The Otedola Femi

The Otedola Femi

Femi Otedola body and relationship status

What is marital status of Femi Otedola? Wie viele Kinder hat Femi Otedola? 4 Who is Married to Femi Otedola? Nana Otedola

Femi Otedola is Forte Oil Plc’s Nigerian businessman Philanthropist and oil trading supreme and the founder of various business sectors. Otedola falls under Africa’s 50 most powerful individuals. Femi was born in the Nigerian city of Ibadan Oyo State on November 4th 1962. From 1992 to 1993 his boss, Sir Michael Otedola, was governor of the state of Lagos. Otedola used to be a reverend but he took his route into the business stream. At the age of six, Femi started his business where he would try to clean the nails of my parents ‘ guests, named Femco. A bill would be taken out then he’d get his service charge. After founding Zenon Petroleum and Gas Limited, Femi later set up its oil business in 2003. He has spent a huge amount of over N15bn in infrastructure development. Within a year after the setup, he started supplying some of the top companies such as Cadbury Nigerian Breweries Nestle and Unilever.

Was he married to Femi Otedola? Who is the wife of him?

Femi has four children in all. Otedola has a daughter named Tolani, from his previous marriage, who is a singer. Figure 2 Image: Femi is a Dj and a music producer known as Dj Cuppy along with his children Florence. She also holds the position of ambassador of tourism for Nigeria. Whereas her sister Temi Otedola is a blogger and fashion designer aspiring to style. The youngest son Fewa also joins his father’s business. The family henceforth lives together in harmony without any talk of divorce. Also Read: Laura Garcia Bio Marriage Net worth Femi Otedola’s Bribery and Corruption Femi Otedola allegedly bribed the House Committee on Fuel Subsidy Regime’s Chairman Boniface Emenalo and Farouk Lawan with an amount of over $620000. Femi wanted to remove his company from the list of a company that was included to misuse fuel subsidy scheme. How much is a Net Worth Pay for Femi Otedola?Femi Otedola Philanthropy Otedola is a man of sagacity who does not hesitate to do charitable work. He has made many contributions for underprivileged Higher Education students to the Michael Otedola University Scheme. Divtionally, Otedola has contributed a total of over N200 million to the State Security Trust to reduce crime in Lagos, amounting to about $5523946. He also contributed N80 million / $2209578 to the University of Port Harcourt Faculty of Agriculture.