19 Chic Short Hair with

Most people think it’s easier to treat short hair with highlights. For some people, this may be the case, but for styling, short hair takes more effort. The natural dimensional highlight seems to be a very low-maintenance hair color, but I would still suggest changing the highlights every 8 to 12 weeks. I think this look could be worn by any age group. I would also recommend a performance salon shampoo to preserve your hair. My favorite shampoo and conditioner for all hair types is the Bumble and Bumble quenching shampoo and conditioner.

Layered Hair with Red Highlights

A with Ryan Thormo – Hair Colorist and Lenny DeNovellis – Owner Stylist I really like the coloring of this look because of the length of the haircut. We decided to scan her highlights after consulting with my client instead of using a traditional foil technique because she liked the idea of having red panels without looking too stripey at the root and making it look more appealing as it grows. The natural hair color of my client has given me a beautiful dark canvas to work with and it really shows off the red highlights ‘ vibrancy.

Ash Blonde Highlights

A with Hairdresser A graduated bob – traditional and timeless, but with ice blonde highlights, it’s more modern. My client Katie loves it with a lot of volume at the roots styled straight / smooth, but with some beachy waves this cut would also look amazing. A bit of advice on short hair with highlights would be getting yourself a good round brush to finish with your favorite volumizing item (mine is Short Sexy Hair’s Blow it up). This cut works great for most styles of hair and all fave shapes will wear it with the right length. With or without bangs, short hair with highlights looks great. The ice blonde highlights are perfect for anyone with brown. In order to maintain the feel, I still suggest a good purple shampoo. My favorite is Redken Color Extend Blondage – wearing it in the hair once a week for a couple of minutes can help maintain the ice look during visits to the salon.

This look has a few elements that make it trendy as well as low-maintenance. I don’t believe in finding a cut to form your head as much as I believe in finding a cut that will make you feel comfortable! Short cuts with fewer layers are usually easier to wash and go depending on your hair texture. It needs more layers to fashion. Texturizing will carry a haircut to a new level by allowing the hair to bounce and float with each strut! Because the hair of this beautiful lady is naturally straight, we prepared with a mousse volume and dried blow based on adding volume to the crown and neck. We finished with a flat wave of iron which I consider a very easy way to curl or wave shorter hair style.This look is a balayage of dimensional caramel that was cut into a lovely short lob. The short cut helps to accentuate the face of the customers and I love how the color adds texture within the style through the various caramel tones. So many clients can be supplemented by short hair with highlights! By lengthening it or adding some texture throughout, the lob can be made to suit any client. For the warmer skin tones, the color is more as warm hair colors complement the warm skin tones. Ask your stylist how you can work with this look!

Rose Gold Highlights

For so many reasons, this look is perfect. The color with tons of contrast makes such a bold statement. The placement and technique will give a less noticeable line of regrowth as it grows out, resulting in longer periods of time between appointments. This short textured cut is a styling breeze. You can’t mess it up honestly! A small volume mouse and a blow dryer finished with a pomade light shine and you’ve got a beautifully allied feel. Short hair highlights are the way to go if you’re looking for a bold statement with low maintenance. The highlights are going to grow smoothly leading to a few trips to the salon and more money in your pocket. To keep the highlights rosy, I would recommend going home with a custom color conditioner. This client is a two artist / mom so this look is great for her to show off her unique personality but requires little fuss that means more time to tend towards the little ones.

Caramel Brown Hair Highlights

A with Aveda Graduate / Hairstylist I love making hot caramel highlights for my customers whose dream is to go bright blonde. It brightens but does not cause much damage. For somebody with medium to dark eyebrows and a tan complexion, these tones are fine. I finished this look with a one-length trim and a dot trim at the ends to create a long bob look without all the layers! Highlights of Peekaboo

Blonde Red Hair Highlights

/ Colorist This look is fun but still beautiful and soft. It’s a classic layered bob, but to accentuate the layers and frame around the eyes, I concentrated on color placement. The combination of the copper base color warmth and the coolness of the blonde highlights really give it a pops look. Actually, this client is 70 years old! Proving that age is just a number, and with your hair you can always have fun. Because she is substantially black, although the root touchup needs to be done every 4-6 weeks, so I wouldn’t say this is a color of low maintenance. You should also use the correct shampoo and conditioner to preserve the color and avoid fading. Hair Type