William Sanderson – Biography of William Sanderson

William sanderson He was born in Memphis, United States, in January 1944. His mother was an elementary school teacher, and his father was a landscape designer.

William served two years in the Army, completing his military service and then attended the Southern Methodist University. He finally got his degrees in Business (1968) and Laws (1971) in the University of Memphis.

William He then moved to New York to try his hand at acting, a passion he discovered while studying at university. He began acting in off-Broadway productions and independent films.

One of his first and most memorable works was on the tape “Fight for your life“(1977) where he played Jessie lee kane, a convicted psychopath, racist and rapist, escaped from prison, who terrorizes a family. Contrary to this character, he is also remembered for his portrayal of the Gentile JF Sebastian, in the cult sci-fi film “Blade runner“(1982). Other feature films of the time in which he participated were”The onion field“(1979),”I want to be free“(1980),”Wild Hunt” (nineteen eighty one), “Very hot city” (1984), “Fletch the chameleon“(1985) and”The black moon“(1986).

In the 90’s, you could see it in movies like “Rocketeer“(1991),”Man’s Best Friend“(1993),”The client“(1994) or”The last man” (nineteen ninety six).
Already in the new millennium, Sanderson He was in “Gods and generals“(2003),”Promised Land“(2004),”The Treasure of Painted Forest“, or”Pretty ugly people“(2008).

In his extensive television career, both in series and movies, he played a character called Deuce in an episode of the series “Babylon 5“; later he would repeat the character in the television movie”Babylon 5: Thirdspace“(1998).

He also personified Larry in the series “Newhart“, from 1992 to 1995. Between 2004 and 2006 it was EB Farnum in the series of HBO Deadwood“. In 2008, Sanderson joined the cast of “True blood“, in the character of Sheriff Bud Dearborne, in which it can be seen currently.

He also appeared as a guest artist in series such as “Lost“,”Monk“,”Without a trace“,”The Practice“,”The Pretender“,”Emergencies (ER)“,”The X Files“,”Walker, Texas Ranger“,”Sirens“,”Matlock“,”Married with Children“,”The Twilight Zone“,”Knight rider“,”Coach“,”The Dukes of Hazzard“, Y “Starsky and hutch“, among other.

The actor has also provided his voice for numerous animated productions, radio commercials, and audio books.

William He has also developed an extensive theatrical career, participating in productions such as “The Taming of the Shrew“,”When Ya Comin ‘Back, Red Ryder?“,”Insect Comedy“,”To Kill a Mockingbird“,”Dutchman“,”Fishing“,”TOuthentic Life of Billy the Kid“,”Tobacco Road“, Y “Scotch Rocks“.

In regards to your personal life, Sanderson and his wife since 1993, Sharon wix, live in Burbank, California.