14 Perfect examples of Color hairs

Dark Lavender Tone

This look is a pretty vibrant violet electric. It’s not the usual color. To build this fun special hue, I mixed 3 colors. My best friend grew up an A-line and we decided to put on her more of a long bob! Loose waves are my favorite way of styling because it’s so beautiful and simple! Looks like these tend to be somewhat maintenance-intensive, so there are a few things I suggest to make the most of your salon service. Use a hydrating conditioner and a color safe shampoo. My preference is Guy Tang Mydentity My Confidant Shampoo and Conditioner because it really cleans the skin and makes it perfect to your body. Using cool water and the lowest possible amount of heat. I recommend you use your warm equipment at or below 325 degrees. These are certainly the two best things that you can do!

Smokey Color

A with fashion designer Kalie Clunk Colorist This is a smokey lavender / lilac mix because I used a few different tones of violet not only to cancel some brassy tones but also to give the hair length. The most beautiful thing would have to be the depth of shadows at the root then continues in lowlights throughout the head to add more dimension and motion to the overall look. My best advice if you want this look is to stay on top of your at-home care. It is definitely a precious color service so if you want to invest in your home products and routine what it is worth investing in. To keep this look clean, you need to be committed to your hair routines. Remember that any energy we add to our hair is slowly removing the pigment. It refers to any hue, but certainly more to those with pastel tones. That said, your hot tools at home will certainly restrict your hair air dry if you can and use a heat-protective whenever you use those hot tools. If you are able to stand it wash also at cool or cold temperatures. Keracolor is my definite go-to achieve and preserve this look and at the same time keep the hair clean. When conjunction with the purple conditioner at home, I highly recommend using the standard conditioner and adding equal parts to dilute the purple to a more pastel feel. Keep up with this if you wash or wash a couple depending on how colorful you like your hair to be.Pastel Lavender Hair Color

A hair color that is impossible but must be tried. You could get your dream pastel purple from several visits to a professional salon. Image Copyright Policy Latest-Hairstyles.com © 2019 Hair Style All Trends Formal