Tom Araya Net Worth 2020

Tom Araya Net Worth 2020 and Career Godswill Emmanuel January 22 2020 Celebrity Profile Tom Araya Net Worth 2020 and Career Net Worth 2020 – His contributions to music are amazing. He is none but Tom Araya.

He was born on 6 June 1961. His nationality is Chilean as he was born in Chile and his nationality is also American as he has worked in America. He was born in a place that lies in Chile called Vina del Mar. Speaking of his physical appearance, he looks like a tall man but at this time, his exact height is not visible. In 1995, he married Sandra Araya, and they welcomed two children, Ariel Asa and Tomas Enrique Araya.

Career He was an inhalation therapist who raised money to help Slayer release their first album. Although satanic imagery and the grisly subject matter were nothing new to the heavy metal realm (Venom Black Sabbath etc.) it wasn’t until Slayer came along in the early 80s that it was so thoroughly explored. Though the intense guitar riffing of the band and incredible double bass drumming were major ingredients of the band’s sound, it was the screaming vocal style of frontman / bassist Tom Araya and unsettling lyrics that set Slayer apart from the rest of the thrash metal group. His therapy work paid for the group’s first Show No Mercy record in 1983, and he quit his hospital job to tour with the band within two years. Most of his obsession with serial killers like Jeffrey Dahmer and Ed Gein has contributed several lyrics to the album. His song, The Insane’s Eyes won a Grammy Award. As of 2009, Slayer had sold over three million copies of their 10 studio albums. Araya underwent gall bladder surgery in 2006, delaying the tour and release of the band’s album. Its back surgery disrupted another Slayer tour four years later. He received keys to his hometown in 2011. Araya is considered by Hit Parader to be among the top 100 Greatest Metal Vocalists of All-Time

Net Worth

As of January 2020 Tom Arya’s total net worth is roughly $16 million.