Take Online Dating to the Next Level with Dating Apps

Photo by Andre Furtado from Pexels

Online dating is a familiar process to most people. They’ve either done it themselves, or they know someone who’s given it a try. While millions of users all around the world obviously think that dating sites are doing something right, it’s just not enough for some people.

That’s where dating apps come in. Instead of creating distance between matches by sticking with profile pictures and text-based chat, free adult chat sites let people meet face-to-face on video chats – where they can get up to all kinds of fun stuff. Thanks to much more permissive policies regarding user behavior and content, people are free to explore a wide range of activities with their matches.

Dating apps are especially attractive to people who like having online chats as part of the dating experience. But what about some of the other advantages? Below are the most important ways you can benefit from using an adult dating site – and yes, that definitely includes video chats.

It’s easier to verify someone’s identity.

All dating sites have a scammer problem to some degree – it’s a fact of life. However, it’s a lot tougher to pull off a typical romance scam when video chats are a part of the platform. Sure, people still pretend to be someone else, and identity theft is still a risk. But at least it’s harder for a scammer to pose as a Brazilian supermodel in financial distress.
People don’t just scam for money, though; catfish scams are usually done for attention instead. Different problem, same solution – if you can talk to someone via video chat, you’ll know that they really are the same person as in their profile.

A quick note: depending on the dating website, your profile may or may not include details like your full name, general location, age, etc. If someone you’ve matched with starts asking about the personal information that’s not listed on your profile, avoid giving direct answers; this could be an attempt to steal your identity. Just like with regular dating sites, dating apps have some scammers mixed in with genuine users, so it’s best to be on the lookout for suspicious behavior.

You don’t have to be good at expressing yourself through the written word – and neither do the people you match with.

Have you ever tried to connect with someone through text or email, only to find yourself littering the messages with emojis just so you don’t sound like you’re insincere or bored to tears? Emojis have their place, but you can only use so many before looking like a total cheeseball.

That’s why video chats can really help you connect with someone you’ve matched with online. As long as you’re comfortable communicating through video chats in the first place, you’ll find it much easier to express yourself without second-guessing every word.

Video chats don’t just let you talk more freely; you’ll also be able to learn more about your date. You don’t have to be an expert at reading body language in order to tell whether or not someone likes you. It’s one thing to get a message that says “nice meeting you”, but it’s another thing to see the other person actually saying it.

Video chats also tend to speed up online relationships. You know how a picture is worth a thousand words? Just imagine how many words a video chat is worth! Maybe there isn’t a precise conversion rate yet, but you get the picture.

You can have actual dates without having to meet in person.

This is where you can get creative. Just because you aren’t both going to a certain place doesn’t mean you can’t have a real date. Dates don’t just involve being in the same place; they involve doing the same things together, which is easy to do over a webcam. All it takes is a little planning, just like any other date.

What are the options? Maybe you could watch a movie together, but from the comfort of your own homes. Try exchanging lists of your favorite movies – start with the top five. The other person gets to pick from your list and vice versa, and you go through each other’s lists as a couple. Pro tip: have plenty of amazing snacks on hand, just in case any of the movies suck.

If one of you really wanted to impress your date, arrangements could be made for flowers and food from a top-rated restaurant to be delivered. You could both dress to the nines, light some candles, and eat a meal together while making romantic small talk. There are loads of free or cheap date ideas, and that’s great, but if all goes well you’ll eventually want to expand past a budget of $5.

Guess what else those virtual dates can include?

You probably didn’t even have to guess. For obvious reasons, one of the most popular aspects of some online dating apps is that they allow sexual content. This is one of the biggest differences between regular and adult online dating sites, and what a difference it is!

Even though it’s possible for genuine relationships to be had entirely online, there’s a certain closeness that’s implicit with anyone you’ve dated in-person– and for some, that lack of proximity is a plus. Online dating has a lot fewer strings attached, and it’s much easier to find someone who doesn’t want or expect absolute loyalty. Just like there are all kinds of relationships in the real world, people can find just about any match they’re looking for on an adult dating site, including those who are just interested in quick flings.
Does this sound like it could be a good next step in your online dating life? Don’t be afraid to give dating apps a try! There’s a good variety available, so do your own research to make sure the one you end up with will give you the best results. Once you’ve picked one, it’s time to find your next online date!