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was born on 10 July 1964 in Toledo Ohio, the United States. He was born by their parents Gisela Meyer and her husband Bud Meyer, along with his other siblings. He attended a private, Catholic high school in Ashtabula Ohio named the Saint John High School. Meyer was a two-sport athlete; he played for his school team both baseball and football. He began coaching in 1985, when he interned at Saint Xavier High School in Cincinnati Ohio as a defensive back assistant. He then secured his first college coaching job as a tightly-ended graduate coaching assistant at Ohio State. He was consulting with the Coach Earle Bruce. Then he spent thirteen years at Notre Dame and three years at Colorado State as an assistant coach for the Illinois State football team. In 2001, Urban Meyer had its start when he became the head coach of the Bowling Green Falcons football team. May 2003 he took up another coaching job with Utah Utes football after spending two seasons at Bowling Green Meyer. In 2005, he led the team to victory in both the Skyline Conference Championship and Fiesta Bowl. The University of Notre Dame and the University of Florida called for his services after his great accomplishments at Utah. Meyer later accepted the offer from Florida thereby becoming the Florida Gators head coach in 2005. He signed with the Gators on a $14 million contract. While in Florida Meyer led the Gators to win 5 titles, including two Outback Bowls and two BCG National Championships, including one Sugar Bowl. Meyer retired as The Gators head coach after the 2010 season. Meyer led Ohio State in his first year in 2012, with a 12-0 record. He won the Orange Bowl in 2014 with the Team and the Sugar Bowl the following year. He won the Fiesta Bowl in 2015, and was awarded a contract extension until 2020. He captured the Eastern Conference Championship during the 2016 season while he also clinched the 2017 Cotton Bowl crown. Urban Meyer was placed on paid Administrative Leave in August 2018 following reports he was aware of the domestic abuse surrounding his former assistant coach Zach Smith and his wife. An investigative panel reviewed the evidence and it was decided by the Ohio Board of Trustees that Meyer should miss the 2018 season’s first three games. Though his coaching career is good, Meyer still enjoys some happiness in his love life. He’s a happily married man, and three-child father. He had married Shelley Mather, his college sweetheart. Mather was born December 25, 1964 in Ohio, the United States. She later attended the University of Cincinnati where she received a degree in nursing. While she was in Cincinnati she met Meyer and the two kicked off their relationship, seeing the bond between them. The amazing couple got hitched after five years of a successful relationship in asmall wedding held in 1986. We have a son named Nathan and two daughters named Nicole and Gisela Meyer. His youngest daughter Gigi just recently announced her engagement with her long-term boyfriend Brian Pruett in July 2018. For the lovebirds who took to Instagram to share the great news with their fans it was an awesome moment. And her older sister Nicki has been married to Corey Dennis since 2014, her college sweetheart and former Georgia Tech wide receiver. The news of Gigi’s engagement came a couple of months after Nicki revealed she was expecting Dennis to have her second child. Urban Meyer has been seen as a model for his success on the field as well as at home. He was married for more than three decades.

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Urban Meyer was thick and thin. He has been involved for more than two decades, receiving many awards for his outstanding performances.Urban Meyer is a US college football coach with a net worth $30 million. The annual salary of Urban Meyer is $7.6million.