The Shadow of the Kingdom – Movie The Shadow of the Kingdom

The special agent Ronald Fleury (Jamie foxx) and members of his elite team – the explosives expert Grant Sykes (Chris cooper), the forensic Janet mayes (Jennifer garner) and the intelligence analyst Adam leavitt (Jason bateman) – are sent on a secret five-day trip to locate a terrorist cell that planned an attack against an American company in the Middle East.

Upon reaching the desert kingdom, the agent Fleury and his team realize that the local authorities regard them as intruders in an internal affair.
Hand and foot bound by protocol, they watch time pass as their Saudi colleagues try to track down the terrorist.

Fleury and the colonel Al ghazi (Ashraf Barhom), charged with protecting Americans, share the same opinion.
While helping the team of Fleury Navigating the politics of the country and untangling the tangle of the crime scene, they discover the existence of an extremist cell, whose sole purpose is destruction.