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Christina Montford More Articles 15 January 2020 Grey’s Anatomy has given viewers more than its fair share of heart attacks throughout the television show. It takes just watching a couple of Grey’s seasons to know it’s not like other series. You can rest assured that the principal characters are healthy in most shows. We will not be punished for being too important to the plot. Figure 1 Justin Chambers Kelsey McNeal / ABC via Getty Images Offstill goes the main characters died or were written. For season 16 we were down to just four of Meredith Grey Alex Karev Miranda Bailey and Richard Webber’s original cast Members. Now it looks as if we will lose one more. But can the series endure the departure of another principal character?

Why does Justin Chambers have to quit this show? Grey’s Anatomy has invented the idea of getting a “friend.” No matter what someone gets you and who’s there for you. In the start Cristina Yang was the individual of Gray. After moving away the position went to Karev. But now Grey’s going to lose him as well as Justin Chambers who plays Karev has just revealed he’s going to leave the series. His raisonnement? He’s just ready to do something new. “There’s no good time to say goodbye to a series and character that has shaped so much of my life over the past 15 years, he said to Deadline in a statement. However I have been aiming to diversify my acting roles and career choices for some time now. And as I turn 50 and get blessed with my extraordinarily supportive wife and five wonderful kids now is that moment. “But with his departure, he doesn’t burn any bridges. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Grey’s Anatomy Official (@greysabc) on November 13, 2019 at 9:00 a.m. PST “When I move on from Grey’s Anatomy I would like to thank the original cast members of the ABC Shonda Rimes family Ellen Pompeo Chandra Wilson and James Pickens and the rest of the talented cast and crew both past and present and, of course, the fans for an incredible trip.” How are justin chambers going to be written? The Grey’s producer Shonda Rhimes is the queen of stories. And she leaves no plot of any character just hanging open. So, she writes them out when people want to leave the show. Such sudden ends involve ordinary things like characters leaving for a new job or seeking a relationship and devastating endings like George o ‘ Malley’s death or Derek Shepherd’s death. So how to write down Karev? Well he’s always obviously been. The last time we saw Karev on the show he was going out of town to look after his mother. Now, he probably won’t come back from the outing.Why Apple Is The Hottest Wearable Brand

Why Apple Is The Hottest Wearable Brand

Nathanael ArnoldGoogle+Twitter More Articles December 19, 2014 7/7.252 Source: There is no doubt that the wearable technology industry will grow rapidly in the years to come. According to a recent report from market research firm CCS Insight shipments of different smart wearables in 2013 exceeded 9.7 million units and will cross 135 million units by 2018. While the overall wearable tech category includes everything from glasses to cameras, especially robust growth is expected in the smartwatch market segment. According to CCS Insight’s report smartwatches will rise from about 25 per cent of this year’s wearables market to over half of the market by 2018. That’s good news for Apple, a company that recently announced its own wearable tech wristworn gadget that will make its debut in early 2015. Although we won t know for sure how popular the Apple Watch will be until a recent customer survey conducted by independent market research firm Ipsos finally is available for purchase shows that Apple already has a significant advantage over its competitors. In an October survey Ipsos asked Americans what apparel brand they would be considering buying. 62 percent of consumers said they would consider buying an Apple wearable 44 percent listed Google and 43 percent mentioned Samsung, according to Ipsos ‘ report. Despite the fact that it has yet to release a wearable device, Apple was by far the most widely discussed brand. Google, on the other hand, has already made wearable industry inroads through third-party devices such as Motorola Mobility s Android Wear-powered Moto 360. Since September 2013, Samsung a company that has put on the market a half-dozen different smartwatch models has earned the least recognition among the top three brands mentioned. 7/7.253 7/7.253 Loic Venance / AFP / Getty Images Ipsos MediaCT Vice President Julia Roland said in our report that there are two key characteristics affecting consumers when shopping in the wearable room. First consumers are seeking a product which integrates seamlessly across devices. Laptops and tablets need quick communication and integration with smartphones. With this comes the question of trust and reliability in the brand. Seven in ten intenders say they will only pick a brand they trust. Such top companies in both respects will deliver in customer minds. Apple has a unique advantage over most other tech companies when it comes to smooth integration between its products and services by keeping tight controls on all aspects of its hardware and software. While seamless interaction has always been emphasized by Apple’s apps, the recent introduction of new Continuity features that allow product handoffs has now made the overall experience even more seamless for Apple users. Apple also has an edge over its competitors when it comes to its brand perception. Interbrand recently named Apple for second year in a row as the world’s most valuable brand. Due to the well-established reputation of the California firm as a luxury watch manufacturer customers are willing to embrace the Apple Watch even before they can get their hands on one. For all these reasons, Apple has created far more user interest over its unreleased Apple Watch than smartwatch veterans like Google and Samsung have been able to generate of their devices currently available. Based on the study results, it seems that next year’s biggest issue for Apple could be making enough Apple Watches to satisfy consumer demand. @ArnoldEtan WSCS

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