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ByTechNadu Staff-July 24, 2017.069 According to Fudzilla news, the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 836 SoC will make its first official appearance on Google Pixel phones. This year, Snapdragon 835 SoC sports most of the flagship smartphones. Now Snapdragon 836 is better than previous version. It has the same combination of Gpu and Cpu as the Snapdragon 835 but Snapdragon 836 will have higher clock speeds and improved performance. Currently the coming SoC is said to be launching on August 23 in Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Immediately the news spread that the first smartphone to use the new Snapdragon 836 SoC will be supported by Google Pixel 2. Last year it introduced Snapdragon 821 as an improved version of the previous Snapdragon 820. And on 2016 the Snapdragon 821 is expected to launch on their OnePlus 5 smartphones at the OnePlus 3 T business. The individual has admitted launching devastating attacks on gaming networks by DdoS. The attacks occurred during the Christmas holiday of 2013 to maximize the disruption. Online trolling is a sadistic antisocial and disruptive behavior that goes largely unpunished. However, somebody takes it too far every once in a while, causing a mayhem that affects many people, so companies decide to take action to prevent this from happening to them and their communities again. In such a case, 23-year-old Austin Thompson (DerpTroll) pled guilty between December 2013 and January 2014 of launching DdoS attacks on gaming servers and websites, and received a 27-month prison sentence. The case has only recently been made public by the U.S. Department of Justice though Thompson acknowledged his crime back in November 2018 as he has just been called upon to enter the cell and continue the sentence. The Utah-based hacker allegedly targeted the Sony PlayStation network and Valve’s Steam systems belonging to Electronic Arts (Origin). The chaos and frustration hit the roof as the DdoS attacks occurred during Christmas when people like to spend some enjoyable time playing games. Thompson also declared on his Twitter account that an attack was imminent, and then shared “scalps” with screenshots showing his progress. The related losses accrued by the aforementioned businesses reached $95,000 and, in addition to the prison sentence, the Department of Justice ordered the hacker to pay this amount. Similar attacks against Microsoft Xbox Live service and the Sony PlayStation network were conducted around the same time as when Thompson wallowed in his DdoS trolling joy another hacking group called the “Lizard Squad” Such threats also did not go unanswered as several young trolls were arrested in Finland Usa and the Uk were sentenced to two years in jail. Such arrests were made possible thanks to the National Crime Agency’s diligent work. The hacker had been found and identified by the Fbi’s San Diego Field Office in the case of Austin Thompson.