30+ surfer’s hairstyles

Men’s Short Surfer Hair

Many men like it to be short, easy and sweet. When it comes to men’s hairstyles, we certainly live in the age of frills, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear a simple hairstyle if you want to.

Long Curly Hair

Continuing on the above, you can copy a long curly hair example. If you have to wait for it to rise, do that. If not, plugins can always be used. Your selfies from Instagram will never look better.

Surfer hair for males with a medium beard, allled hair and beard? Yeah, yes, please! In the 2000s, the beard saw a massive comeback after being forgotten in favor of other styles that did not include facial hair. We’re grateful that people have returned to it.

Surfer’s hair also incorporates a comfortable, allied hairstyle. Yes, the men’s surfer haircut is influenced by the sun and ocean salt effects on a man’s hair, resulting in the messy and wavy look. Although surfer hairstyles are often simple and low-maintenance styles, it is also possible to fashion the cut into a more fashionable look. If you’re looking for cool hair the girls will always love in the summer, check out the hot surfer haircuts in our guide below, where you’ll find some of the best short and long surfer hairs to try in 201For a plain, easy-to-wear hairstyle that fits most face shapes and hair types (curate, wavy or straight), the surfer cut is the perfect choice for men.

Beard Styles History

Before beards became what we know them today, they had gone through a long and complex history. In ancient times, plucking followed shaving to remove the hair of the head. And the latter was done through the unconventional means they used to sharpen as there were no razors. Throughout ancient Egypt, as a token of the link with the gods, the Royalty would wear a metal mask, often known as postiche. A beard in turn meant the passing of puberty in ancient Greece and a boy became a man. The beards also had a disgusting feel. Lombards, conquerors of Northern Italy, and long beards of Viking. More recently, a long beard style, like the Russian, has been attributed to a particular culture in the s.


Looking for beard styles that are really cool? Then the beard stache should definitely be tried. This is the combination of a mustache and a beard that deliberately leaves the former longer than the latter. The beard stache is a very controversial style that you can either love or hate, but never ignore.

Men’s Surfer Hair Out of Water

Just because you have recently emerged from the waves, that doesn’t mean your hair can’t look good. That’s where there’s all the charm of being a surfer boy. Looking fantastic when it seems weatherworn to others.


Long Hair And Beard

Of course, every rule has exceptions, and you can try to pull off both long hair and beard. Though, if your locks are really extensive and you’re not ready to say goodbye to them, we really recommend considering a reasonable beard length, say, not lower than your am’s apple. Otherwise, your face shape would look out-of-this-world, not in a good sense.

Side Swept Long Surfer Hairstyle Beard


Long Flowing Hair Movement and Volume

Short Surfer Hairstyle

When talking about surfer hair, it does not always mean to have to grow the long length of hair and experience salty water for the look. Surfer hair can also be achieved with short haircuts such as the one shown in the picture. The only thing done to achieve this look is to get parts of the hair bleached and then styled in a beachy way. Damn Cool Crew Cuts for Stylish Guys

Long Surfer Hair for Men

Long hair is always a fantastic choice for men. It creates a wonderful balance between what is considered today to be masculine and feminine. But did you know that, in ancient times, long hair was the trait of the warriors and soldiers?

Mid Fade with Thick Faux Hawk and Short Full Beard

Mid Hair And Full Beard

If you have enough persistence to grow a beard long, you can go with a little lengthier top, as the look will still be harmonized. Don’t forget about the beard shape though. You don’t want it to look shaggy and unkempt.

Wavy Surfer Hair for Men

It’s a known fact that the salty breeze of the ocean or the sea will cause your hair to puff up and even curl up. That’s why the sea salt spray has been invented. So, sit back, relax, and let nature transform your hair into beautiful, wavy locks.


Long Thick Shoulder Length Surfer Hair



Modern Long Hairstyles For Men

Undercut Surfer Hairstyle Here’s another surfer undercut, but this time with plenty of hipster vibes. You’re going to be spending a lot of time sweeping this ultra-long quiff out of your face every time you wash out.

Curly Medium Style Some afros definitely fall under the category of surfer hairstyles. This medium-to-long, super-curly afro is fit for the ocean — you can see that in the reflection of those glasses.

Wet Iconic Surfer Style This look is another short-ish surfer hairstyle, perfect for when you have to be at the office in the morning and can only hit the beach later in the day. Multipurpose, cool, and simple — what more could you ask for?

Medium Straight Hair This medium-length haircut features some cool angles and plenty of messiness. There are thousands of variations for these messy, naturally-styled cuts.

Shorter Curly Style This curly style isn’t quite an afro, but is definitely getting close. The incredible volume of this look feels super young and masculine, so it’ll work great for plenty of novice surfers.

Messy Surfer Hairstyle Here’s another shoulder-length mop — this time with some curls introduced at the bottom. This cool look is also pretty flexible, since it’s not too hard to imagine someone wearing this in a formal setting.

Where Are The Waves? Textured Hairstyles



Afro Surfer Hair is the perfect example of both. If you pair it with a beard, it looks amazing, not to mention that both are now so on the trend.


The combination of man and beard works at all times. You can’t go wrong with this modern look when combining long hair and a beard.




Men’s Easy Surfer Hair

Less really can be more and it has never been better to keep it short and simple than this. If you’re stunning and have the body to match, maybe with your hairstyle you don’t need to show that out.

Long Hair and Long Beard




Well-Groomed Beard

Full Mustache

Brian Hickman Every guy’s facial grows in a bit differently. This gentleman makes the most of thicker growth in the mustache and thinner hair on the cheeks. A light fade at the sideburn creates a seamless connection to facial hair.

Short Beard


Classic Surfer Hair for Men

This is the most iconic image most people associate with the surfer boy. It has medium, shaggy, blonde hair, tanned skin, and a youthful appearance. However, as mentioned before, it’s a stereotype that shouldn’t be forwarded.

The Short Beard

There’s hardly a man who wouldn’t be able to pull off the short beard styles. Exceptionally universal, not only do they suit any face shape but are also appropriate for any occasion, whether formal or informal; thus, the short beard looks organically either in the office or on a night out. If you’re really willing to extend the boundaries, try wearing a short beard without a mustache, which will look provocative yet smart.

A Guide To The Best Beard Styles That Will Make You A Dandy

Among the different existing beard styles, it’s sometimes so challenging to find the one that will suit you best. When making your decision, you should consider the length, form and sometimes even color of the beard, the presence of fade and mustache as well as the shape of the face. Our complete guide to the best beard styles will help you with that.


Natural Brown Hair

Natural brown hair and green eyes? We’ll take it! who says you absolutely have to be blonde and fair skinned to match the preconceived idea of a surfer man? Instead, go the opposite route and be the Cary Grant of the seas.

Off-duty Surfer Hair for Men

We’re in love with this rounded, curly haircut. It’s very boyish and cute, and it goes very well with chiseled faces and strong jaws because it will sweeten everything up a little, making you look soft and benign.


Faded Sideburns

Tom Chapman This gentleman haircutworn with a small beard gets a modern update from a quick fade through the sideburns.

Medium Surfer Hair for Men

How is it that surfer men always have the best hair? Is it the sun? Is it the salt water? We don’t know, but we would surely love to find out the secret. This is a medium layered haircut, wet and wild.


Buzz Cut

Buzz Cut is a hairstyle that originated in the military but, for esthetic reasons and because it is so easy to wear, made its way into pop culture. Men are sporting it because it’s the typical hairstyle of’ manly.’


TopKnot and Beard

Swoop Surfer Hair for Men

This list begins with a simple swoop. It’s a teenage hairstyle originating in urban areas, but also working well on the beach, particularly when your hair is all wet. The swoop requires one side to comb all of your hair.


Long Curls


ayered Surfer Hair for Men

If you have thin hair, a layered haircut is great. The layers add depth to the hairstyle, making it appear as if it has much more weight. So, as the new solution to your thin hair problem, you can count on this.


Medium Curly Hair

Another natural gift you should always cherish and try to show off as much as you can is curls. Remember that old saying –the curls get the girls! Pair them with your tanned and toned surfer physique, and you’ve got a winner!


Feathery Surfer Hair for Men

On the opposite side of the spectrum, feathery haircuts are fantastic if you happen to have very thick hair. They will help take most of the bulk off but without trimming too much of the length or volume of your beautiful hair.


he Small Pompadour

Modern pompadours come in all sizes but have not varied in shape. This means that, as long as you still have the shape of the hairstyle, it doesn’t really matter how small it is. It still counts. Use some hair wax to keep it in place.

Surfer Hair for Men with Dreads

Even at the end of the 2010s, dreads are still one of the coolest hairstyles around. And it doesn’t seem like they’re going anywhere any time soon. Keep it real and fresh with a set of superb dreads this summer.

Short Beard Styles

Short beard styles combine such characteristics as neatness and individuality. This is a great option for the men who struggle to grow a long and thick beard. There are, of course, plenty of short beard styles; yet, there is one rule to remember, to fall under the category of short hair, its length should not exceed -inches down your chin. Ideally, to rock the perfect minimalist short beard style, you should just trim your facial hair neatly and there you go! However, there are again multiple options.


Middle Part

This is another trend of the 90s that was revived at the end of 2010 along with everything else from that decade. It’s very easy to wear and fashion doesn’t take any time, so go for it!