The Top 11 Long Hairstyles

8. Big Hollywood Beauty

This style is made up of very long, heavily layered beauty. It was also tapered around the eyes, leaving layers that accentuate the chin and the cheeks. There’s a beautiful long side swept peek-a-boo fringe that shortens a very oval or long face’s appearance. ‘

How to 1. Using thermal spray after the hair has been cleaned towel. 8. With a big round brush and blow dryer, smooth and bend. 3. Use a big curling iron or hot rollers to curl the entire head. 4. Finger comb out a little bit of the curls. 5. Apply a workable spray of hair and mist some spray of light. Bumble’s Styling Lotion Loreal’s Great Shimmer Shine Spray Infinium Premium Keep Working Hairspray Loreal’s Best Face Form Hair Type: this cut is perfect in any face shape. With the layers and bangs, it softens the appearance of an oval face. This style works best with medium to fine hair that is really long. Tips: You can mix hairspray and spray to make a hair drink with your hands and apply it gently. Start with a little at all times because you can always add more. Don’t pinch the curls all the way because you want to hold the ringlets. 6. Simple Sleek Shag

A long shag with a long swept fringe on the sexy side. ‘
Light layering of romance

2. Mermaid Shag

This is a flirtious long haircut with nice, short textured side bangs. ‘

This is a style that really emphasizes the hair curl and wave with all the layers within and around the haircut. The style’s width accentuates the cheekbones as the bangs soften an oval-shaped face. The

Apply a curling or curling mousse and use your blow dryer 2 to soften it. Diffuse the hair while holding your head upside down and then flip over the hair until almost all the moisture is out so that the hair is full of bounce. 2. Apply a bit of beach finishing spray (Bumble’s Surf Spray) and send the hair a gentle scrunch to calm it down and push in the curls. 2. To keep the style set, apply a small amount of hairspray throughout. Best Face Shape Hair Type: This is a lovely haircut that looks best on any texture’s curly and wavy hair. Tips: If you have straight hair, you can acquire this style after a good dry blow with a medium size curling iron. After softly combing your hair and applying a workable hairspray and serum to detail the style with your hands.


1. The next door of the girl

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