The happy moment was

The happy moment was packed with Sona Movsesian MarriageSona Movsesian and her marriage with Tak. Movsesian and Conan O’Brien’s ear to ear grin with bold Armenian dance moves. The perfect couple looked so in love and their loved ones enjoyed the air-filled night. For more than a decade Movsesian has worked as Conan’s assistant. After the 2015 episode of Conan from Armenia, the talk of Sona’s wedding came through. Sona Married Movsesian! Who is the husband of her?

On 25 August 2018 she tied the knot to a guy named Tak Boroyan. The couple have invited their friends and family to the beautiful wedding. The nuptials were packed with music and joyful Armenian rituals. Figure 1 Image: Sona Movsesian (right) with her husband Tak Boroyan (left) walking down the aisle For an episode of Conan with Borders Team Coco Sona and Conan traveled to Armenia in 2015. Since that episode, Movsesian has been gaining much fame in Armenia and the Usa. It was in that episode, Tak says, that he fell in love with Sona. They went to a matchmaker to find a suitable groom, but O’Brien dismissed each of them because they were not good for his beautiful assistant. He even commented on one guy who took his photo by squatting in the woods in particular. He said Who takes a shitting picture of himself in the woods?. Yet Movsesian found the right guy for her without his help, and got married. Description of Marriage … On the other side, Tak came in a dashing black suit and a tie for the bow to his wedding. Tak’s eyes sparkled like a diamond when he saw his bride. The couple exchanged wedding vows among themselves and the couple were announced husband and wife soon after as per Armenian tradition. Figure 2 Sona Movsesian walking down the aisle along with her father Tak and Sona decided to perform the marriage at a Montebello Armenian Church. The Movsesian’s big ear to ear smile will surely make any guy fall in love with her. Movsesian has a very pretty good personality she is funny honest and well serving her country more than that Sona. The Party Starts … Soon after being pronounced married the couple engaged in dancing with their loved ones before everyone. The party continued and everybody began enjoying every moment.Dont miss out with us for a moment.