The Line Up Haircut: 16

Ultra Clean Up

If you got this no-one-cut swag, and I don’t say any- you got anything.

The Buzz Cut with Mid Fade

Lay the base on top of kinked hair and shave it to the side until it is dry. D Many ultimate drip-drip models.

Apart from framing the head, it is possible to change the line up with different types to create balance. The hard part in this one takes the spotlight to the top of the pump, softening the entire look.

Of course we don’t ask much for Curly Hair
Skin Fade flat top

Too cool for school with a fresh look of a perfectly shaped hedge and a nice skin fade.


Clear Line Up

A with Barber Owner I would definitely recommend that you leave some distance on top as long as you want it to be fashionable enough. I always recommend pomades for a good look and buy a nice brush and blow-dryer.

Line Up with Barber / Stylist Fade

A This look is a traditional, trendy, chic hairstyle. For years, fades have been going around and they’re trendy as they bring up your look and you can never go wrong with a fade. Fades are still very popular up to this date and I don’t see them going away. Try having the right hair and length on top to style it. Use the right hair styling products. I think you can never go wrong with a fade depending on how you look and feel about yourself, and how a good haircut can change your personality. Line Up with Designs

A with Owner / Artist This cut is certainly for someone who likes to look confident and visit the barbershop. Because of how short it is, this look can take minimal effort, but it must be re-cut and lined up at most within two weeks. I’d suggest this cut to anyone with a strong jawline in a round shape or someone without too many dips or indentations. Typically people like this look who work hard and long hours because styling requires nearly zero time. A get-up and go slice, certainly!

With a

Beard FadeLine Up with Long Hair

A with Barber I decided to make a high deterioration with a very clean hue because he is a client with a lot of hair volume with a thin face and a short forehead. First I cut the hair with angles of 45 degrees at 90 degrees, then I made texture cuts near the nape and already cut half of the hair for weight removal. Then I made the fade on the forehead with a thread. I washed the hair after finishing the cut, then dry it and polish it until the hair is white. Use the Pacinos brand’s matte wax and a solid, fast-drying spray. I chose that style because the customer knows how to handle their own body. Hair Style