20 Makeup Tips for Brunettes

Makeup tips for brunettes

More and more women are betting on naturalness when preparing to put on makeup, and it is that those loaded looks that do not adapt well to the features of each person and do not highlight the qualities of each face have been far behind.

If you also believe that beauty and naturalness go hand in hand and you want to be inspired by some essential looks and tips, you will love the following oneHOWTO article. Next we will talk about the 20 makeup tips for brunettes that you should know … take note!

Matches color well

In darker skins it is usual to have darker areas; These are usually around the lips and under the eyes. Before using concealer and foundation, it is important match all skin tone so that the makeup, later, is uniform.

Darker skin should use a orange color to counteract the darkest areas; the darker the skin, the stronger the orange will have to be. If, on the other hand, you have lighter skin, you will have to use a more pinkish salmon color. Blend well with your makeup sponge before using concealer.

Bet on a liquid concealer

Once you have matched your skin tone well and before going to the foundation, it is important that you cover those small imperfections with a little concealer. These are usually noticeably lighter than skin, so if you are looking makeup tips for brunettesYou should know that the best option is a liquid concealer that allows you to blend the product better.

Choose the foundation of the right shade

It may sound obvious, but the shade of makeup for brown skin you choose should be the right one. This tip is essential so that the rest of the makeup fits well on your face and the result does not disappoint you.

Brown skin can be brunette or darker in tone, so be sure to choose a makeup shade that is as close to your natural skin tone as possible. To do this, put a small amount of makeup on your neck and check that the tone is similar.

Makeup tips for brunettes - Choose the foundation of the right shade

Powder makeup for oily skin

If you have very oily skin, from a HOWTO we advise you bet on powders after a good moisturizer. In this way you can avoid foundations, a product that leaves shine for those with oily skin.

Choose the powders that suit you best (they can be compact powders or loose powders) and apply them after having cleaned your face well and, of course, after having hydrated your skin. In this other oneHOWTO article we explain how to hydrate oily skin.

Beware of translucent powders

If you are looking for a natural makeup for brunettes that enhances the brown or tan tone of your skin, we recommend that you be very careful when choosing translucent powders. Although it is true that this product is colorless and serves mainly to fix makeup, there are cheap brands that design translucent powders that can change the color of your skin.

So, get yourself some good translucent powders (if you use them) to not lose the natural tan of your skin. In this oneHOWTO article we explain how to apply translucent powders correctly and then we show you the exact areas where you should apply this product.

Makeup Tips for Brunettes - Beware of Translucent Powders

Long-lasting bronzers

If your skin is light brown, the bronzing powder in a terracotta color they can be your best ally. In addition to enhancing your tan, they will add extra luminosity to your cheeks and generate shadows that will highlight the qualities of your features.

Although its application will vary depending on each person, this product is usually used under the cheekbones, on the temple and below the chin.

Natural look, infallible

For the day to day, from a HOW WE recommend you go for a natural look. Attention! A natural makeup does not mean a boring outfit, because if you work the colors well you can get a great look with few products.

A light eyeshadow, a nude lipstick and a little blush on the cheeks can be more than enough to bring light to your face and give a subtle and elegant touch of color.

The message is clear: do not overload your look too much and avoid unnecessary products such as bronzer if you are already a brunette or translucent powders if you are looking for a casual makeup for day to day.

Warm colors for your eyeshadow

Depending on the exact tone of your skin color, some colors will work better for your eyeshadow than others. However, there is a type of makeup for eyelids that always looks good on people with dark skin: warm colors.

Bet on earth tones if you want a more natural look or for some gold if you want to put on makeup for a special occasion. If you are looking for something more daring, bet on earth colors tending to reddish.

Makeup Tips for Brunettes - Warm Colors for Your Eyeshadow

Pink or peach cheeks

You can take more risks if you prefer, but when in doubt, cheeks with a soft pink or with a peachy tone they are the best option. If you are looking makeup for natural brunettes, opt for one of these products and leave the highlighter for another occasion; if, on the contrary, you prefer to give more light to the whole, dare with a little shine!

Makeup Tips for Brunettes - Pink or Peach Cheeks

The best lipsticks for brunettes

At a time when daring is the order of the day and any lipstick can be wonderful if accompanied by the right products, it is very difficult to choose a few options. So, from a HOWTO we will limit ourselves to proposing you the best lipsticks for brunettes if you are looking for a natural and elegant look for your day to day.

  • The nude: Of course, to better define your lips, give them a little volume and make them look natural, nothing better than a good nude.
  • Brown tones: If you want to give your mouth a bit more prominence, the brown tones will look great even if the rest of your makeup is very subtle.
  • Rosé: Although it is true that it will depend a lot on the exact tone of your skin, it is common for women with brown skin to look fabulous with pink lipstick of any shade.
Makeup tips for brunettes - The best lipsticks for brunettes

When in doubt, passion red

Within the makeup tips for brunettes More important, this cannot be missed: the classics never die. So, if you want to add color to your lips but don’t know how to impress, go for passion red!

If you accompany your lipstick with a silver eyeshadow and a powerful eyeliner, you will get a perfect evening look for any event; if instead you prefer something more casual, limit yourself to soft tones for the rest of your face.

Colored eyeliners

To show off an original and modern eyeliner we offer you two proposals:

Gold and silver eyeliner

If you are not one of those who take risks easily but want to contribute a modern and daring touch to your usual look, we advise you to start with silver and gold. Draw a fine line on your eyelid or take advantage of the line made with your regular black eyeliner to decorate with some highlights.

Colored eyeliner

Now, if you like color and you want to wear some striking eyes that do not leave anyone indifferent, dare with eyeliners of other colors!

Makeup Tips for Brunettes - Colored Eyeliners

Perfect eyebrows to frame your look

We know that wearing perfect eyebrows has little to do with skin color, however, it is more common for dark-haired brunette women to have a more bushy and thick eyebrows than those with blond hair and a whiter complexion. For this reason, with this article on How to have perfect eyebrows step by step we want to help you define them, put on makeup and give them more volume.

Yes indeed,do not mark them excessively! they could harden your features.

Glossy Lips

This trend of the 90s is back to stay, since it is a volumizing effect that adds an extra shine to your lips and helps you show off a more attractive mouth with less effort.

Are you looking natural makeup for brunettes ? Then you can’t miss a good gloss on your dressing table. If you want your lips to look rosier and fuller in addition to extra volume, get a product that includes a little color.

Makeup Tips for Brunettes - Glossy Lips

Mascara … just the right one

It is common for dark-skinned women to have hair darker and stronger than the rest. Therefore, from a HOWTO we advise you limit the use of mascara and do not apply more than one layer of this product to your eyelashes.

Take a few minutes to discover How to lengthen lashes naturally and forget about mascara when you can.

Pink and Orange: the great allies

You may have already noticed throughout the article: pink is a great ally for those who seek makeup for brunettes… pink cheeks, pink lipstick and even pink eyeliner, nothing can resist this color! However, and believe it or not, orange is also a trend color perfect for skin brunettes.

Don’t you believe us? Bet on an orange lipstick in summer, when your skin looks even more brown, and you will see how you achieve a style of the most modern and attractive.

Makeup tips for brunettes - Pink and Orange: the great allies

Highlighters with golden hues

Do not get confused! Highlighter and bronzer are not the same, as this other product allows you to give light to very specific areas of the face. If you are looking makeup tips for brunettes help you …