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Dual Apple Tv Dongle to Compete With ChromecastAmazon currently dominates the TV dongle market with its inexpensive Fire Tv sticks that deliver a vast amount of content as part of its Prime service. On the other hand, Google’s Chromecast app depends at YouTube and other free content to attract the public. The Tv dongles are great investments for users with no smart TVs because they deliver a complete user experience with full user interface applications and more. Apple is just considering a portable streaming device and is in the process of brainstorming. If the tech giant finds the idea unattractive it may or may not go into further research and development. With the company losing out on the streaming market to Amazon Roku and many other companies it needs to pull something out of the hat to get a piece of the consumer pie. Their affordable price tags are one of the primary reasons people prefer portable streaming devices. You can choose one of the devices for $50 or less though Apple currently has no portable streaming devices available. Apple may also not put out a portable streaming device and choose to shift its streaming service into an online-only format. But if the device comes out at an attractive price point it will certainly have plenty of takers. Grip.