Txetxu Rojo – Biography of Txetxu Rojo

The soccer player José Francisco Rojo Arroitia was born on January 28, 1947, in the city of Bilbao, in Spain. The player was known as Red Txetxu and his demarcation was that of forward.

Txetxu began his stage as a footballer playing in the youth category at Athletic Club de Bilbao, participating in each of the higher categories until, in 1965, he began to play in the first squad, when he was 17 years.

In 1969, the Spanish team made him debut with the “absolute”, playing a total of 18 times with the red shirt.

In 1982, and after being linked to the Bilbao club for almost 20 years, the player decided to retire as a professional player, at the age of 35.

Txetxu began his journey as coach of soccer teams in 1985, beginning to train Athletic Bilbao and training a large number of teams, including UD Lleida, Club Atlético Osasuna or Real Zaragoza, until In 2005, he coached Rayo Vallecano.

In Txetxu’s record, there are 2 King’s Cups.