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Dish Networks Development of the Blockchain Anti-Piracy ProgramByBill Toulas-January 13, 2020.1035 Blockchain networks are difficult to hack and corrupt with non-confirmable operations. This could be Dish’s next money-making trick, besides helping the industry fight piracy in general. Dish Networks the owner of Sling Tv’s Us-based TV provider and the infamous anti-piracy agency are back in the spotlight. According to recent reports, the Us patent office has just released it. The program definition speaks of a software or hardware facility co-used by content owners to claim control of content so that websites and utilities can quickly identify user uploads that violate copyright. That piece of content is given a unique identification code in the form of a watermark or any other appropriate type of fingerprinting technology. The identifiers will be connected to objects in a database where owners have access and authority to update the details, thanks to the proposed blockchain facility. Each such behavior would be called a blockchain transaction that benefits from the confirmation process underpinning such systems. Dish is aiming for a safe and easily accessible open service that will be decentralized and this makes perfect sense. There are so many programs and rightsholders out there so it’s important to create a single structure that would help everybody remain on the same page. Although this system looks great in theory we never saw one in practice so its usefulness remains a mystery. When Dish succeeds in bringing this project to fruition pirates can immediately start exploiting different methods to circumvent or trick it, which is difficult to do on blockchain systems. We still have a lot of steps to take before we can test it safely.