Thrilling Twist Braid Styles

Twists is a popular technique in black hair braids.

Big Long Twists

The longer the twists the more you’re going to make a point. Not sure if you’ll love the long, thick twists look? You can always undo the style and try something else ‘ on the bright side, so why not give it a go? Add color strands for an even more creative look in a few accent strands.

Mélange Graduated Twists

Take a wild side walk with a hue away from your God-given shadow. Use a mixed color to create a unique look. Beautiful windblown twists often have varying lengths and thicknesses, so consider styling your hair over your shoulders with twists thick and thinning.

Twisted Updo

If you love the look of your braids, but don’t want to be weighed down with all the hair, try to layer it up. Simply wrap braids on top of your head and use some strong hair pins to secure them. Twist braids are always in style and it’s a fun way to get them a little fancy.

Expressive Top Knot

Mega-long locks require a long style of twist that is ideal for any occasion. Gather half of your braids with a hair elastic in a top knot. Leave a long and free flow of the remaining braids. It can be combined with chunky accessories and bold makeup in this dramatic style.

Classic Twist Braids

Over the years, twist braid styles have certainly evolved, but the classic remains. Any black hair salon can create this decades-old style of weaving that has endured and continues to be popular today for generations.

Black Romantic Hair

If you have chances of having braids lately, you’d like to keep them in for a while, they can be costly! Keep them in and try one of many fancy twist hairstyles out there for an upcoming formal event instead of cutting your braids. Treating your hair as if wrapping your braided locks in a classic updo was smooth and untwisted.

Color twist

Flaunt braids with a color not given by Allah. There are plenty of hair colors for black hair that look amazing from some delicious honey caramel to an eye-popping burgundy.

Thick Sideswept Twists

Senegalese twist hairstyles work well on thick hair and can be placed in a fabric as well. The benefit of these chunky braids is that mounting them takes less time and less effort to keep them conditioned. Go for a maybe hot pink or lime green color pop to make things look fun and American.

Cascading Twist Braids

Senegalese twist styles are beautiful in any length but definitely worth a double take. Start with a regular, thick African twist and then decrease braid thickness as hair drops down. The thinner and thicker parts will blend beautifully when you lift and swirl those beautiful twists into a bun.

Messy Braids with Highlights

Black hair with beautifully polished braids does not have to be strictly limited. Instead, go with a twisted hairstyle that doesn’t worry about being a bit messy on the side. Tousled hair is now popular and this trend covers twist styles. To lighten the heaviness common with twists and braids, add some fun strategically placed highlights.

Super Long and Thick Twist Braids

If long, thick hair doesn’t give you headache, you can stop in the living room and get some mostly eye-catching twists that are as stunning as they are complex. The longer you choose the more impressive they are going to be. Twisted into a Senegalese theme, this is a hairdo that those blondes and gingers out there will not easily replicate!

Twisted Fauxhawk

Bring the twist braids to the next stage with a fauxhawk style that’s fun to wear and spectacular to see. Use this edgy, which is easily reversible when you have to appear more traditional to embrace the inner rebel in you.

Pompadour with a twist

Pompadours are fun to wear too, and can stretch a round face and soften solid facial features. This stylish front bump works with both short and long hair making it a state of flattering for everyone.

Long and loose braids

Big twist braids are perfect for hair that needs to be shown. Go for a long weave you can keep in for a long time, it’s more cost-effective and easier on the natural hair below.

Sideswept Twist Braids

Keep your twists in place with an asymmetric twisted side of hairstyle swept and secured to last the whole day. To keep things interesting, play around with different hair colors and beautiful hair clips.

Bun Twist

This twist style works well with thick hair and thinner side locks. On older women it’s even easier to flatter while on younger gals it’s still stunning. There’s no reason for you to go with a bun every time you need a change.

A Twist in Twist Braids

All these braids can get in the way as you go about your day, so keep it simple with a side twist that twists the twists. You follow? With a big clip or sturdy elastic, the hair can be pulled back secured.

High Ponytail Braided Style

This may be very diverse when it comes to hair twists. But a high ponytail is definitely the way to go if you’re looking for something fun young and sporty. Collect all or part of your twists and secure some thick elastic that matches the color of your hair.

Braid Beads

Some bling is beneficial for both large and small twist styles. Use diamonds or other embellishments in hair beads to keep things up to date and a little on the fancy side.

A weave of color

In addition to natural hair braids, there are many benefits of weaving. The weaving tends to be very bright and luminous, and it also gives you the opportunity to add any color to your natural hair without causing damage. A shade of caramel hair color is used as an accent in this woven hairstyle.

Curly Twist Braids

Most of the twist types are long and straight but not always the case. Consider bringing some fun curls with some blonde streaks into your hairdo. The end result is as special as it is for you.

High Twisted Bun

Finally, if you just need to get your hair up and out of your face on a warm summer day or during morning workout, twist your braids into thick sections and then put them all together in a bun that is angled high enough to be away from the neck.

Multicolored Twist Hairstyle

In addition to a stunning twist style, a color can sometimes make a difference in the world. Bring drama and elegance to your fashion by adding some contrasting color strands while retaining the natural dark hue for others.

African Inspired Hair Twists

African nations ‘ women are known for their glamorous intricate and realistic hairstyles. Embrace an African hairstyle Western world version with thick long twists matching many heads and styles of hair.

Twisted Bun

Twist braids don’t always flow freely you can sometimes keep twists with a low bun in place. Have you been tired of your natural afro or want something that makes hair a little longer? Large as well as small twists look great down or up.

Large twists with embellishment

Dark long hair has a distinct advantage of being able to display truly amazing hair embellishments. Try blinging a golden hair or a brightly colored scarf. From flowers to jewelry barrets, anything you’re in the mood is sure to look perfect.

Ways to Style Twists

Although dramatically long twists are sometimes super gorgeous, they are not conducive to fun activities such as swimming. If you want to cool off without losing the state of your perfectly coifed, pull them up into a half bun ponytail or top knot.

Redhead twisted

Add some glitter to your twists to breathe new life into a slightly heavy hairstyle. You will get a beautiful, summer-inspired look when twisting both shades together for a unique look that can not be easily duplicated.

Kinky Twists Style

Customize your asymmetric twisted hairstyle on the base of angled cornets and twists. With the zigzag pattern set with the braids, the twists lay down to the bottom in a natural state.

Long Twists In Golden Blonde

Twists with eye-popping color can be accentuated. When the golden blonde on top blends underneath with the dark brown, you get a fabulous shadow effect that looks unusual and special in twisted hairstyles.

Two Strands Twist Hairstyle

Twists differ from braids as twists only use two rather than three strands. Twists are a great choice as they can vary in texture and length of thickness and last for weeks. If you’ve never twisted your hair before considering it next time you’re going to the salon, it’s less popular than braids and still just as stunning.

Long Twists Styling

Take a cue from the islands and let your twists be inspired by the ocean. Kinky ends a side part and some large flower decorations will make your hair feel like a romantic island that’s perfect for summer a luau or a fun photo shoot with friends. jpg” />

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A Shaved Style Dramatic Hair

Big braid twist hairstyles are unique and beautiful. One way to adjust your hairstyle is to use an untypical color for twists. So adding to some nape shaved models will only enhance the originality.

Long Twist Braids

Big thick and dramatic a really cool way to rock long twists without too closely conforming to your peers. Don’t be shocked if you’re a trend setter when others start duplicating your fun and free look.

Creatively twisted updo

This twisted updo uses thick braids and some serious strength with plenty of volume and fun color pop. This updo is full of personality, fun to wear at a fancy event or just when you don’t want to deal with long hair.

Long Twist Braid Ponytail

Take a strong elastic and pull your hair up and away from your face when you’re in the office or on the beach or anywhere in between! When you’re trying to get things done, thick long twists can be tedious and a quick pony can work wonders.

Tiny Intricate Twists

While the end result of tiny twist braids in the salon is certainly more time-consuming, it’s really beautiful. A multi-directional updo brings a touch of glamor to your look when taking them down.

Senegalese Twist Styles

Add some suspense and scale to your Senegalese twists with a contrasting strand that springs from a collected theme. Paired with shaved sides and nape the look in the neighborhood will make a splash.

Collected Kinky Twist Braids

Pull hair up into a messy bun as easily with braids or twists as with undone hair while pulling off a completely different effect! Any length of braids can be worked into an updo, but moderate twists always work best. In your range, you can also add a variety of styles from braid chignons and ponytails.

Big Twist Braids

Big twist braids are beautiful and fun to wear with lengths that seem to last forever. Using two high ponytails to pull your twists and let them fall long and loose. jpg” />

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Senegalese Two-Tone Twists

If you want a rest from having to handle kinky puffy and wild hair, get these perfect Senegalese twists. They are quickly styled into a half-updo fancy high bulky chunky braid bun or a sweet easy pony.

Thick and stunning

If you love your natural hair but want something else, check out the thick braids on the shoulders and tucked under for added body and natural look.

Extra Long Purple Rope Twists

Extra long twists will quickly become your look’s main attraction, particularly if you choose an interesting color. Dark purple is the right choice. It’s close to the color of your natural hair but it gives a cool tint. Sweeping to one of your rope twists said you’ve got a trendy hairstyle already. Remember that you need separate eye-brows if you want to curl the rock string. Otherwise you will get an impression that your face is heavily weighing twists.

Asymmetric Headband Braid From Thin Senegalese Twists

This is a beautiful hairstyle that you can easily do with thin Senegalese twists. A decorative feature of this hairstyle is the asymmetric headband braid, which also serves a practical function. It holds the twists freely hanging and fixes them in a kind of simple and cute low-side pony!

Messy Twisted Updo

Glossy twist extensions conceal fragile natural hair from exposure to hostile agents and give you wonderful styling choices as you grow your hair. You can braid them into a statement fishtail braid or gather them in a chic ponytail with a big messy bun updo.

Twisted-In Colorful Dread Locks

Looking at this picture, no one is likely to deny that well-kept dreadlocks are a beautiful view. You will come up with an exquisite hairstyle that will never be associated with anything extreme by styling twist braids neatly into a trim bun. In addition to the unusual twisting pattern, it draws attention instantly and makes you go wow! And that’s what I want!

Compact Braided Bun

This glamorous look is created with twisted-in extensions providing a great color texture and style flexibility as your natural hair develops. This one features a compactly twisted tight braided bun around a ponytail.

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