Tonya Maxine Harding


Tonya Maxine Harding is an American heritage. She was born in Portland Oregon, on the 12th day of November 1970. The former figure skater was born as Al Harding’s daughter and LaVona Golden she and her brother Karl Harding had been raised in Portland. Tonya has even won a few competitions and championships in the sports for a while, but her downfall came in 1994 when she conspired with her ex-husband Jeff to snap her skating rival Nancy Kerrigan’s legs to stop her from participating at the 1994 Winter Olympics. Her connivance’s repercussions were the denial of her championship title, and eventually her suspension from the US Figure Skating Association. It has been difficult for Tonya Harding to slip from proverbial grace to dirt. The ex-skating champ has been trying to find her high in other careers since her controversial departure from her revered role as a championship award winner. Harding has walked through three relationships on the love line. Her first marriage was to Jeff Gillooly who had made a living in the Oregon Liquor Control Commission’s distribution department. It’s important to note that it was Jeff who planned and carried out the crime against Nancy Kerrigan, Tonya’s skating competitor. The offense prevented Nancy from participating in the 1994 Winter Olympics and Jeff was jailed on finding him guilty of breaking the legs of the competitor.

Height and weight

5 ft 2 in 157 cm Weight 115 lb/52 kg



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Godswill Emmanuel 30 July 2020 Profile 2 Comments Rick Riordan Net Worth 2020 Education and Career Net Worth 2020 – Richard Russell Riordan Jr., better known as Rick Riordan, is the bestselling American author of the Percy Jackson and Olympians series in The New York Times.

On 5 June 1964 Richard Russell Riordan was born. Rick was born in the ravishing San Antonio Texas, and educated. He was a only child in the whole of Rick’s childhood.

Alamo Heights High was in attendance. He wrote in his school newspaper and his favorite book was Lord of the Rings. When he was younger Rick loved writing. He went to college at The University of Texas. Rick combined his English and History majors.


Rick started enjoying writing from a very young age. During teen years he made several unsuccessful attempts to print his short stories. Rick was named High School newspaper editor at school. Riordan did not take writing seriously until graduating from college and teaching in San Francisco. Haley, son of Riordan who had been diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia, had a strong interest in a subject his father taught Greek mythology. In second grade, then, Haley would often ask Rick to tell him stories inspired by Greek mythologies. Riordan quickly invented the character of Percy Jackson a twelve-year-old boy who accidentally learns he is the son of a Greek god in order to satisfy his son’s wish. Riordan started an inventive, beautifully constructed story of Percy’s quest to bring back Zeus lightning bolt to present-day America. Haley had asked him to write down the story as a book after Rick finished telling the story in three days. Not wanting to mislead his son Riordan had taken the time to write down the story. Riordan attributed some features of this disorder to Percy in demonstrating his respect and care for dyslexic children. Thus came into existence the world-famous Percy Jackson show by Riordan. Riordan also awarded the Big Red Tequila awards to Edgar Anthony and Shamus. Riordan has a number of other honors to his name too. Some of those include the Mark Twain Award for The Lightning Thief (2008) Mark Twain Award for The Sea of Monsters (2009) Rebecca Caudill Award for The Lightning Thief (2009) School Library Journal’s Best Book for The Red Pyramid (2010) Children’s Choice Book Awards: Writer of the Year (2011) and Children’s Choice Book Awards: Fifth Grade to Sixth Grade Book of the Year for The Red Pyramid (2011). Riordan is a five-series creator like Percy Jackson and The Heroes of Olympus The 39 Clues Series Tres Navarre Series and The Kane Chronicles. He is also the author of a standalone novel called Cold Springs, released in 2004. Rick Riordan currently resides with his wife and their two sons in San Antonio.