Vicente Haro – Biography of Vicente Haro

Actor Vicente Haro was born on November 1, 1930 in Madrid.

He is an actor with an extensive career in all media, both in theater and in film and television, in addition to having also worked on radio.

She made her debut in the theater in the 1950s, with works such as “The Green Fields of Eden”, “Heloise is under an almond tree” or “The Mousetrap”, the famous work of the novelist Agatha Christie.

We have subsequently seen him on stage on many occasions, starring in well-known works such as “An enemy of the people”, “A two decks”, “Midnight games”, “Panorama from the bridge”, “Time of swords” or ” The vested interests ”.

His film debut was at the beginning of the 60s, with films such as “Rained from heaven”, “Closed for murder” or “A decent adultery”. He participated in a large number of comic films that were so abundant in the 60s and 70s, such as “Almost public relations”, “Las colocadas”, “Premarital experience” or Pepito Piscina.

Starting in the 80s, the actor continued to appear in films, but of a higher quality. Thus, we saw him in “Orquesta Club Virginia”, “Tierra”, “El tiempo de la feliz”, “Maestros” or Clara and Elena.

The actor also took part in some shorts, such as “Express” or “The birth of an empire.”

As for television, it also began in the early 60s, taking part in theatrical works within programs such as “Novela”, “Primera fila”, “Estudio 1” or “Primera function”.

Later, he also began to intervene in some successful and well-known series on our small screen, such as “Pharmacy on duty”, “Thieves go to the office”, “Pepa and Pepe”, “Family doctor”, “Colegio Mayor” , “When leaving class”, “Raquel looks for her site”, “Central Hospital” or “The commissioner”.

The actor has also done a large number of dubbing, putting his voice in many films. In addition, he has worked on the radio, in an RNE serial, “The name of the son.” And between 2004 and 2006 he collaborated with Pablo Motos in the radio program “We are no one”, in the section “The last Iberian samurai”.

In 2006, the actor received the Pepe Isbert Award at the Peñíscola International Comedy Film Festival for considering him one of the actors most appreciated and loved by Spanish viewers.

Regarding his private life, it should be noted that he was married to the well-known actress Ana María Vidal, and that his son is also a well-known actor, Enrique San Francisco.

Vicente Haro died on April 14, 2010 in Madrid.