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4 Games Free to Xbox Live Gold Subscribers in June 2016Stefan Preston More Articles Controversial rapper Eminem is one of the most influential forces in music even if he raises eyebrows frequently. He rose to fame in the mid-nineties for the first time, and while his career has undergone a range of ups and downs he has still been able to come out on top. The sheer number of challenges that the rapper faced in his life are even more remarkable than the fact that Eminem managed to maintain a career that lasted for decades. Read on to find out about the tragic early life of Eminem, and how the singer is doing these days.

How did Eminem start out in music?

Figure 1 Eminem C Flanigan / WireImage Born in 1972 under the name of Marshall Bruce Mathers young Eminem had little contact with his father who had moved away when he was very young. He also suffered from bullying at school, and was so badly beaten by one of the boys at school when he was just nine years old that he ended up spending a week in a coma. Years later Eminem opened up about being bullied and how it later influenced him. Speaking to the journalist Anderson Cooper Eminem revealed that he was “beating up in the toilets in the hallways stuffed in lockers” and that because his mother moved a lot when he was young he had to deal constantly with being the new child. Throughout this period in life, what inspired the young man turned out to be something that no one expected-rapping. Eminem said it was rapping that helped him begin to gain a little respect. For these reasons, for many who have endured bullying or difficulties in their lives Eminem has become a hero.

Yeah, well. @WS Boogie#RainyDays — Marshall Mathers (@Eminem) April 16, 2019 While Eminem found some relief from his musical life in those early years, it didn’t become easier for him. He met Kim Scott when he was just 15. The two started a relationship which would become iconic in the hip-hop community. They began living together while still in high school and Scott became pregnant with Hailie Mathers, the couple’s daughter in 1995. While Eminem was claimed to have the best intentions for his young family, the tough times and desperate situation they found themselves living in different seedy apartments with little money ended up driving the couple apart and then repeating the process several times together.