17 Best Fohawk Haircuts

Lit Taper Fade

Care to cool with a thick top fading on the sides this summer. It gets no more slick than this!

Tight Military Haircut

Messy Short Hair

Rad Long Hair Fohawk

A with Barber / Stylist I’m a gentleman’s hairstyle lover and I’m part of Puerto Rico’s 2018 Omc Paris Olympic Beauty Group. I was very inspired by the winning works of my Puerto Rico team’s avant-garde category after this experience last year and brought this idea to a real model. The gestures in the hairstyle layout are the most I like about this work because they make it a very specific one that takes care of every aspect in its projection and cleaning of the color balance.This look is a fro hawk with a skin fade and the blonde curls are my favorite part of this haircut. Styling a haircut like this I used marine salt spray to keep the curls and then finish it with a textured spray to keep the curls apart.

Cute Kids Fohawk

A with Barber This is a custom-designed burst fade frohawk. It’s a feel for the client. I love this style of hair. I think some celebrities and pro athletes have made it popular, but it looks great for thick hair guys who want something cooler than a mohawk. Hair Style