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Cast: Who Will Voice Simba and Nala?Although judging a device based on such a limited selection of apps is unfair, it is important to note that, despite numerous attempts, nobody has made a hugely successful augmented reality game yet. The Nintendo 3DS came with some AR games but none was really enjoyable. A handful of AR games can be found on iPhone and Android, but none have made much of a splash. Developers seem to be unable to figure out how to make AR games convincing so they have largely stopped attempting. For HoloLens, that can happen too. This does not automatically spell doom for HoloLens if it does. The system may be popular in fields such as business design, and medicine. Either way this technology has a long way to go before an established product could ever be named. The one thing that Microsoft certainly tries to avoid is a fate close to the failed motion controller from Kinect Microsoft that never took off with consumers. I think at this early stage that VR headsets such as the Oculus Rift HTC Vive and PlayStation VR are going to be much better off than HoloLens. Although the initial VR headsets cost between $600 and $800 (Sony hasn’t revealed PlayStation VR’s price yet) they will be much cheaper than what HoloLens looks like. And most of the people who used the VR headsets were extremely impressed, though HoloLens can’t be said the same. Then again HoloLens is still in the early stages so there is plenty of time for Microsoft to prove its worth. @ ChrislreedThe Facebook cheat sheet!

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