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ByBill Toulas-August 26, 2019.1065 During the latest Black Hat, a corporation seeking to promote a revolutionary form of encryption encountered fraud and slander. During the presentation the participants caused a stir and then defamed Crown Sterling on social media. The organization is now suing the Black Hat organizer and several members of the audience for defaming the sponsorship deal and breaching it. Crown Sterling charged Ubm $115,000 to present hackers at the Black Hat conference with their new product called “Time Ai,” marketed by the company as the “next-gen” unbreakable encryption based on the sequence of quantum technology polygons Ai-composed music Fibonacci and many more factors. At the same time the presentation defined all traditional static encryption methods as outdated and inherently dangerous. Crown Sterling claims that Time Ai is virtually unbreakable not only by today’s technical standards and resources but by any future tech and knowledge as it can also auto-adapt to protect itself against unlocking attacks. Such admittedly bold claims have not resonated very well with other experts in cryptography who attended the Black Hat presentation and some of them expressed their opposition to the arguments of Crown Sterling right then and there. Take for example Dan Guido Ceo of Trail of Bits who was removed from the room by Teserakt’s founder Jean-Philippe Aumasson and a Ph.D. nominee at the University of Leeds, Mark Carney. Since several hackers booted the presentation of Crown Sterling and called Time-Ai “snake oil” things didn’t go as the cryptography company wanted, because they were heavily defamed. They assume that the reaction of the audience was the natural result of providing them with something very creative and also the anticipated resistance that comes from rivals in the industry who would do anything to avoid the introduction of a disruptive technology. Hey! Security at Blackhat removed me from the room. — Dan Guido (@dguido) 8 August 2019 Except that I am not here. We really don’t like frauds and snake-oil vendors in the computer security sector and we make a point of hopefully calling them out in ways that reach outside our culture. Now the company wants to determine the approval of monetary damage compensation at the requested trial and all the additional relief measures that the court deems appropriate and just for this case. The audience’s “does” that booted during the presentation will face defamatory charges, too. For those interested in figuring out whether Crown Sterling’s Time Ai is really “snake oil” or not, I’ll give you a detailed explanation review of this encryption method and its limitations from the company. It is yours to draw conclusions.