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Google Home is now able to track your flight status and plan trips ByTechNadu Staff-April 15, 2017.035 Many of them know that the flight price has changed after checking the web browser many times. Google Home is now launching useful features to help you find low-cost flight tickets for better results. Today the apps revealed it has been updated to even track certain prices for any airline flights and warn you to the best deal. According to the report on the website of Google, you will have to toggle on the personal results of the speaker in order to obtain information on any current flights. Any details omitted from the Gmail address connected to your account used for setting up Google Home. To track flight prices, you don’t need to toggle on Personal Results. The new version enhances the features and also notifies you when the existing fare expires. You’ll be booking immediately after that, and save your money. The overall flexibility is if you ask a question, ‘ How many flights to the Uk will take in 3 weeks? “It can take a second to track those flight prices for you after you get that information. If the price goes down, your email or Google Now cards will alert you. You will quickly get all the details about your flight trip through Google Home. The route schedule details, or to find out what specific airlines are flying to the specific location.