Ways to Make Your Hair Wavy

Prev1 Everyone likes nice wavy hair every once in a while in the summer and some of us want it all the time. It’s so tempting to look as if you’re spending the whole summer by the beach. Well, you’ll still have to put some effort into your wavy hairstyle to make it look really nice.

How to make a wave of your hair?

Here are the most popular hair waving solutions from curling iron to headband.

Spiral Waves

Use a large barrel curling iron to do this style right now. Wrap the medium parts around the barrel one by one. To unleash a spiral curl, pull the curling iron up and out. Then the brush of your fingers anywhere you want to loosen it. This is a great way to get some overnight curl-like bouncy waves.

Easy Beach Waves

Never underestimate the spray power when it comes to easy beach waves! Sprinkle with some product straight hair and then use a medium or small barrel curling iron to wrap hair sections away from the face. Lock with your fingers and spray to finish again. jpg” />

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Triple Iron Waves Heating

Wondering how to get long lasting wavy hair? Try a triple heating iron that provides any hair texture with a beautiful natural-looking curl kink. This also looks great for everyone on the short hair!

Ponytail curling

While there is a desire to curl hair without heat, a healthy compromise can be found by using a little less. If your hair is long you can curl it to the ends in the middle of the shaft. Make the tail of a pony. Style ringlets with a curling iron in the medium barrel. Brush the ringlets in order to make them loose and look natural. To release the curls, cut the elastic. Combining Irons Did you know that you can buy an iron that works as a curler as well as a straightener? They cost a little more, but on stubborn hair they make a world of difference. By simply wrapping hair around, you can curl your locks with a straightener just as you would with a curler. Adding Bounce and Texture Curling your hair with a flat iron and then mixing each curl with your fingers at the ends will add more texture and bounce that wouldn’t come out naturally otherwise. Follow this simple wavy hair tutorial if you’re hoping for beach wavy hair without a ton of effort. Waves can be costly and temperamental with a Flat Iron Curling Iron plus there are so many to choose from. Simplify your life by curling your hair instead with a flat iron. Simply wrap a strand around the iron panels and curl like you usually would, you can get big wavy hair. The finer the curl, the smaller the flat iron. Flat Iron Twists In the form of long loose and beach-blown waves, the most common curls right now come. If you don’t live near the ocean or you don’t have perfect wavy hair of course, you can use your straightener as a double-function curler. Twist hair pieces as thick or thin as you would like the curl to be and then detach from top to bottom after ironing. Would you like to curl your hair without a curling iron? Simply braid it and then iron the braids with your straightener, you will learn how to get wavy hair. It works on all styles of hair, but it is best to apply a cream before you start braiding. After curling it with this method, Curl Hair with A Pencil Long hair will shrink in length but you’ll get some adorable little ringlets so it’s worth it. Cut your hair into bits. Take a small thread, curl it around a pencil, then wrap it in a piece of foil. Pull the curl with a flat iron. The curl will be released. Relaxed curls with a punch Get curls that are laid back and soft simultaneously by braiding your hair in advance. After the braids are in place, your flat iron will run over them to create the pattern in your hair. When you are faced with unbraid waves. Heat-free curls You can learn how to curl hair without the use of iron. On the contrary, section off clean dry hair and wrap it around clips strips of foil or even some pencils. Spray with the product setting allows a few hours later to dry and release. This trick is going to work with both thin hair and thick locks.

Twisted Knots There are some smart ways to heat-free curl your hair. Use this creative twist-and-tie method or curl with a headband. To strengthen the grip, use a styling material. Curling Through Styling If you’re coming up with a curl-worthy event but don’t want to braid your hair the day before with rollers. Use either normal or fishtail braids to sleep in with your preferred hairstyle and loosen the braids for trendy second-day waves in the morning. Want to know how to curl your hair wavy without using a costly and damaging iron? Just twist your hair or braid it and secure the ends. Release your morning twists / braids. This technique works with layered hair and can highlight a beautiful cut. A Headband with a Twist You can curl hair with a wand or by wrapping them around a headband you can shield your tresses from heat damage. Make loops around the band absolutely, so it’s shielded. For thick hair that is stubborn with an iron, you can use this trick. Leave it overnight and enjoy the next day’s natural beauty! Bobby Pin Curls The curls are so beautiful and easy to obtain from blonde to black hair. Roll your hair into spiraled bundles and flatly secure the bundles using some bobby pins. After your hair has dried, take the bobby pins out.

How to make your hair wavy with style Instead of using a heat tool that can strain your hair to keep things calm with wavy hair products and time beauty. Place clean hair in a loose ponytail divide it into sections and wrap each section around your fingers-times depending on your length and leave overnight with a bobby pin. Take the pony apart and enjoy your curls in the morning! Old-fashioned rollers The bendy rollers used by your mom can also be purchased. They’re still around today because they’re working, so they’re shooting them. Twist a roller strand and bend the ends together to fix the curl in place. Hold hair and blowdry in overnight or spray before unrolling. With a Kick Flexi-rods, natural curlers are curlers that look like bendable sticks. Whatever you want, you can twist them. You may want to try different shapes and levels of tightness when learning how to curl your hair until you find what works best for you. These waves are made on the center parts of the locks that do not touch the roots and ends. Apply some water-based pomade into the roots to better define the different locks you must curl. Use the iron curling barrel of -inch. You will need to wrap each lock around the barrel times if you have a similar length.

Perfectly imperfect waves For A Shag Cut Use a curling iron to curl the front tresses that frame the face towards it. Curl away from the face the following lock and continue to alternate curling holding the curling iron vertically and keeping in mind that it doesn’t have to be perfect. Flip the angle of the bangs.

Natural-like Wave Wash your hair with a towel, but don’t comb it. Apply a curl enhancer that does not reach the roots to your locks. With a diffuser, blow your mane off. Use a -inch curling iron to curl different strings that do not lock for a looser curl around the tube. Brush softly with a big tooth comb through your curls.

Heatless Waves Use a heat-free curling strategy with headband and twist. You will get beautiful loose waves without the risk of overprocessing or split ends. For medium and long hair, this method works. And if you are still interested in short wavy hair> page.

Encouraging your natural curls Beach waves without curling iron can be encouraged with an Epsom salt solution. Prepare a solution from 1/2 tablespoon of your regular hair conditioner tablespoon of dissolved lavender Epsom salt so 1/2 tablespoon of dissolved salt.


Fluorite typically contains green and purple colors and is believed to be a perfect tool for intuition and negative energy safety. Using subtle colorful highlights, I recreated this fantastic natural pattern.

Ocean Jasper

The vivid crystal of the Ocean Jasper resonates with the beauty of the planet and its seemingly endless layers. It increases patience and spiritual wisdom. To achieve a similar coloration, I used a warm blonde color blending it into dark roots.

Rainbow Fluorite

Rainbow Fluorite shows a mixture of colors found in fluorite crystals such as violet blue green and yellow, combining all the properties of each hue. As a result, unicorn hair was creatively painted!


This beautiful crystal makes people calm and relaxed and helps them improve their sleep. That’s why putting Scolecite under your pillow is recommended. The cool, gray undertone blonde color is never out of fashion as well as magic!


Carnelian helps to awaken the confidence of your inner creative child. Taking bold action and making dreams come true is associated with it. Having a few orange strands in your hair also increases trust!


Angelite has an energy of peace and calm. Like many blue stones, it is also a strong communication stone used to make friends and better relationships. To spice up this look, I added some hidden rainbow hair.


Grid is linked to higher thinking and self-empowerment. It is also a stone of love and commitment, strength and comfort. Its deep reddish colour, like a ripe pomegranate seed, reflects sunlight. I tried to have the same effect on the head of my client (shown here).

Tourmaline Champagne

The purpose of this crystal is to cleanse the emotional and physical bodies profoundly. You relax and become centered within yourself because of its calming soothing effect on the energetic systems. I used chocolate brown hair color to recreate this coloring and added some golden highlights.


Lepidolite brings new beginnings and positive transitions. It looks like the galaxy’s most beautiful images. The purple and silver tones work perfectly together, as nature has proven. My client and I went to warm blonde hair for a violet shade.

Botswana Agate

Botswana Agate is an advantageous comfort stone in overcoming depression and strengthening during grievance. This helps alleviate obsessive thoughts and psychological habits of destruction and helps to resolve fears. Brown hair with light face-framing strands really reminds me of Agate from Botswana!

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is a stone repelling and helping to eliminate negative energies. This purifies and converts dark energy into lighter vibrations while hair remains black carbon.


With its pearly shades sparkling in a spectrum of iridescent blues and greens, Labradorite encourages you to keep things magical by connecting us to the spirit world where anything is possible. There’s something going on for my clients when it comes to mixing colors.


The meaning of bronzite crystal is associated with increasing self-confidence and giving the spirit the courage to carry out actions. I love a good dirty blonde color and how it blends for nearly every skin tone!

Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz is valued because it helps cut through the illusions that remain centered and self-conscious in life. I love this cool brown hair color, inspired by gems, especially on the long and wavy locks of my client.

I think if we open our hearts to it, inspiration can be found anywhere. Perhaps you enjoyed crystal-inspired hair colors. We can’t believe their healing powers, of course, but we can’t doubt their beauty. Follow my Instagram and check out the site of my salon for more fun hair projects and artistic color inspiration. Let’s put together hair magic! Beau Bollinger’s Guide to Individualized Hair Cutting The Plump Method for Big and Bouncy Curls I Grew My Hair Long Use These Products from Amazon Haircut Terms for Better Communication with Your Stylist The Ultimate Hair Care Guide for Unicorns and Mermaids Hair-Coloring Terms Stylists Want to Understand Hair Cutting and Stylist We will help you find the best hairstyles The Best Hairstyles © Copyright 2019 Menu HomeHair Care