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Harvey Makes Louisiana Landfall on the 12th anniversary of Katrina HurricaneMore Articles 16 November 2016 Changing the world of television. Each cable channel today seems to be churning out award-winning content as streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime are becoming increasingly heavy competition for conventional networks. Nonetheless, in the midst of all the chatter about the new golden age of television, it’s easy to forget that HBO paved the course long before their cable counterparts started to develop their own hit shows. Probably chances are that most audiences have not yet delved into some of the best original programs from HBO. HBO has proved to be a significant leader in edgy comedy series, which has elevated the form beyond the set of laugh track limitations frequently faced on more conventional networks. Below we look back at the most fun and funny comedies ever to come out of HBO. For the record we find only scripted series as a sketch comedy is worthy of its own list.

Sex and the City Source: HBO Years before Entourage showed that not every HBO sitcom hit had what it takes to make a jump to the big screen, this racy, ragged show catapulted its stars Sarah Jessica Parker Kristin Davis Cynthia Nixon and Kim Cattrall to new heights of stardom. Inspired by Darren Star Sex and the City, this global phenomenon cemented the show’s place in the history of television comedy and became a point of reference for other single-in-New York sitcoms such as Seinfeld and Friends. Bearing in mind the presence of the HBO show on a premium network the feat is all the more remarkable. 3.

Curb Your Enthusiasm (2000-present)

After returning to airwaves in 2017 after several years of hiatus marking the return of David and the ninth season of the show. 4.

Conchord flight (2007–2009)

Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement in Conchord flight Source: HBO

5. Veep (2012-present)

Julia Louis-Dreyfus in Veep Source: HBO It is never easy to escape the shadow of a job at one of the most famous shows of all time (just ask Friends ‘ cast). Nevertheless, Julia Louis-Dreyfus succeeded in landing a pair of successful shows after Seinfeld. While Old Christine’s New Adventures ran the true second wind of Louis-Dreyfus for five seasons on this political comedy that sees the actress star as U.S. Selina Meyer Vice-President. The show went on following the life of the character in Washington D.C. And it was only without the founder Armando Iannucci that prospered. 6. Silicon Valley (2014-present)

Silicon Valley cast Source: HBO This comedy series centers on a group of men who begin a tech industry start-up company in Silicon Valley. The series has continued throughout its run to achieve critical acclaim and awards recognition. 2017 season 4. @CrookedTable