15 Youthful Medium-Length Hairstyles for

Feathered Layers

The texture that this flyaway ends gives you can never go wrong! Shorter layers also build more body and work great for hair thinning. Face-Framing Bangs

The secret to getting a different look may be this long bob. The fringed bangs add an impact of a young woman who works at any age on any woman. We’ve done this look with Student Stylist to turn her into a shorter style that’s fresh and fun! My favorite thing about this look is how captivating it is for so many different types of eyes. Through adding layers to do all one length or piling it in the back you can give it so many personalities! You can take so many fun routes! The longest part of your front hair will serve as an arrow toward your facial features, so make sure you talk to your stylist about what your features and style would be most flattering! Just make sure you take into account your hairstyles. For starters, you’re not going to be able to put your hair in a high ponytail with this look odds.

Don’t harm your beautiful face with a little ruffle on top! To create an imaginative feel, cut layers on layers and style in a wild way. This look is a sexy, broken lob. I love the subtle angle by moving your eye down and framing your eyes. The split sheets, however, give her crown volume to pull your eye up. Take into account that to achieve the full effect you will need a round brush flat iron and texture spray or powder. It looks fun and sassy, but it takes some styling effort. When you receive a texture spray such as Oribe’s Dry Texture or L’oreal Techni Art Super Dust, you can rejuvenate this look with your hands throughout the day. I’m asking you to go! Wavy Lob

Wavy Lob

Layered Bob

A with Master Stylist This cut is a medium lob (long bob) with low layers. The versatility is what I really love about this look. The layers give it the ability to wear it in many respects. Casual or curly messy or straight dressy can be worn. All right! Go for it! Styling is so simple and almost all styles of hair fit well. Let it air dry on a warm day with some light gel to style a messy finish. Blow dry with thicker hair with smoothing cream and a round brush for a more straight finish. For finer skin, volumizer can be used. You can also dress up this look by curling it. Another great thing about hair of medium length is that it can still be pulled up! With this theme, you can’t go wrong. I recommend a cut every 5-6 weeks in order to keep this cut looking its best. Love! Enjoy!

I think it’s really ‘ it ‘ to accept this kind of messy look right now so it’s really effortless and lived-in for me. My favorite thing about it is that the wave will relax more as you wear it on the next day (or two). I think as it becomes a little more removed, it looks even better. For example, if she would just use some sea salt spray and dry it with air, it would look good. On the other hand, if she wanted to change it a little and blow it straight out, it would produce a completely different look.

Textured Thick Hair Lob

I would characterize this look as a shaggy but flexible textured look. The paint is made up of several warm tones including the triple pigmented chocolate series from Rusk and a custom toner using Redken’s Shades Eq. This customer is in her 60s! Use these component layers if you want low maintenance. If you love wild hair and are carefree, go for it! A dry texture spray such as Beach Club Igk or my favorite – Texturiza by Unite will add loads of texture. Rough dry or air-dry, and try using a medium curling iron if you need the extra body. Shake with your favorite spray and add texture.

I honestly believe that this look will work for anyone! This style will work great if you want to wear your hair messy naturally wavy or loosely curled. I always use a blow dry balm and leave-in conditioner, and my favorite curling iron is a 1-inch curling iron for this style.

Lightly Layered Cut

This look is a blonde looking soft and organic. The cut and color covering her face gives her youthfulness and enthusiasm! This look is great for someone who needs low-maintenance hair or is more maintenance-friendly. Both are assisted by the medium size. It can be tied back or shot out in a fast fashion. I love the Aveda Cherry Almond Leave in Conditioner for styling products! This is one example of fashion that can take many’s place! Good, quick! This is fantastic and so flexible if you want a fun and easy look! It fits both the person on – the-go and the type of professional office!