What is the holistic hair care?

Holistic beauty means considering the wholeness of mind and spirit in order to attain our happiest and healthiest self. It also involves conscientious use and living in harmony with nature through the use of herbs and the purchasing of environmentally friendly goods. A holistic hair professional would recommend adding more greens to your diet than considering purchasing a costly line of hair care. Today we are lucky to be talking to Tara McAdams, a holistic hairapist who praises the virtues of her true passion for holistic hair care!

Why has the hair industry become greener?

As more and more people begin to realize the hazards of harmful chemicals in the ingredients of our beauty products, they start to want more products derived from plants and naturally d. Historically, our ancestors not only ate plants, but used plants and fungi for medicinal purposes to tame their locks with sugar and salt, using animal hair and wooden brushes and moisturizing their skin with honey and oils based on plants. Our skin and hair are important components of a healthy lifestyle and what products we are using should be as important as the food we eat and the medicines we are taking.

This is done by the majority of people using mainstream hair and beauty products because they offer consistent results but there is little FDA regulation on beauty and hair products and what goes into them. The industry essentially determine itself whether or not its products are safe with very little oversight, but now people are demanding safer, environmentally friendly products and products made from less harmful plant-based materials. Consumers are looking for cleaner products free of sulfate parabens and hazardous chemicals such as formaldehyde and lead.

How to Hair Care Holistic Approach?

But taking a holistic approach to hair care is not just about the shampoo we’re using or the styling agents that offer the trendiest new ‘ do it’s about taking care of your hair from the root to the tip in a way which respects your hair’s growth cycles and doesn’t strip it of its natural oils. When it comes to taking a healthier approach, washing your hair is just a small piece to the whole pie. From the brush you use to the pillow on which you can sleep, it goes beyond any product and how to care for your hair on a daily basis. A healthy diet high in omega-fatty acids makes your hair grow longer and stronger; eating a diet rich in dark leafy greens and vegetables containing silica helps prevent split ends and gives us more brilliant full hair.

While healthier and more plant-derived goods appear to cost more up front, in the long run it’s a priceless investment in your skin. You use a fraction of the material with each washing with items such as After Sun Hair and Body Bath by Oway and you wash your hair less often. For the type of hair you have, choosing a healthier hairbrush is another way to keep your hair more nourished. Many holistic hair stylists recommend a boar-bristle hairbrush, but a nylon-bristle wood brush will do for vegan-friendly hair because it helps to distribute the oils on your scalp and will not damage the hair like traditional plastic brushes. When you take a more natural approach, take inventory of the hair accessories you use on your hair as well. Pins and clips can damage your hair and you’re never supposed to sleep in it. Avoid plastic hair ties and plastic barrels by choosing fabric hair ties with a touch of conditioner on a barrel’s metal teeth and also avoid pulling your hair so tight that it causes breakage and loss of traction around the temples. Such simple tips can result in healthy hair and lower the risk of dilution and fraying. It is also important to choose the right stylist if you want to take a more holistic approach to hair care. Look for salons that use organic products and are committed to being responsible for the environment. When you want to highlight or color your hair and get feedback on their personal philosophy, set up a consultation with your stylist on hair-cutting techniques and healthier colors. The goal of your stylist should not only be to make you happy with your cut and style, but also to bring your hair to the fullest and healthiest potential.

What looks like a holistic hair routine?

Taking a holistic approach to hair care means adjusting your hair products and routines not marketing ads to your actual needs. Holistic junkies of beauty also enjoy herbs and their organic superpowers. The holistichabits YouTube channel has 745,000 subscribers and is full of DIY recipes and beauty tips that are toxic-free. By the way, the hair of the owner is incredibly long and healthy! Also, the DIY idea is perfect because you know what you’re putting in your hair care products. If you’re a crafty soul, it also becomes a rewarding hobby. YouTuber Ela Hale is also a great option to share the recipes for her favorite natural hair items on her page. I share my favorite hair treatments on my channel as a salon trainer and a natural hairapist. If you’re interested in this, take care of your hair from roots to ends inside out at Tmac’s Holistic Hair Studio in Daphne Alabama United States. Feel free to give me DM tips and tricks for a holistic beauty advice or click through my Instagram page. Image featured from Instagram Related Posts Why Shampoo Daily Is Bad and Tips for Cutting Down A Safe Scalp and Hair Guide Are Hemp and CBD Hair Products Worth the Hype? Do you make your shampoo fat? Sleeping How to Wash Your Hair To Get Great Hair Cuts and Patterns Stay Connected Get ideas from hair style. Whatever your hair type is, we can help you find the right hairstyles © Copyright 2019 Menu HomeTutorials