The Nail – Movie The Nail

“El clavo” is a famous Spanish production, directed in 1944 by Rafael Gil, who is also the author of the script with Eduardo Marquina. They were based on the novel of the same name by Pedro Antonio de Alarcón. They starred in the feature film, among others, Amparo Rivelles and Rafael Durán.

The film is set in the 19th century in Castile and tells us the story of a judge, Joaquín Zarco. He meets a young woman named Blanca and falls in love with her, being reciprocated and maintaining a passionate relationship.

The judge is assigned to another city, and, before leaving for his new destination, he asks Blanca to marry him, and she accepts. But already in the new White city she stops answering his letters and he loses track of her. The reunion will bring unexpected things and surprises.