Norsk Hydro Aluminum Production Giant Still Recovering from Ransomware AttackByBill Toulas-March 20, 2019.832 Norsk Hydro is currently living the nightmare trying to return to normal operation after a ransomware attack. The fact that the spread of ransomware so widely suggests inadequate steps and resources for security and protection. After malicious actors launched a successful ransomware attack against their infrastructure, Norsk Hydro resorted to manual operations on Tuesday. As more details on the nature of the attack has passed some time, it has been exposed and the situation still seems to be in a critical state. The aluminum manufacturing giant who employs more than 35,000 people worldwide is still on its knees losing large amounts of financial resources and risking their high-ranking position in a fiercely competitive field. According to the company’s latest update in ensuring safe and stable operations across its production units, and identifying the root cause. Yet the complete restoration of their secure service is far away at the moment. .833 Figure 1 The Norsk Hydro Fb Hydro’s teams are working constantly to minimize the ransomware love of the company’s operations and the initial response of isolating everything from the main network when the malware is detected makes the situation a little easier to handle. For Norsk Hydro’s broad operating and manufacturing scope the main issues are currently focused on “rolled goods” and smelters. Since these systems can not be connected to the main network right now, the operators have lost the normal consistency in the production process control. The fact that the ransomware was able to spread over a large number of production units suggests that the network of the business was not segmented in the way it should be, and that the security solution used by Hydro was most likely not supported by a comprehensive anti-ransomware device. This event is a remarkable and typical example of how quickly their daily money-making cycle can be disrupted by giant corporations. This will perhaps serve as a wake-up call to spend more on cybersecurity and invest in more powerful tools for security and protection.

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