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Violet hair highlights

This one might underappreciate the violet highlights on black hair, but it’s the show’s star.

Who knew you could hold your hair in the galaxy? You could only do it with the magic of hair coloring and a very willing professional!

Platinum Violet hair may be another proper name for your hairstyle. And this is one of the greatest compliments of all time.

Violet Blonde

Color melting appearance. It has a light violet-to-ice blonde transformation. The blend is my favorite thing about the look. There are no sharp lines and it blends into the blonde without any effort. One thing about this look that I really love is that it’s not permanent. She would be able to change the colors and keep it enjoyable once the violet fades. It’s a high level of upkeep, so you need to be willing to invest in your body. Fashion colors are fading and only last a few weeks or so. Blonde is also high-maintenance because the right blonde has to keep it toned.


A with hair dresser and hair dresser.

A with Level 1 Stylist This scanning I created is a perfect lower maintenance look for those who want a color of fashion without having to change it every 4-6 weeks. The best part about a colorful balayage is that at every appointment you can easily change the color as your natural root continues to grow. With a styling wand and some of my favorite Goldwell products, these soft waves were achieved! It’s important to think about maintenance when considering your next hair color. Although the balayage is a lower maintenance trend, vivid colors require a great deal of care. I still recommend a shampoo of salon value and heat safety for the conditioner and even a personalized color shampoo for maintenance at home. Cold water washing is also a must when keeping bright colors as it keeps the cuticle sealed and makes less bleeding. Fashion color isn’t for everyone, but if you’re looking for a color splash that suits your vibrant personality, a colorful balayage might just be the perfect look for you!

Burgundian Violet

Top ash violet (level 4) and bottom pink violet. I styled the volume of her hair with natural waves. Usa Glampalm and Schwarzkopf have been used. She has black hair from Asia and a red face. Her hair had been bleached and the top part had already been damaged. That’s why I recommended the look of a shadow! She wanted the bottom part to be pink. Asian hair needs to bleach 2-3 times, but to avoid damage we couldn’t go lighter. We’ve made the pink ash violet color that goes well. With club lights or any place like bars and lounges, this color looks great. Only wearing a plain white t-shirt with jeans will make you very trendy while getting this color. Dark to Light Violet Ombre

A with Future Professional You will certainly have to do a lot of care because violet pastel shades fade incredibly easily. With summer coming up and you’re thinking about swimming, remember that water chlorine or staying in the sun will also fade the color. I recommend buying a Spf hair spray in your local beauty store to protect your hair from the sun. I’d say go for it to anyone who is considering this look. Only remember what colors you might need to change depending on the hue of your natural hair and what colors you might want to wash out. Speak to your stylist about which improvements will suit you better.

Purple color

Dusty Violet

I would recommend that the color should be fresh every 4 to 6 weeks. In the new growth, this will prevent a line of demarcation and keep the silver smokey from fading. Pastels and silvers are a little more maintenance because after about 30 washes they tend to fade. The braid is a fantastic look for anyone who brains FrenchAll Trends FormalAll Trends Formal