Von Wafer – Biography of Von Wafer

Von Wafer is a well-known basketball player of American origin, famous for his current participation with the Denver nuggets of the National Basketball Association.

Vakeaton Quamar Wafer was born on July 21, 1985 in the city of Homer, located within the state of Louisiana in the United States.

Inside the playing field his position is that of Point Guard and his preferred jersey number is 3. His maximum height is 1.96 meters and he weighs approximately 95 kilograms.

During his adolescence he first attended the Pineview High School, where he played basketball with a spectacular average of 32 points, 10 rebounds obtained and 7 assists per game.

Up to this point he wasn’t really known within the high school basketball arena, but the invitation from Tim loring to participate in the summer of the team of Arkansas Wings AAU gave it more publicity.

After this came his last year of high school, where he chose to join the Heritage Christian Academy in the city of Cleveland. Along the way, he left aside other institutions that promised him the best connections to the university.

Finally, in the team of Texas he finished with an overall average of 26 touchdowns, 8 rebounds, 4 stolen balls and 4 blocked balls per game. All of this established him as one of the best in his category.

Once he graduated he was invited to participate in the McDonald’s High School All-American Team where he ended up scoring 29 points and 8 rebounds.

In addition to this, he participated in the McDonald’s All-American Slam-Dunk Contest, but it was just behind today NBA All-Star LeBron James.

After the summer he chose to enroll in the Florida State University, starting his career as a college player in the season 2003-04.

His rookie start was really good, reaching 7.9 points in 17 minutes of play per game. He was ranked third among newcomers with a total of 43 three-point shots.

The following year his overall score rose in all categories, but a series of disagreements with the board made him rethink his career. Wafer had been put on the bench and even suspended from games for missing classes and having low grades.

It was thus that he decided to include his name within the 2005 NBA draft, leaving the university career right in the middle. Unfortunately he was not invited to join the field of Pre-Draft that is celebrated in Chicago, so he had no opportunity to show his potential.

Still, he managed to be able to practice as a helper with the Phoenix suns and with Los angeles lakers, being chosen by the latter during the second round of the Draft.

Despite this, its participation within the consolidated Lakers was very little, so the October 26, 2006 they decided to put it on the list of possible exchanges.

After this, Wafer had to go to the Colorado 14ers of the NBA Development League where it stayed for the vast majority of the season 2006-07.

The February 21, 2007 was called by Los Angeles Clippers to sign a 10-day contract. Despite this, he only participated for one minute in an official match.

Finally, the April 12, 2007 was selected by the Denver nuggets to be hired for a year, due to some injuries and equipment supply.