$120 to attend a fashion show?

The regular trade show conjures views of convention centers, generic titles and poor links after hours. What happens at a conference could be the topic of water-cooler chats but they hardly capture the imagination of the public.

Fashion weeks are an exception to this principle with their celebrity heavy front lines, the crowd of road-style photographers and of course their collections themselves–while names and tricks still apply.

The style week organizers IMG and British Fashion Council (respectively) took interest in this year in New York and London and allowed the public to buy tickets for a few runway shows. In May 2020, Mercedes-Benz fashion week Australia (MBFWA–the Australian fashion week or Sydney fashion week) takes the unprecedented step to encourage all the designers on its calendar to sell their tickets to the public.

“We saw the shift towards the runway show over the years as entertainment grows. Not only in Australia but worldwide, “says Natalie Xenita, Executive Director of the IMG style activity division, which manages the MBFWA, in the Asia-Pacific region.

Like a double year of “big four” fashion weeks in New York, London, Milan, and Paris, MBFWA is hitting retailers ‘ racks six months before its debut collections. These collections fit into the international cruise season in Australia and tend to begin retailing in November.

Usually, consumer-faced mode shows feature garments already available for purchase or to be purchased early. Throughout London fashion week, this year’s public runway shows were now, buy-and-now. Although the best customers of the fashion brands have always taken their seats throughout their runway shows, walls have become increasingly transparent between fashion week shows and the general public’s eyes, as brands embrace live streaming and celebrity guests and press have broadcast their catwalks via social networks.

Years ago, the experience of the customer in a collection was orchestrated by stylist, retailer and buyer who determined the elements of a display should fit in photoshoots and the retail environment. Those who are interested can now immediately see everything.

This has created fashion brand issues. Many brands fear the gap between the road and retail, suggesting that buyers are already sick of the clothes while they are on sale, while others have noticed trends in fast-mode retailers like Zara before their own collections are available.

For the last five years after the end of the trade shows, MBFWA has hosted a series, called the MBFWA Weekend Edition, of consumer-facing activities that give the public a preview of the week’s exhibition collections. Yet, says Xenia, “consumers want a more genuine experience. She says opening style week for ticket buyers is the next step in offering authenticity. Xenia says the shows will still be strictly commercial activities, different from seas-now buy-on shows such as those provided by the Melbourne mode festival and other Australian fashion events.. It’s not enough that they get to look at the collections anymore. “For the industry, the trade activity also needs to work well. A big part of the strategy around it is that it meets the requirements of the market. “Ticket prices are another key difference. Around one-quarter of the MBFWA seats will be available for purchase in the evening and prices start at $120. This is more than twice the price of a fashion festival seat in Melbourne. “It compares apples to oranges,” says Xenita of the disparity. “There’s a money dimension that can’t buy… Register for the Fashion Statement email Read more MBFWA tickets will be a relative bargain compared to international show price. A pass to one of the two fashion week shows for public transport costs up to £ 135 in London next February, and tickets to the New York fashion week launch at US$ 550 in September.

“It is certainly pricey,” says a fashion-blogger, Debasree Das, who attended a combination of paying and donated tickets for the MBFWA weekend two years ago. Still, she says, “I’d go there once in order to see what the difference is!”Das doesn’t think fashion shows will always be a common way to enjoy the films, but he says that they can be very exciting for a certain crowd. if they want to do something if they want to take Instagram pictures? Perhaps a decent bag? Then yes, I think it works… “The exclusivity is, of course, important, I’d like to see something on the runway that was certainly not shown anywhere.”



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