40+ Stylish Haircuts for Males

Short spikes

Do you prefer an office-friendly haircut? It is probable that a heavy fade with low-cropped spikes will respect any style and dress code you may have at job. Your family will definitely also approve of it as a bonus.

High Fade Side-Swept Fringe

We have another new concept for all of you teenagers out there. You can grow it out if your hair is naturally straight and get a large fade in the lower half. You can sweep the top portion to any side (and look cool as you do it).

Slicked Back Hairstyle

A sliced back hair man is obviously in keeping with his private style. If you want to bring any slicked hairstyle back to the next level, all you need to do is add a haircut heavy fade. There is no doubt that the result will complement an edgy character.

Smooth High Fade

Some high-fade haircuts can become art works. If you want to emphasize the fade portion, deepen the transition as much as you can. We are confident that the super smooth result will blown you and your colleagues away.

Sponge Twists

Curly hair with sponge twists can become even more seductive. Sponge twists are a staple among African American hairstyles, perfect for styling high-fade haircuts tops. The cool method can benefit any guy with textured hair.

Stylish Zero Fade Haircut

This is how your images should look like if you want to become an Instagram model. The haircut is so edgy and chic, and the clothing is just beautiful and high-fashioned. Not to mention the history of the city.

Summer Zero Fade Haircut

This is a great answer to your issues with summer hairstyle. This zero fade is both useful and incredible in appearance. This implies that while looking extremely fashionable and modern, it will keep you cool and dry.

Surgical line

The surgical line is a shaved design that suits all ages. It’s a bit like the difficult portion, just because it’s generally shaved on a reduced portion of the head. You can use an operating line to identify the boundary from top to bottom for a heavy fade.

High spikes

Spiky hair is frequently connected with late s and early s. The trend is back, however, but with a contemporary upgrade. Soften them into fewer blow-dried bits instead of going overboard with jagged boyband spikes.

Textured Pomp

You already understand we’re enormous pompadour fans. You may not know how many variants you can play around with, though. You can also investigate layered options apart from classic lengthy or short pumps.

The Bald Fade Mohawk

The Mohawk depicted the spirit of rebelliousness. Through it, the s and s punks tried to rebel against the former decades ‘ formality as well as against the s’s flower force.

Curly Fauxhawk

If Clark Kent was ever wearing a fauxhawk, that’s what it looks like. A series of well-formed curls hanging right on your forehead on top of your head with a sweet one. You understand what they’re talking about. The curls that the girls are getting.

Curvy Faux Hard Part

Building on the above, you don’t have to get a straight fake hard part line. If you want it, it can also be curvy. Let your creativity go wild or talk to your stylist about your choices.

David Beckham

You shouldn’t have any doubts about David Beckham being a trendsetter. Here he’s in a photo taken over years ago wearing the precise men’s haircut going nuts for today. We even believed about it long before.

Faux Hard Part

In most cases, even if it is created with a razor, it still needs to look a little natural. If it doesn’t, though, you get the tough fake portion. This is a ideal instance when a difficult portion looks more like a line of design than anything else.

High Top Zero Fade

Use some hair wax or hairspray to construct this high top and then add hair gel to make it extra shiny. Also, the top layer will assist you get the moist look we mentioned earlier.

Long Afro

This is a fade haircut with a long afro for the top. You may notice that to give it more body and more character, the afro has been blown or teased out. If you want it or not, it all depends on you.

Loose Pony Zero Fade Hairstyle

If one of your life’s burning issues is how a loose, slick-backed ponytail looks, we have the response. For the most traditional boys out there, it’s not a haircut, but if you are edgy enough to take it off, it works.

The Messy Zero Fade Haircut

If Harry Potter lived in the modern age, that’s the haircut for which he’d go. It is a chaotic medium with a set of upturned bangs and a zero fade around the ears and back, of course. Apart from that, the round glasses that made him famous.

Military zero fade

The top of this hairstyle became known as the military haircut because it was borrowed from the service together with the crew cut and the buzz cut. It permeated pop culture rapidly, and it is now one that all people enjoy.

Modern Mohawk

Many modifications have occurred since we saw the first one back in the s. But the most significant thing to remember is that it was never a haircutting cookie-cutter. There’s no one way to do a mohawk.

Platinum Gray Zero Fade

This metallic gray platinum is all you’d like to be the epitome of this year’s fashion and trend. So, don’t waste more time right now and bleach your hair. Not just at home. Visit your fashion designer!

Platinum Zero Fade Haircut

There is little doubt in anybody’s mind that platinum and extreme blondes should generally be crowed as this yea should be. You can see males and females sporting it everywhere you look.


There would not be a full set of trendy hair references without a quiff. Despite having its roots in the s, the quiff is sure to remain here. A heavy fade is precisely what you need to add a contemporary touch.

Sergio Ramos

Even celebrities could not withstand the zero fade trend. Here’s Sergio Ramos soccer superstar looking elegant and dapper in a dark gray suit and a superbly accomplished zero fade with a long slicked back top.

Slick Textured Back

This is a smooth haircut! It’s a long and textured slick back in combination with a zero fade and a beard if you’re wondering. There are no sideburns that interrupt this hairstyle’s perfection.

The Viking Zero Fade Haircut

There is no historical proof that this is how the Vikings wore their hair, but that’s how they were shown in the hit Vikings TV series. And that’s what we enjoy. We also believe that this should be an inspiration for anyone who wishes to get warrior braids.

Wavy Zero Fade Haircut

This beautiful fade version comes with a heavy and wavy top that can be a great solution if you have dense hair. Use a smooth brush and hair wax to pull your hair back and peel it over your hair’s crown.

Zayn Malik

Former One Direction singer Zayn Malik came with a zero fade on the sides and back, of course, for the buzz cut. With his numerous tattoos, jewelry selection, and face piercings, he looks totally badass.

Zero Fade Haircut with a design

You can add a design to your fade if you want to be creative. They are called hair patterns or hair tattoos, and you can get whatever you want. Geometric patterns, logos, brands, heroes, letters, etc.

Two Tone High Fade

Alternatively, use colors to test your imagination. Changing the tone of the upper portion of your hair is one of the most efficient ways to highlight a smooth heavy fade. Whether you’re choosing a neutral color or a bright hue, the findings are sure to be jaw-dropping.

Zero Fade Haircut V-shaped

This haircut is called because of the back end. The top portion of the hairstyle finishes in a V instead of a straight line as you might be used to seeing in this sort of traditional haircuts.

Zero Fade and Dreads

The zero fade haircut is so versatile that even dreadlocks can be combined. Not only that, but it looks totally remarkable and badass as well. Summer vacation on a tropical island, we’re here!

Zero Fade for Long Thin Hair

A lot of dense hair has been talked about. Now it’s time for people with thin or thinning hair to see a zero fade. Use it for your benefit. Combine it over your head and use hair gel to produce a moist look that everyone really enjoys.

Zero Fade Haircut for Little Boys

This is what the zero fade haircut might look like for a kid. This version has a top of the military on one side with a difficult portion.

Zero Fade Haircut for Teenage Boys

It’s straight from little children to adolescents for us as we pass through the age groups to demonstrate you how versatile, timeless and ageless the zero fade haircut is. It all looks great.

Zero Fade Haircut with Caesar’s

This haircut is called Caesar because it resembles the haircut portrayed in his sculptures by the Emperor of Rome. The hair must descend in tiny layers from the top of your head towards your forehead.

Zero Fade Haircut with

Expanding on the difficult portion, let’s clarify what it is. It usually follows the same line as a natural hair parting side. The distinction is that you use a razor to create it for your barber or stylist.

Zero Fade Haircut with Thick Fringe

If your hair is dense, your primary issue is to style it in the front. One alternative is to develop and drop a couple of dense bangs on your forehead. You can go for medium or traditional baby bangs.

Zero Fade Haircut with Brushed Up Hair

This is not a mohawk, but a fauxhawk seen as the top does not consist of traditional spikes but rather of a brush-up. The haircut also has a fade hair undercut, a line-up, and a perfectly trimmed beard.

Zero Fade Haircut with Curly Bangs

We have to mention curly bangs about present trends. It’s a trend that came from the women, but it also spread rapidly to males. If you have natural curly hair, it’s simple to take off, but you can also do it with straight hair.

Zero Fade Haircut with Large Pompadour

Now just look at the same sort of hairstyle with a full-blown pompadour this time. Did you understand that for Madame de Pompadour this haircut was invented all the way back in France? She was the mistress of King Louis XIV.

Zero Fade Haircut with Small Pompadour

Combining hair fade with pompadour has become prevalent practice these days. It’s one of the males and some of the edgier females out there most valued hairstyles. This is how a tiny pompadour looks.

Zero Fade with the

Man braid First, the top knot was there. Then we were treated in a heated debate to the man bun, the hairstyle that sent the whole world. Next came braids from the guy or braids from the warrior. Here’s a blended instance of a skin fade.

African-American hairstyles are similarly exciting when it comes to zero fades. This is just one instance that involves a spikes fade and a natural lengthy top. In the style of your choice, you can couple it with a well-groomed beard.

Zero Fade with Textured Crop

This textured crop will assist if you have dense hair because it removes some of the bulk sitting on top of your head. The light, feathery hairstyle will bounce your locks and make them feel more airy.

Zero Fade with Textured Hair

If you want a longer top, this feathery haircut is amazing. It has a lot of layers with some hair wax that have been mildly raised. They were also highlighted here and there through platinum tips.

Zero Fade with Textured Top

This brief and sweet textured top is another staple of the African-American lookbook. It’s a very handy and useful haircut that enables you to save cash instead of blowing a hole at the stylist through your budget.