The Top 19 Men’s Hairstyles

For any guy to find their body, the number one thing is their lifestyle. I often ask people what their routine is and how much time they spend on their hair or want to spend on it. I’m making my recommendations from there. As far as the face is concerned, I think the hair of men is simple to keep it straight! Square is male and feminine is round. It’s more than anything else to do with lifestyle. I love lots of length and pompadours, and that kind of stuff, but some guys would hate styling it. My main beauty advice is to make sure that you wet your hair and dry it at least towel to move it in the direction. Use a matte clay or dry pomade in style once the hair is dry. It’s all I use and sell, I love Reuzel. This look is intended for their white bowl, which is a matte clay.

A with Freelance stylist in Bristow Va I’d describe this look as a classic taper sides or a haircut for businessmen. His flexibility is my favorite thing about it. You have the choice for a hard part as it is photo-styled or without which a more laid-back look can be produced. This look is ideal for people with minimal upkeep looking for a sleek and fresh theme. With just a small item, it can be done. For my guest, Pomade was used to help control the hard part and add shine. If you style wet hair, a mousse or gel would work as well. This look fits many face shapes hair types and lifestyles and can be altered by choosing a tighter fade in the back or a longer top to fit each individual.

Right Hard Rockstar

If you deal with stubborn curls, blow waving is not necessary. Personally, I’m more a fan of letting your hair do its own thing as I think the product is just the sprinkles on the cake. This men’s haircut with curly hair would look awesome without any product, so the customer feels confident about it. This haircut does not discriminate in terms of face shapes, although a straight square jawline will turn the heads. All in all this look is for men who like a short, sleek, crispy, clean hairstyle in the early mornings as they get ready for work.

Cosmetologist Side Swept Hair with Taper Fade

A This is a very modern look. It’s a good mix of leaving it on the sides long and fading extremely short on the ends. This haircut is great for people with thinning hair because it enhances the appearance of hair volume due to the extra length on both the top and sides. I love this look for men with thinner hair as well as medium thickness!

Smooth Clean Textured Hair Cut

A with Licensed Barber Stylist This is a smooth, clean look that allows for a bit of fun on top. While I still love a good fade, the textured top is what I really like about this style. My favorite to cut is a textured layer. Perhaps it’s the sensation of splitting it all up into the system and messin! A textured top is enjoyable and yet ordered scattered. It really brings a hairstyle that gives it an attitude and personality. When you want a look like this to be ready with your preferred finishing material (a clay or paste works great) and be prepared to be wowed by the simplicity and shortened styling time. It’s a coiff no-muss no-fuss that’s perfect for that guy who doesn’t like spending time brushing his hair. Just mess it up and be out of your house. Easy as 1-2-3! Mohawk Fade

A with Barber How are you going to describe this look and what is your favorite?

A with Barber How are you going to describe this look and what is your favorite? This is a rasped fade medium straight razor with a natural side section. The simplicity and cleanliness of the look it offers the customer is my favorite part of this look. I used Suavecito Firme Pomade here, but with Tip Top Pomade and/or Shiner Pomade you can also achieve this feel. Because of their water-soluble base and because they give the wet look without harming or giving the scalp dandruff, I highly recommend all these products. On any client with an oblong oval or diamond-shaped head, this looks good. Thick or thin hair customers can rock this look, but thinner hair customers get an extra clean look. I get a lot of customers requesting this look and I love cutting their hair because it doesn’t matter what you do or how you dress you’re going to look new at all times.

A with Barber How are you going to describe this look and what is your favorite? With a number two on top, this look is a quick fade. It’s almost a slice of buzz, but not entirely. I love it the way it blends in with the top of the hair that makes the face of the client more definitive. With a strong pomade or even with a clear gel like Johnny B, this look can be done. I can also build this fade where no product is required and it looks dry. Less is more at times! This is definitely a low-maintenance hair for guys. For this sort of slice, a slimmer face structure is much preferred. This would be best suited for any man who wants a clean-cut look that gives a great first impression.

A with Barber How are you going to describe this look and what is your favorite? This is a bald fading of the low hair. The mixing is my favorite thing about this. To guys who want to keep it short, this style is a nice clean cut.

Bring the hair to the middle and brush the standard fake mohawk. Hair Type

Bring the hair to the middle and brush the standard fake mohawk. Hair Type