Valve Fixes Zero-Day Steam

ByBill Toulas-January 24, 2020.884 Microsoft spilled its Customer Service and Support beans over the past 14 years. The documents do not provide any identifying information but there are specifics of the case and customer addresses. This type of data would be perfect in the hands of tech support scammers so it is advisable that people be careful.As for the specifics on the side of Microsoft, these were the following: Support agent email Case Number Resolution status Case comments And what would be the best possible use of customer support records? Tech support scammers specialized in the setting up of a good hook. That said, you should be aware of this possibility, and be very cautious about unsolicited messages that may arrive in your inbox. Note that a Microsoft support agent would never ask you to transfer your device password and never ask you to install remote desktop applications such as TeamViewer. Above all, a real Microsoft support agent would never approach a customer proactively to inquire about the fate of an old case or to warn them about a new issue that they supposedly found remotely. If you receive any such messages, don’t respond to the sender and simply report them to Microsoft.