Venustiano Carranza – Biography of Venustiano Carranza

José Venustiano Carranza Garza He was born in Cuatro Ciénegas, Nuevo León-Coahuila on January 14, 1860. He is the eleventh son of Colonel Liberal Jesus Carranza Neira and María de Jesús Garza, members of a wealthy middle-class Creole family. He married Virginia Salinas and participated in the politics of his country, managing to be named municipal president of Cuatro Cienegas, local deputy, senator and governor of Coahuila. He joined the Maderism at the outbreak of the Revolution and when Francisco Madero became President, Carranza was appointed Minister of the Navy and War. He is appointed governor of his native state and proclaims the Plan of Guadalupe with the assassination of Madero. Had one high esteem and obedience to the Constitution and the restoration of the altered order.

He receives help from Álvaro Obregón, Pablo González and Francisco Villa against huertismo. Carranza establishes agreements with the United States when they invade Mexico and enter Mexico City victoriously, although differences arise between his arrival and the country’s revolutionary leaders. A Sovereign Revolutionary Convention on Aguascalientes but due to numerous disagreements war is declared. His authority is questioned as First Chief, so he retires to Veracruz where he establishes his government and plans an offensive against Pancho Villa and Emiliano Zapata. It stands in the issuance of agrarian, fiscal, labor, judicial, oil and mining provisions.

Establish the free municipality, legalizes divorce and establishes a maximum working day and minimum wages. It is not until 1915 when Obregón defeats the villismo that Carranza returns to the capital of the country and calls a Constituent Congress who draws up the new Constitution and elects him as constitutional president. His management is characterized by the union and pacification of the country but when in 1920, the generals Plutarco Elías Calles Y Adolfo de la Huerta They do not recognize Carranza’s presidential authority through the Agua Prieta Plan, they threaten him and he flees to Veracruz where he is ambushed and assassinated in Tlaxcalaltongo on May 21, 1920 while sleeping in a hut. The author of the crime is awarded to Lieutenant Colonel Herminio Márquez, as revenge for the death of his brothers, caused by the government of President Carranza.