Wedding Hairstyles

Next is almost your wedding day.

Layered and Gathered Bridal Hairstyle

Nothing goes like a waterfall of curls with a wedding dress. It’s not this extravagant side style for a casual shindig backyard. A fancy look like this is best when combined with a gown that is just as fancy. Don’t hold back, then!

Messy Tall Bun

A mess is best sometimes. Try this perfectly imperfect updo with twisted hair pieces collected in a loose curly high bun. Give the look a romantic edge by letting free flow in the front of some strands.


Tucked-up Updo

Look every bit at the princess you’re pulling your hair back into a regal updo that’s one of the most elegant long hair wedding hair styles. Top it off with a tiara and you’ll be ready for a royal affair.


A teased and twisted textured bun piled up at the top of your head is a great way to make a statement. All you need now is a palace.


Half-Updo with a braided headband

It’s OK to get a little extravagant on your wedding day especially with your hair. Try a curled half-updo that stunts down one side of your neck. Nothing goes with a pretty formal do like a> braided headband so throw two overlapping plaits into the mix!

Swirled Wavy Half Up Style

Long hair wedding styles vary depending on the personal preference of the bride and her choice of dress but few are as elegant as this cascading twist of curl waves and hair decorations. This will work well on a variety of hair textures and lengths, but the long length that can be curled with a curling wand or iron and draped beautifully is certainly best on long hair well past the shoulders.

Wedding Half Up Ringlets

When it comes to> wedding updos too many brides pin all their hair back instead of letting some flow freely. If you have long locks show them off with ringlets and a deep side section. Curl hair with a small to medium wall and then pin some hair back just above the ear line.

Graduated Wedding Downdo

Long hair choices often look more sexy out of all the bride hairstyles. Please ask your stylist to include a bouffant and draped long bangs or face-framing layers to get really elegant hair for your big day. Your final result should be a cascading waterfall of beautiful locks when paired with soft shiny curls.

Curly Low Bun

Put your long wedding hair into a> low bun that is filled with twists and curves. A professional hairdresser would know exactly how to arrange each strand for optimal elegance. Do not forget to add a touch of baby breath or jewelry hair clip to finish your look.

If your hair is longer than the length of your shoulder, with loose flowing curls you can further show off your color transition.

Bridal Mermaid Waves

Wedding long hair hair styles are fairly straightforward for women with natural long locks. Consider a wavy hairstyle mermaid waves with an elegant piece of hair and voluminous side bangs for thick extra long hair.

Braided Crown with Hairband

The romantic Renaissance-inspired wedding hair is done by loose curls and a> braid crown wrapped around a small bouffant. The hairdo is completed with a jewelry hairband to keep everything in place and add some fancy sparkle to the dark hair.

The key to this look is to resist perfection go along with your hair’s natural course and accept individual curls and wisps.

Chunky Curls and Crown Braid

The hair is gathered in thick pieces and formed into loops for this style. Secured with hairpins and sprayed with an all-day perfection keeping material, this is a great choice if you want something a little more complicated. A thick braid of the crown accompanied by curled parts of the bottom allows for a beautiful and special updo.

Flower Crown Alternative

Keep things sweet for a spring or summer wedding with a crown of flowers instead of a veil or sliced back updo. In this simple and very cute all-day hairdo, selected flowers like baby’s breath and roses should be hard enough to hold up.

Loose Wedding Downdo

Loose and oversized braids have been popular for a long time, but they are still a relatively new idea when it comes to long hair wedding styles. With a chunky braid, long medium to thick hair will work best. Add some fresh blossoms or loose jewels in order to formalize the whole thing.

Big Country Hair

Southern girls know the bigger the hair the better the glam! Now anyone can take a cue from Nashville with big> curly wedding hair that has plenty of sass and style. A side sweep will allow additional volume and incorporation of bangs.

Sweet and Simple Ringlets

Smooth and shiny this perfectly coated wedding hair is started with a> anti-frizz serum worked in from roots to tips. Then hair is curled into ringlets that are evenly placed and secured with bobby pins above the ear line. To cover the section secured and spray with a holding material, attach some flowers or ribbon.

Straightforward and Simple Wedding Bun

You may have decided that simple wedding hair ideas are best for you. It is true that extended waves or fancy flowers do not have to feature long wedding hairstyles. Instead, keep things easy for a classic wedding style that will never look dated with a discreet low chignon and a veil pinned underneath.

Curly Wedding Ponytail

This wedding hairstyle is suitable for a range of hair types. The longer your hair will be the more impressive the twists cascade will be. You can also embellish the top section with a traditional veil or anything else you can dream up with flowers a tiara.

Gold Rose Curly Hairstyle

There are no guidelines for hair when it comes to wedding traditions. If you want to accentuate the color of your long curly hair, go for it. A sweet rose gold shade against dark blonde hair is just one especially lovely combination. ‘

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‘ Super Long Waves’

‘ Looking for wedding updates with long hair? Look no further than this simple but highly impressive half-up style, which flaunts natural curls. The better the more volume for this amazing style. 251.575.jpg” />

Strongly secured Chignon Ringlet

Black hair looks beautiful with tight pin curls perfectly positioned. This tucked chignon is easily accomplished by a stylist specializing in ethnic hair and is likely to finish off with perfect hair embellishment. You may add chunky earrings or other big day jewelry to this theme.

Braid and Low Chignon

Create a beautiful braided headband that runs from one side of the head to the base of the neck. Throw the braid and the rest of your hair into a bun full of tendrils for a stunning bohemian bridal look that no one will forget.


Fancy Free Messy Side Updo

A loose-and-lovely bouquet of curls is the perfect wedding hairstyle for long hair – it’s suitable for the most important walk of your life believe us. Make sure to pin each curl loosely and pull the crown to give it a slightly undone finish.


Make sure every curl is coated so that pins are covered. And don’t forget to dust it with a fortress hairspray to give your look some staying power!


Full and Fancy Chignon

Chignons are a staple for weddings. For brides a full large bun is a picture-perfect hairstyle for walking down the aisle. Get a quality bouffant to reach the fullness and body you want and tie the look together with a bedazzled bar.


Go for a tiered cake decorated with rosebuds – perfect to make a statement on your big day.


Side Pony with Floral Hair Piece

Yes> Ponytails have their place in weddings and yes that place is fantastic. Go for a wavy piece-y pony with thick chunky curls falling perfectly to one side to show off a strapless sleeveless or asymmetric gown. Bonus points to add updo a beautiful flower!


Loose and Lovely Curls

You reserve the right to let your hair down on your big day. That doesn’t mean it won’t look fabulous. Go for a casual look with loose carefree curls topped off with a chic headband. Use a curling iron larger than one inch for bigger natural waves.


Braided Side Bun

Is it impossible to choose between a twisted and braided bun? Get both worlds ‘ brightest! Twist on one side and on the other side create a French braid to collect the two at the bottom. Twist your hair into a knot and you’re primed to get trapped!


Old Hollywood Wedding Hair

In search of easy and trendy wedding hairstyles for long hair? Why not just let your hair down and try big romantic waves which carry simplicity to a new classy stage.


Tucked-In Low Updo

Roll your pony and secure it with hairpins at the base of your neck. Top off the look with a flowers crown and give the word flower child a new meaning.


Twisted Low Bun with headband

Add some twists and turns to your long wedding hairstyle. Try a classic chignon style with a twist or two! Criss-cross twisted bits of a low pony and pin them at the base until all pieces are attached and you’ve got a full bodcious bun.


Go for a 1920s-inspired style that will work from a mermaid silhouette to a full-blown ball gown for any kind of wedding dress.


Swept Half Updo

Take a casual hairstyle and transform it into a trendy bridal design. Sweep your hair back into a half-updo and put it on a clean veil.


Low Twisted Chignon

Can’t decide between all these long hair types for wedding? Go for an old favorite with a classic chignon low-placed. Make sure that before you blow the hair, the look is smooth and polished.


Textured and Teased Wedding Waves

Updos are not the only item on the menu of long hair wedding hair styles. Let your hair flow freely over your shoulders with a style that is sleek in the front and long and loose in the back. Just take the front parts and tie them securely behind your ears. Whatever you do, make sure that you rock with flair and sass one of these beautiful wedding hairstyles. It’s the day of your wedding and you earned it! Prev1 of> Next —> —> Related Posts> Bridal Hair Trends 2019> Things to Consider When Choosing the Perfect Hair>Party Hair>Soft and Sweet Curly Wedding Hair>Bridal Hair 2019 Ideas and Inspiration> Top Wedding Hairstyles for Medium Hair Cuts and Styles Stay Connected Be inspired by the hair style.