Swoon-Worthy Lilac Hair Ideas

Of all the beautiful pastels that make a purple splash these days, cannon-like waves are created. Lilac hair is seen in all shapes and sizes and everybody seems to jump on board. Remember to take the lilac plunge? Use one of the cool violet changes!

Lilac Hairstyle Color and Styling Ideas

Lilac color is beautiful on any length of hair. Below are examples of long-layered styles of lilac pixies bobs braids shags and undercuts.

Woven-In Purple

Giving some width to your hair with a purple and gray gradient. Breaking the color will keep your hair from appearing flat and monotonous because nobody wants it!

Braided-Unicorn Look

Why just settle for lilac hair color if you can throw it into the mix in several shades? Look at the unicorn every bit with a faux-hawk-inspired braid that displays all the colors in your rainbow hair.

Short Lilac Bob

Combine two of the block’s hottest beauty trends with a short light purple bob rocking. Give the cut some body by curling it with a 1/2-inch curling iron into voluminous beachy waves. Spritz some setting spray on the curls with your fingers and be on your way!

Soft and Subtle Highlights

Not ready for the purple hair full-throttle? Ease into it at the bottom of your long bob (aka lob) with subtle purple streaks. Without going all in, this will give you a dose of color.

Silver Lilac Beachy Waves

Give some shine to your lilac hair by walking with a silver finish. This will make your hair look shiny so that people will not only notice your color — they will also notice the state of your locks!

Periwinkle Ringlets

Give your lilac hair a neon edge for that rocker look of the 80s. Periwinkle hair has bright pink undertones that make it stand out with a comment of its own.

Mellow Yellow and Lilac Ombr ©

There’s nothing going on these days when it comes to hair, so take the day. By tossing in some yellow at the bottom, add some unexpected color to your already vibrant bob.

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Lilac Balayage

A lilac shade is very trendy and needs minimal maintenance.

Pale Pastel Blowout

Pastel hair is supposed to be shown off and nothing shows hair like a complete perfect blowout. Use a big round brush to shape the hair with a blowdryer and top it off with a gloss serum to make it look shiny.

Purple shades

If you have more than a lilac hair color with your ears, go with it. Try your hand for the ultimate prismatic hair look at the lilac plum and magenta.

Knotty Mermaid Look

Braids are the perfect hair tool to show a bold hair range as the woven design highlights every hue in your hair. If you rock a cool purple balayage, try an intricate mermaid-like braid that begins as a half-updo and transitions to the bottom into a thick loose plait.

Blue and Lilac Locks

Blue and purple are like peanut butter and jelly, so why not marry both of them in your hair look? Give a whirl to the blue-on-top form of purple-on-bottom and show off your creative side of risk-taking.

Plum Punk Hair

Life and hair are full of surprises. Next time you’re visiting the salon, make sure you ask for two deep lilac hair stuff and a bumpy section at your neck’s nape. Create your choice of cool etched-out design that will be visible only when your hair is lifted.

Lightened Lilac Locks

Try chunky purple highlights that are strategically placed across the hair if you really love your ash-blond hair but want to take a lilac stab. Because your hair is already light, it won’t be hard to achieve a rich lilac.

Magical Magenta

Sport a curled-up two-tone pixie for a truly magical look. The vivid lilac pair on the already edgy and head-turning cut is going to be a fun twist.

Pastel Highlights

When done correctly, lilac hair can look as natural and high-end as platinum blonde and auburn hair colors. Weave razor-thin lilac highlights a blunt long bob and on the cutting edge you will be living.

If before it’s a safe bet you weren’t in color, you’re now officially sold. Make sure you give this year a trip to the lilac hair train and find out why this lovely bold color is hotter than ever before. Icy Light Blue Hair Color Concepts for Girls Futuristic Graffiti Beauty Ideas Blue Hair How to Get It Right Blue and Purple Hair Ideas Cotton Candy Hair Cuts and Patterns Stay Connected Get ideas for hair style. Whatever your type of hair, we can help you find the right hairstyles © Copyright 2019 Menu HomeHair TypeCurly Wavy