Trendy mens short haircuts

Despite the coming of many other hairstyles, the short haircuts for men will always be in style. For many reasons, the short haircut is the most preferred hairstyle for men worldwide. Top of the list is that its very easy to maintain and wash this hairstyle. Some factors are because it is considered sexy and also because many styles of short haircuts are available to choose from.

Simple Casual

Simple Casual look is, for good reason, a classic haircut. Often this style is compared to the cut look of the back, and you can get it through a styling cream or a little gel and a simple comb. For easy maintenance, if you get the cut you can keep your hair short on the sides and longer top hairs.

Buzz Cut

Young men prefer cutting to make them look cool and fresh, which is why the Buzz Cut is popular with younger men. This style is cut with electric clippers, making it easy for the wearer to hold hair without getting too close to the scalp.

Modern Punk

This cut takes a cue from the hairstyles of the 90s and some from 80. This cut adds a modern touch to this gone by styles, however, and thus ensures that you get an excellent cut. It has a spiked top with very similar shavings on the edges. To maintain the hair height throughout the day, keeping gel is also necessary.

Taper Cut

This cut is intended for people with thick hair as it involves thick hair on the top, which decreases in length on the back and sides. Although due to its versatility, this is one of the most requested styles, it is also one of the most demanding because if not properly maintained, it can easily go wild.

Sharp angles

Trying with your hair something out of the ordinary often leads to an interesting haircut. You might try something like a triangle that will give your cut sharp edges instead of using the traditional square or rounded nape. Sharp angled cuts add some appeal to the haircut of a man and better yet anyone can try this cut regardless of the shape of their face and style of hair.

Front Focus Cut

If you are self-conscious with your forehead or for whatever reason, then the front focus is the perfect cut for you. While keeping things discreet, this cut is enjoyable and it still manages to cover your forehead. In this cut, your heads sides and back are closely rasped and left at the top for longer hair. To cover the forehead, the hairs at the top are then curled and brushed forward.

Soft and smoky

In addition to just getting a good haircut, you can use hair dye to spice things up further. The perfectly cut hair in this style is further enhanced with a smoky gray color. You should keep things dark at the roots and lighter at the ends in order to add dimension and texture to your medium hair. Its important to note that if you get a god cut, the air will only look nice.

Smart Style is a tailor-made haircut that looks fresh and modern. The explanation for this is that on top the hair will have longer lengths and on the sides and back a combination of shorter styles. This cut is very flexible because with smoothing lotion it can be left wild or styled. For men with triangular, square or oval facial shapes, this style is good.
Around the world, there are many types of short haircuts. In fact, given that new ones are always being invented and old ones given new twists, it would be impossible to give an exact number to the types of short haircuts for men. The following, however, are some of the mens most popular short haircuts.

high and tight

One of the favorite military cuts is the high and tight cut, which involves very close shaving of the back and sides and then leaving a few shortly trimmed hairs at the top of your head. It can still work for most hair types, including curly hair, with this cut being very short.

Class Ponytail

This may sound rather odd, but with a ponytail you can still get a short haircut style. You need to keep the top hairs thick and long and the sides clean shaven or faded in order to wear this look. In the upper part, you can pull the long hair into a ponytail when the weather is hot or when you want to tie your hair together a little bit more. In order to bring that maturity look associated with a ponytail, the facial hairs should also be cleanly and slightly trimmed.

Very Short Sides

Using different hair lengths in any haircut adds some width and texture to your hair, but it is important to know the right size for each hair section, especially for this form of haircut. The sides of this cut are very short, but theyre not very close to the scalp as well, so theres still a lot of hair left on the sides. To men with thick and straight hair, this style is perfect, and you can add some scruff with some sleek facial hair in this shape.

Buzz Cut

The buzz cut is a longer induction cut version and is clamped with the number one knife. Although it can be worn and still look good on any ethnicity, it is more popular with Latinos and African Americans. A well-cut burr should be sufficiently discreet to avoid drawing attention away from the features of your eyes. For a more formal look, this cut is ideal, but you can still wear it for a casual look.


Mohawks were very popular in the 1980s, and this popularity appears to have returned in recent years. Today, however, the Mohawks come in a more modern look and different variations. This haircut is known in the middle for the signature hair strip that can be as thick or thin as you want. It can be worn by people of all face shapes and hair types due to the versatility of this cut.

Boastful Bouffant

The use of a round brush to build hair volume is an effective technique to dissimulate mens thinning hair strands. To get a heightened look that will go a long way to boost your confidence despite your thin strands, hold the hair up with a spray. Because they can also show youre balding, the sides and back should be shaved closely.

Butch Cut

Butch Cut is often thought to be the same as a very short buzz cut, but most professional barbers will tell you that both haircuts are quite different. With the clipper guards on to , the butch cut is built or shaved and then given a touch of scissors. And because of its low maintenance, it is one of the standard military haircuts.

Caesar haircut

Caesar haircut is perfect or appropriate for men or boys with large foreheads or long faces. It is also a perfect hairstyle for people with premature balding as it moves the hair forward and thereby detracts attention from the bald or sparse patches. Generally, the haircut of Caesar involves leaving longer bangs on top to protect the forehead.

Undercut Variations

Undercuts have been in style for many years now, and all signs suggest that many people continue to love them. Besides the fact that undercuts fit well for almost all face shapes and hair densities, another explanation that men like them is that they come in many variants, and you can even come up with your own variety of undercuts.

Disconnected Curved Phase

People with medium textured hair are the perfect candidate for this haircut, which takes on a whole new level of creativity. The sides are shaved cleanly to make the hair and beard separate, but whats more interesting about this cut is that its curved into a V at the back.

Long layers

This look means that the lower layer of the hair is very close and the upper layer is long. The next step is to brush back long top hair so that the shorter hair can be hidden. As a result of combining short haircut with a certain size, it gives you a global look. For people with thick hairs, cutting long layers is best.

Creative haircuts

This is a simple haircut when you look at it, but it takes a lot of work to perfectly pull it out. This requires the application of graduated thicknesses. The heaviest or thickest hair is up, followed by a shorter cut in the middle section and finished with a very narrow cut down. To get this cut right, you must make sure that from the closeness of their slice, the three different levels are easily identifiable.

Angular Fringe

The angular fringe is obtained with tapered sides, and the top hair remains long and cut at an elegant angle. Over the past few years, this short men haircut has been popularized by models and can be worn by men of all facial forms. Its the best suits for men around the face, though. This styles most important element is the angle cut, so make sure your barber gets it right.

Short Fauxhawk

Getting older doesnt mean you dont give up on short haircuts because you still have nice ones to try like the Fauxhawk. This style is particularly suitable for older men with thinning hair as it adds texture to your hair and draws attention from any weakness you may have in the hair style.

Side-Swept Undercut

Perhaps the most impressive variant of the famous undercut is the side-swept undercut. This cut has been popularized in various movies by actors, and in most red carpets you can be almost sure to spot it. Trim your top hair to medium length on top and have the undercuts on the sides to accept this style.

Fade haircut

Only the lower half of the head is shaped in this cut, while the top part is slightly trimmed and shaped, but the hair remains longer than the sides and back. There are many types of fade to choose from, and for all hair types and face shapes, all but a few look great. Natural, high, and mid-tier fade are the most common types.

Cropped and Curly

People with curly hair prefer long hairstyles because they think their curly hair will not look nice. This may be true to some degree as most short haircuts limit curls and cause them to develop unevenly. This cut accentuates your curves, however, rather than stifling the shine of your hair. While giving you a stunning shaved and curly look, this cut will not mess with your curls natural growth pattern in the more prominent top of your head.

Short back and sides

Short and back sides are usually part of other mens haircuts and the top hairs usually longer are more centered. The center of attraction, though, is the sides and back in this cut, and so this is where the barber focuses his attention most. What sets this cut out of the rest is that it gradually sweeps over your head and tapers to a tip from the top hairs front.

All Even Cut

This is a simple cut in which all the hair in your head is cut to the same length to give you a more professional or formal look. Your personal preferences decide the height of the head, but in most cases it is cut to the sideburn point. It is a look that is suitable for round men who prefer basic haircuts.

hipster haircut is popular among adult men and adolescents. Defining this style is not at all easy because it can take several forms and is a combination of different classic cuts in most cases. But, if you want a perfect hipster style, the trick is to mix several styles of cuts to try and make it weirder.

31Shaved Sideburns

Rasped sideburns make a statement, and combining them with a perfect short haircut will give you the beauty you like. The sideburns were added in the cut in this style to give you a basic yet unique look. While this cut looks great on men of all ages, it is more commonly worn in their early twenties by young men as they are not afraid to experiment with different styles.

The Ivy League haircut

This style is a classic polished look that almost everyone tries at some point with the top side and the sides sliced down. In this style, the barber uses hair cutting scissors and adds on the sides a simple taper to give the hair a formal look without too much hassle. For men with medium thick hair and any face shape, this cut is more suitable.

Scruffy and Slick

In the last two years there have been many common haircuts, but very few of them can equal this cuts success. This cut features short sides and a longer neck, and you can wear it in so many ways while keeping your everyday look strong. The smooth and scruffy style is ideal for people of all shapes and densities of thick hair.

Shaved Art

People are afraid to play with mens haircuts and try not to be too new in most situations, but to try different things is how to get a great short haircut. Shaved sculpture on the sides of your head is one way to try something else. Leave the top with longer hairs and create a fun pattern for you by the barber. For beautifully sculpted facial hair, you can finish this look.

Straight and Wavy Shag haircuts

Shag haircuts are perfect for men who want to distract attention from certain physical characteristics. If you get a professional barber who understands shag haircuts to make the cut, you can pull this look with any type of hair. The good idea is to have a messy layered hair as it looks much better and more trendy.

Brushed Up

While this style still qualifies as a short haircut, the hair is longer than in most other cuts. At the back and sides, though, the hair is shorter than at the top of your head. But with a bit of creativity, this hairstyle can still be adopted for shorter hair. Quick to style, this haircut is suitable for people with any type of hair and face shape.

Simple Black Fade

The best hairstyles and haircuts that are not overdone are more often than not, and there is no better way to explain that than by using simple black fade. This is a low-fade cut, complemented by a crisp hairstyle on the face. Some people find it heavy, but for businessmen, its a nice look. For African Americans with any face shape, this haircut is best.

The Disconnected Pompadour

Men Pompadour has been around for some time now and is one of the fashionable hairstyles at the moment. The hair is faded on the sides of the detached pompadour or closed near and fading on the edges. To complete this look, the top is held long and voluminous. On Latino, Asian and Caucasian guys, this style looks fine.

Comb Back Curly

If you know how to do it or with the help of a good barber, a simple hair trim and a comb can also give you an amazing haircut. This style, however, is a preservation for people with short curly hair. For this style, the top hair is slightly trimmed and the sides shaved, then the top hairs are combed backwards to complete the look.
Crew Cut

There are a number of ways to cut the crew, and this may be one of the main reasons why men love it. The most common cut is where the hair remains long at the top and fades in the sides and back to the same level of the facial hairs connected. Men with rounder faces should go to cut the crew. These men should also have the barber left a longer hair at the top to frame their faces, as this makes them look slimmer.

Slicked Back

Sliced back holds the hair at the top long and the sides short, and its great for a guy who doesnt want a lot of hair hassle. It works well with all types of hair and face shape, but in this cut it seems that men with round faces look better. Another benefit with a slicked back is that when you feel like it, you can play around with your look.

Modern Boys haircut

On boys and men of different ages, perfectly sculpted hairstyle always looks amazing. The trick in this haircut, though, is to concentrate equally on the facial hair and the top of your face. Through applying some styling gel or pomade to spike the front of the top hair, you can also become more imaginative. This style can be worn by people with any type of hair, but in this haircut, people with a round face look much better than those with an angular face.

Induction Cut

Induction cut is a military cut and one of todays shortest half cuts. While most people prefer this cut when enlisting, if done correctly, it can still be a trendy cut. Its very easy to maintain, but because of its no-nonsense look, most men seem to prefer it, and its suitable for all types of face and hair.

Short Afro

Short Afro hair or dread is popular with black men because with little effort most of them can look great in this style. You can make the afro shorter at the top and fade the sides and back for this cut, or you can give it a uniform size overall. While many African Americans sport this style, for those with rounded heads and those with an enviable natural curl, it looks more exceptional.

Cowlick hair

hair cowlicks may be frustrating, but if you work them properly, you can get an excellent look that women love. Coarse hair is the best hair for cowlick, but in most cases this style has to be combined with an undercut to trim excess thickness from your hair. Cowlicks can be difficult to handle, but a skilled and experienced stylist will educate you on how to manage it and how to use the right products.

Side part

This is a sexy look that can fit well for anybody, but it should have long enough hair to sweep on the sides. Side Part is the perfect cut for the man who is always in a hurry and has no time to make his hair look beautiful. For the side part, depending on what works best for you, you can choose either a left or a right part.