Ways of styling a Pixie Cut

Next Short hair especially pixie cuts are having a big moment right now. Follow these instructions type= Brush your bangs in the direction you want them to stay> From the side you want to begin, take a part of your hair and cut it into three sections.> Bring the top piece over the middle and then the bottom piece over the middle like a normal braid.> After you have done this, add the hair from the top of your head to the top piece and bring it over the middle piece. Then you take half of the piece from the bottom and bring it over the middle. This is where you create an impression of a kind of waterfall.> Continue this until you reach the other side and protect your braid with a hairspray or a bobby pin.> With your short hair you’ve made an amazing eye-catcher!

Rocker Pixie Cut

>Rocker Pixie Cut Sometimes you only need a quick fix for short hair. If you can do a French braid, with your pixie cut, it’s the easiest way to get a completely different look. Type=Take your hair section in front and divide it into three pieces.> Take the left piece over the middle and then the right piece over the middle.> Start adding hair to the pieces once you’ve done this.> Bring the left piece over the middle and add some hair to the line. For the other side, repeat the same thing. Continue until all your hair is in your braid and> no bangs. Secure your braid – wear an elastic or bow.> View the tutorial for the video> here.

French Braids from Back to Front

> Back to Front French Braids How to style short thick hair if you need to hide your forehead? Here’s the best way! type= Start your braids in the middle of your head.> Braid it from back to front.> Use hairspray to protect them.> Check out the> video tutorial to make sure you use a strong one to keep each braid end in place.

Formal Pixie Cut with Hairband

>Formal Pixie Cut with Hairband We know how simple and easy it is to style long hair with a hairband but who says you can’t use one to style your short hair? type=> Simply loop the little strings around your hairband and lock them below.> If you have very fine hair and long bangs, secure it under your hairband with bobby pins.> Look at the formal hair>here.

Twist (Fake Braids)

>Twist (Fake Braids) If you like the concept of short hair braids, but you’re also short on time, here’s another great option.> Take a small section before your hair and twist it.> After each twist add more hair from the bottom and twist it again. Keep until the back of your head has been hit.> Watch the> video tutorial.

Netherlands braids

> Netherlands braids Another great style is the Netherlands braid. If you grow your short hair, this style is perfect and looks great even if your roots show up. Type= Start the braid with three pieces. Now what makes it different from a French braid is that you cross all pieces under the middle and not over it. Start by putting the left piece under the middle and then the right piece under the middle.> Once you have the initial braid start adding hair to the left piece before you bring it under the middle one.> Add hair to the right piece before you place it under the middle piece. Continue until you’ve worked all over your hair.> Secure your braid with an elastic.> Check out this hairstyle video version.

Twisted Bangs

>Twisted Bangs Hairstyles for short hair will look amazing for any occasion. To build this look just follow these simple steps type= Take two small parts of your bangs and twist them into each other.> After each twist, insert the hair before twisting it again.> Close it with a clip or a thin, clear elastic.> This hair>the long cut of the pixie.

Bobby Pin Art

> Bobby Pin Art This season’s bobby pin art is everywhere. Use your bobby pins creatively and make a statement piece of your hairstyle. You can create a headband like the one in this video, but there are endless possibilities for style with a little imagination. You can use golden or even colorful black bobby pins to match your outfit. If you have oily hair, apply some hairspray before sticking them in your hair to the bobby pins. This> video shows how to do the hairstyle step by step. Rock your bobby pins!

Zigzag part

>Zigzag part If you usually wear side-parts of your hair, you can change your look by switching your part to a middle zigzag. On both sides, you can add two French braids, but just add hair to the upper strand. This will create a summer look for a boho-inspired festival that is great for> asymmetric pixie cutting. Find more tips in the video tutorial.

Sleek Pixie Cut with Glitter

>Sleek Pixie Cut with Glitter Be an eye-catcher at any party with this simple way to style your short hair. type= Part your sleek hair in a zigzag and add stickers.> Place a lot of them in the front and less in the back.> Avaliable clip tutorial> here.

Pixie Faux Hawk

> Pixie Faux Hawk Here’s one way to try a night out rocker pixie. Type=Blow your hair with a round brush to the front.> Change the direction of blow drying almost dry to the back and> volume products if your hair is thin or fine. > Set it with some hair spray and add a stylish accessory to the side.> Click here to open the tutorial in its entirety.

Wedding Pixie Cut Updo

>Wedding Pixie Cut Updo Here’s a nice way to> short wedding or prom pixie cut, including an elegant updo. Just curl all your hair with an extra-small flat iron for short hair.> Create a loose Dutch braid by separating the strands below the middle strand instead.> Watch the> videotutorial.

Side Braid on a Scene Pixie Hawk

>Side Braid on a Scene Pixie Hawk Here’s a little side braid for a special pixie theme. Type=Part your hair on the side.> Create a French braid on the smaller side, but just add the hair from the top to the top. You can curl your hair on the other side. Always curl it off the face to create a cool style.> > That’s how I do it.

Asymmetrical Criss-Cross Braids

> Asymmetrical Criss-Cross Braids This is a great way to give your bangs a special look. Type=Dry blow as normal.> Then split the hair twice between left and right.> Start the first braid on the right side, holding all the other hair back with clips.> Create a French braid by adding only the upper strand of hair. Take it down to your left eye. Use some hairspray to set it. Try to just add hair to the upper strand.> Don’t forget to watch the> video tutorial.

Festival Hair

>Festival Hair This is a mix of braids and twists/>rope braids. type=Take a small section in the middle of your hair and braid it in a Dutch front braid.> Secure it with a clear elastic.> Split the end into two and twist it backwards on either side of your head. You can either cut the elastic (beware of not cutting your hair) or you can leave it if your hair is as short as mine.> Twist the leftover hair on both sides now and secure it with bobby pins and some hairspray.> Add some magical look accessories.> Check out the tutorial for the video.

Would you like to have top buns? Include Clip-Ins!

> Top Buns Sometimes you want to go with the trend but it’s impossible to get top buns with a pixie cut right? False! All you need is some> clip-in extensions. Type=Part your hair in the middle and braid French braids all the way back to where you want your top buns.> Clip your extensions to the end of the braids. Be careful to clip them from the inside of the bun so that afterwards you can’t see the clips.> Wrap the extensions around the ends of the braids to create top buns. Bobby pins or elastics are safe.> > You can see the tutorial here.

Dutch-Braided Mohawk

>Dutch-Braided Mohawk Dutch-braided mohawk on a pixie?It’s not impossible, but it depends on your hair structure whether you wear it or not. type=> Divide it into three and cross the right one below the middle.> Then the left one below the middle. This is the initial braid after each time you add hair to the outer strands before going through them.> That’s it! See the pictures of my> video tutorial.

Accessorize Your Sleek Pixie

>Accessorize Your Sleek Pixie If you have a pixie cut with bangs and want to be versatile, get a bunch of accessories without much effort! The clip demonstration> Watchthe! There’s a lot of hair> Instagram. Tap and get inspired by the clips! Prev1 of> Next —> —> Related Posts> Inspiring Pixie Undercut Hair> Brave and Daring Takes on Shaved Pixie Cut> Bold and Magnificent Asymmetrical Pixie Cuts> Sassy and Sexy Black Pixie Cuts> Long Shaggy Spiky Edgy Pixie Cuts and Skin> Standout Curly and Wavy Pixie Cuts Hair Cuts and Patterns Stay Connected Get inspiration in hair style.