TVCatchup is No More

TVCatchup is No More as Android and iOS Service Goes OfflineFigure 1 Photo Source: http:/ TVCatchup had their ups and downs but this time it seems like it’s hit the end of the road. People report that their TVCatchup applications for smartphones have not had a stream for days now. No official team and web site response is non-functional though still online. The streaming service TVCatchup TV channel which has been around since 2007 is now offline and all signs point to the scenario of staying down forever. Android and iOS users who downloaded the channel feeds from the respective TVCatchup apps complain they’re getting an error right now and the website isn’t working either at the moment. Because we’re talking about a program that has had numerous legal issues over the past decade, and since the organization that recently funded the project was dissolved only two months ago, TVCatchup is most likely to have had it. In 2015 the company was ordered by the High Court of Justice in London to continue with the liquidation and subsequent appeals were rejected. In the nine years that followed August 2017, the then director Bruce Pilley was barred from being a director at the company during failing to comply with the order and hiding the fact from creditors and loans. At the same time the European Court of Justice ruled that the CDPA 1988 covered solely cable networks and was therefore not applicable to the service of TVCatchup. All of these blows still had no impact on the service’s activity which kept going oddly. That’s until recently when the service has gone offline, leaving the millions of Android and iOS users in frustration. There is no official body offering any assistance for the operation of the apps and the website is barely online with no working links. TVCatchup doesn’t seem to have a team for their socials either so there’s no response to numerous Twitter user comments either. Our take from the situation is that TVCatchup is over and was a stretch anyway to take it so far. Hello. Downloaded the app to my iPhone and it worked fine for a couple of weeks then suddenly it starts saying “download unavailable please try again later” it’s been a couple of weeks now and it still doesn’t work! Would you help me out please?! @TVCatchup — Justin Lau (@JLau8280) April 29, 2019