The Paradine Process – Movie The Paradine Process

Keane is a brilliant and well-known prestigious lawyer, happily married, who is hired to defend Mrs. Paradine, an attractive woman accused of having murdered, poisoned, her blind husband. Keane, despite being such a good professional, falls in love with his client, who does not take any effort to convince him of his innocence.

This causes Keane’s defense to be based only on love and not on reason. He doesn’t wonder if she’s innocent or not, he just considers her innocent because he loves her.

The film is in fact divided into two parallel stories. On the one hand, the dramatic triangle formed by the lawyer, his wife and his client. This has an ambiguous performance throughout the film, without the viewer knowing very well where he is going, not knowing whether he is guilty or innocent until the end of the film. And Keane’s wife, perfectly representing the woman who realizes that she is losing her husband because he has fallen in love with another woman.

On the other hand, the judicial process, with fantastic scenes in which, apart from the excellent performance of Gregoy Peck, the presence of the unforgettable Charles Laughton in the role of judge has a great weight.