relaxed Bob. The relaxed bob blended well with the features of his head. Separating the center hair and slicking back in style make his face look more symmetrical. And so for men with oval, triangular and square face shape, this design will be appropriate.


Pitt still sometimes bleaches his hair, but he seems to prefer a semi-bleached hair rather than a full hair bleach. Semi-bleaching produces a unique color contrast, and on medium lengths and short hairs it looks good. Side-parting the semi-bleached hair often adds some elegance, giving a plain yet fashionable hair to the wearer.

1Straight Long Hairstyle

Brad Pitt only rarely wears a straight long hairstyle, but it looks beautiful in it when he does. The aim of this form of style is to give the wearer a comfortable, casual look, requiring long layers of hair that are jagged cut and left to fall to the shoulders to give a nice finish to the hairstyle. It is perfect for medium and fine hair, but every month or so it will need to be trimmed.

Blonde Pitt

Brad Pitt decided to go all blonde with his hair a couple of years ago. It was during a time when he had long wavy hair, so he dyed this blonde to spice things up. Blonde is a natural hair color, but it looks best on people with thick, voluminous hair like Brad Pitt’s, so you can say he knew he’d look good even before trying this style. He then paired it for an eye-catching look with a well-kept beard.

The Classic Undercut

The classic undercut is the hairstyle of the early 1900s, but it is very popular among young people today. It also happens that Brad Pitt has ever rocked one of the best styles. Nevertheless, the sides and back are not as short as in other undercuts in his version of the undercut, but one could still see that it is an undercut. Also for an elegant look, Brad mixes his classic undercut style with a side part. Few other male celebrities will look as good as they do.

The Fury Hairstyle

One of the most sought after celebrity hairstyles is the style that Brad Pitt wore in The Fury. This cut is so popular that the Fury Hairstyle has even been called. Fury hairstyle is an undercut World War variant. It’s less traditional than other undercuts, and hair stylists and experts have described it as an extreme undercut, which makes it different from other undercuts. You need to go extreme with your undercut to get the cut all you need to do and keep a proper length at the top.

Feathered Fringe

is a beautiful hair style that makes the hair look and feel lighter. This medium-length haircut involves many scissors trimming with the top hair left long enough to cover the forehead all the way to the eyebrows, especially at the back. A feathered fringe look is a style that Brad wore in 2010, more casual or outdoor. This goes well with any type of hair, but as they are easier to work with, thick hairs should look better.

Sun-in / Mullet Mix

Pitt’s current hair styles are far away from what he used to wear in the 80’s. He seems to have been a little conservative in his younger years trying to follow the trend without overdoing his styles. The Sun-in / mullet combination that would still look good if worn today was one of the most popular hairstyles he used to sport. It is a hairstyle of medium length with some skillful hair trimming and shaping.

Sophisticated Soul Patch

Few men are able to pull the look as good as Brad pulled it in May 2014. The hair is cut in this fashion to a length that is just enough for the hair to easily slick back. It is important to use some smoothing and styling product in the hair to keep it for longer and to bring out the beauty associated with this style.

Man Bun

Nowadays, Brad is rarely seen in a man bun. He seems to have chosen to have it in his younger years, but at some point in the near feature we’ll probably see him wear it again. His easy man bun ties the hair together like any other bun, but at a lower position than the typical man’s buns, he prefers to tie his hair into a bun.

Brad Pitt’s Pompadour

Brad’s shaved pompadour is a hairstyle you’ll probably see more on the streets because he’s a trendsetter and his fans are always waiting for him to come up with a style they can copy. At least two inches of hair in the crown leaves the cut in this fashion. This allows the hair to be brushed back. While the back has a much softer fade, sides are shaved knife. To wet the hair, the styling gel is applied, and then it is brushed back with a comb, then the look is air-dried.

Hairs highlighted

Brad had a sharp short hair with highlights at the beginning of 2007. The highlights rendered an unusual appearance of a rather bland spiky haircut. Brad must have known that his short spiky hair won’t look that great, so with some nicely done highlights he decided to turn things around. His stylist had the highlights correct from the color choice to the design that was modified by the highlights. Highlights can make any hair look amazing, so people who want to add some color to their short hair can have a good idea.

BrushBack Hairstyle

This is one of Brad’s easiest styles over the years. This requires a hair that is brushed back with a comb of moderate length. What made Brad’s head more appealing to this style is the appearance of some gray hair patches on his head. This style is suitable for men whose hair color has begun to change due to age in their early fifties. Simply keep medium hair length and comb it back to wear this look.

Buzz Cut

Buzz cuts are easy to wear styles because all you need to do is cut your hair close to your scalp. But not every man can look great in the buzz cut, but as usual, when he wore it on Oceans , Brad manages to pull this look. His face shape and hair texture are what makes him look great in a buzz cut. This cut needs virtually no upkeep at all, so it would be perfect for people who do not like to spend a lot of minutes working on their hair every morning on the mirror.

Brad’s Manly Moustache Look

A mustache is a must for a gentleman to look at least as men like to wear one. With a manly moustache, Brad Pitt pulled an incredible look at the end of 2014. His hair was perfectly molded into what looked like an unfinished pompadour as his head was shaved cleanly except for the manly moustache. While this look made Brad look older, he still looked good, and the style was probably copied by many fans.

Quick Straight–Casual

Brad’s quick casual straight style also proves to be the undisputed king of hair styling versatility. In this style, the sides and back are cut short and then combined with the top part of the jagged line. To keep the look in place, all you need is a little molding cream or gel.

The Smooth Operator

Pitt pulled a smooth operator back in 2004 and has since tried dozens of different hairstyles, but it remains one of his best ever ten years later. This look involves a side-parted hair effortlessly swept to the left. It is best to use a good hair product to make the hair smooth. That’s because in this style, smooth hair is the center of attraction. If you’re talking of wearing this look, you can keep a good length at the top as well.

Shampoo Commercial Coif

Brad’s 2012 shampoo coif shows that his hair styles are only getting better with age. The coif is very simple, and there’s nothing very fancy about it, but it still makes it look good. The simplicity makes replicating a style simple, and all you need to wear this style is long hair (at least length of shoulder) and some quality shampoo.

Medium Length Slicked Back

It would still look good even if you were to lawnmower Brad Pitt’s hair. The medium hair length that he was wearing in Troy’s movie proves this. All he had to do with his hair in this film is to comb it backwards without doing anything else. The only other notable thing in this style is the color of the blonde hair, but he probably would still look great in the hairstyle without it.

Piecey Platinum

Piecey hair styles may be somewhat difficult to wear compared to other styles, but if you get the right style, you’ll look great. With his piecey hairstyles, Brad’s stylist seems to have got things right as it was nothing short of perfect. A platinum color and a slight side part with front hairs swept in opposite directions are provided to finish a perfect piecey platinum look to make the already good style even better.

Brad’s Side Part

What makes Brad Pitt one of the best-looking actors is that he has no fear of experimenting with different items, whether in fashion or hairstyle. In this style, he just goes on a medium-sized hair with a side part. Instead, on one hand, the hair is swept to finish the side look.

The Massive Beard Look

Brad once attempted the massive beard look for a while before getting rid of it in his quest to try different hairstyles. His hair was a cut back medium length that looked pretty good, but from his tidy skin, the huge and somewhat shaggy beard attracted all the attention. This style did not last, however, as he was back in no time to his traditional mullet. Although with the huge beard, some men look fine, Brad Pitt is not one of them.

Short Straight

This style is perfect for every occasion. The purpose behind it is to look beautiful and clean. Brad has smoothed up the sides in this style. Often, the area around the ears is made smooth to give a clean finish to the hair edges. Also, the top should be left long to make it easy for a formal look to comb back.

Blond Tips

It’s incredible how something little done right will transform your hairstyle completely and change your look. For his short brush back hair in 2007, Brad attempted this notion. His brush back hair was all right but not exceptional. The blond tips were what made the style stand out, but they could hardly be noticed if one wasn’t sufficiently keen. Looking at this model, you’ll know it’s something different, but if you look close enough, you’ll just see the blonde tips.

Borderline Mullet

Borderline Mullet is one of the most sought-after hairstyles of all time, so it was only fair for Brad Pitt to try it because he loves hair experiments. Unlike other types he’s worn in the past, but, with his hair type and facial features, this one doesn’t go well. The mullet borderline gives him a look he should only wear in a film for a role.

Daddy Look

Fatherhood comes with many changes, and when he first became a daddy, Brad seems to have revolutionized his hairstyles. He started with side swept front hair but started experimenting with slightly different styles when he adapted to the role he became bolder. At some point in his early days as a father, he even wore a short spiky front style.

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