80+ Styles for Bob Haircut

A-line Bob Haircut

You need to gradually cut your hair to be the shortest in the back and the longest in the front in order to get an A-line bob. Ideally, at the sternal notch, the angle should begin from the nape and end. His pure versatility is the best thing about this cut. It flatters most facial forms and hair types. An A-line bob haircut often enables frame the face with its most prominent characteristics.

A brief back long front haircut, which is an inverted or graduated bob, has another variation. The back in medium reversed bob haircuts, however, is tapered and layers have been stacked, giving it a more curved look.

Amazing brown, gray & blonde ombré–lovely medium bob haircuts

This lovely combination of dark and light colors is completely up to date and very appealing! The look is eye-catching and has the recent style characteristics, such as the wave above straight ragged tips being mid-way down. But for a smooth and feminine picture, the colorist has completely colored the trendy colors. With some warm undertones, the model has pale skin, so the colors are neutral rather than extremely gray, ash-brown and blonde. A nice living room will assist you to explore the flattering fresh tones!

Amazing etched pattern on edgy asymmetric bob haircut

The etched pattern of buzzed or shaved napes is an exciting, new idea that has recently emerged here and there! So you can duplicate this look with a sassy fresh twist on the asymmetrical, angled bob and be the first in your friend-group. For dense hair, the whole style of this bob-cut is’ wonky,’ with an off-center parting, highly irregular sides and an asymmetric pattern in the back. It’s a great way to show off your trendy, individual style with disconnected layers framing the nape!

Asymmetric Bob Haircut

Interestingly, cutting them symmetrically is the simplest way to obtain medium angled bob haircuts. Simply split your hair into two parts with a deep side portion to produce asymmetry. The hair falls so that with a longer front and shorter back, it produces one of the angled medium long bob haircuts.

This is an easily manageable haircut, as all you need to do in terms of styling is to wrap a few random strands around the curling wand and apply a light hold textured spray or hairspray. The highlights of Icy-blue and ash blonde create the look more vivid and defined.

Asymmetrical Wavy Bob

Medium bob haircuts need no advertising; they speak for themselves. Needless to say, for no reason would most well-known females remain faithful to such hair thoughts. Let’s face it: bobs are extremely advantageous.

For instance, Ellen Pompeo is now rocking a mid-long asymmetrical bob. Because she has a good sort of hair, she always needs a boost for her locks. And she went for a straightforward but beautiful haircut instead of hours of volumetric styling. The overweighed silhouettes thus make the natural volume remain with her throughout the day.


We enjoy the smooth wave blonde bob. This style is easy yet amazing. All day long, causal or going out, it feels so glamorous. This straightforward style will turn heads wherever you go.


A classic, highlighted style. You can’t go wrong with the highlights of a bob and caramel. You may have discovered blonde to be too rough for your skin tone, so caramel may be better for you. For many years now, this has been common and we think it will stick around for many more!

Bob Haircut With Big Volume Blow Out

Bob With Hollywood Waves

Don’t forget to save this bob to favourites if you always want to be in the spotlight as much as Paris Hilton does. Although Hollywood’s classic concept has lengthy hair, nothing could prevent the famous girl from adding some vibes inspired by Merilyn. In addition, the smaller waves are more similar to square faces and thus more flattering, and this look is the best instance.

Bob With Straight Bang

Bright ShadowMix For Medium Bob



Medium Bob Color Options

Initially, use a blow dryer to produce a lift at its base. Try to make the ends smooth. And then a curling wand or iron in alternating directions will help you in curling parts, one inch each.

Cool curls

hairbyac alcorn, salsal hair, headrush design

Stylists find it flattering when the hair is pulled away from the face. Leave the very ends straight to achieve a look that isn’t too polished. When the curls are cool, complete the hairspray styling process.


Curls and scanning highlights are like two peas in a pod. They’re supplementing each other. Seeing the equilibrium between them is amazing. This curly hairstyle shoulder bob will demonstrate off your girly and sexy side, so go for it!

Curly Bob

juliakonrad juliakonrad Wavy and curly hair is bound to be sported in a bob. Medium-length bob haircuts with bangs are the ideal settings for such a hair form. They enable you to demonstrate off your tight and bouncy locks ‘ beauty while maintaining them under control.

Cut your hair into even layers to produce a broad and defined look that frames your face completely. This is an example of low-maintenance medium thate bob haircuts with minimal or no styling at all. But don’t skimp on a unique curly hair shampoo and conditioner. Holding your coils in form and taming frizziness will assist you.

After the shower, leave your hair air dry and don’t dare to brush it! You may not only destroy their wiry shape by blowing or brushing your ringlets, but also harm the hair itself, which does not do good to your mane. For a glossy finish and improved texture, highlight your magnificent black ringlets with a touch of soft gel when dry.

Beautiful medium bob haircuts

Livid colors of red and deep copper are again a powerful trend! And this fashionable variety of hot hair colors fits light–medium, hot undertone skin tones. This haircut will fit medium-thick hair with a natural wave and should remain’ styled’ throughout the day. The orange and white highlights of the jaunty give a sun-bleached, summer look! Your stylist will cut heavily textured tips to remove dense hair from the bulk and coax to curve when it is blown-dry. You can change the breaks to flatter your face and this super color will still look good if your skin gets tanned!

Faux Bob

Jaguar PS/ Don’t worry; women’s hairstyles may also be indecisive. When Emily Blunt wasn’t sure if she was willing to cut her hair to medium length but still wanted to show up with a bob, she didn’t give up on that concept.

You can fold your hair inwards with the assistance of some pins and thus generate a fake bob. The look was so soft and feminine that it was no surprise that the next day she went to her stylist.


maeipaint Gold and tones of caramel look wonderful together, right? Setting a warm and tender style, this is a deliciousbination. Having a dark brown foundation with highlights of caramel sets a timid and flattering tone, compared to shades of blonder. It’s not as daring as the other hairstyles, but we still enjoy it!

Graduated Textured Messy Bob


Groovy auburn choppy angled bob with bend waves

Auburn hair colors and vibrant, natural red hair are very trendy this season, so if you have it, you should definitely flaunt it! This beautiful copper hairstyle has been added to fashionable’ orange sherbet,’ which accentuates the blunt, choppy tips. The defined waves are also highly lively-looking, adding incredible motion and texture with strongly-angled’ bends.’ Orange, coral, copper and red look good on hot skin tones and are another fabulous option from the super summer choices of this year!

Styled by carolynn, cemgumush

Long Bob Haircuts

Unlike long bob haircuts, mobs are less probable to appear straggly. So, it’s just excellent mobs. There are also so many choices for styling and coloring and considering the kinds of mob cuts.

Medium Bob With Textured Razored Ends

Medium Bobs With Bangs

Bang is a very skilful weapon in the fight for female beauty: with its assistance it is possible to conceal a broad range of beauty. But don’t forget that it takes daily styling to cut bangs. Wet your hair and put it, twist the ends down with the assistance of a round powder dryer and hair dryer. Use some mousse or hair spray for longer fastening.

Messy Bob With Bangs

anhcotran Choose medium bob haircuts with bangs if you want to create your face look more proportionate. Bangs are a wonderful way of framing your face and disguising an expansive front. A blunt bob of medium length can be combined with any kind of bangs, from wispy to pixie. Not to make it look rigid, by providing your hair a textured and disheveled look, hold the motion intact.

This messy bob has a breeze that is easy and comfortable. Go for a smooth blonde balayage and beach waves to accomplish this look. Cut your bangs for a sexy and soulful look to skim your eyebrows.

Messy brunette bob with short hair bangs

Here’s proof that you don’t have to wear the same style of bangs as anybody else, so don’t be afraid of a fresh look! This stylist developed a’ cool’ chaotic bob that is really well balancing out the slender face of the model. The brief fringe demonstrates her lovely straight eye-brows and gray eyes! The fringe is mildly allured to soften the line, while the face width is’ shortened.’ You get asymmetry if you add an off-center or side-parting, which also helps to balance a long face. And the face is expertly’ widened’ for flattering side-volume by allled layers cut to’ fluff’ up!

Messy Deep Wave Bob


“Messy Layered Bob”

Tinseltown / Carrie Underwood. What a wonderful surprise! While the famous singer likes to flaunt incredibly voluminous, lengthy mane, she does not limit herself to playing around.

And this layered chaotic bob is a success, of course. The small layers, while the messy style enhances the effect, provide tons of volume and motion.

Middle Parted Medium Bob

headrush designs If you don’t want to go too sophisticated with your hair and choose classic medium bob haircuts, then you can play around with the color. You can easily achieve a gleaming ribbon effect with a little allled platinum blonde hair that can’t be left without attention. Due to sensitive internal layering, this hairstyle is textured and linear with a chin length. This, in turn, makes it highly versatile.

Middle Parted Straight Bob

Tinseltown/ Dua Lipa’s sumptuous locks appear to be an art piece. It always looks unforgettable whatever duration, color or style she chooses. And this girl just nails it when it comes to classics.

Nothing is simpler than rocking a straight bob and dividing it into the middle. Still, the charm of simplicity introduced by the look is nothing more lovely. As a matter of fact, this way of dividing can frame round faces.

Middle-Parted Wavy Bob

sbukley/ Everyone remembers Jennifer Love Hewitt not only for her ravishing performing talent but also for her amazing hair styling. This female has a sexy face shape that needs a unique hair strategy to show up at its finest.

The actress’s number one weapon has always been layers and center sections, and now she is using heavy artillery–a medium bob. And it leaves individuals speechless when it’s wavy.

Modern twist on classic lovely medium bob haircuts for dense hair
This lovely cut and color is a classic bob haircut for dense hair that is really’ effortlessly elegant.’ And the clever stylist has added a few edgy new twists to fit the modern vibe! In the expertly graduated, high sweep of hair, the layered line from back to front demonstrates the ability of the stylist. It’s a lengthy bob from the front–but there’s a surprise volume bump in allled, brief layers at the back! For this style, you need dense hair, as the stacked-back volume is based on close layers that form hair. And the beige, caramel and smooth golden-blonde tones of glorious finish off a trendy, timeless look completely!


mariayousif If you’re a brunette or want to dye a lighter shade of your hair, look how nice it looks. It will definitely push you to get it done and perhaps even sooner than you planned! It’s such a nice haircut for brunettes and one of the finest looks to get rid of the haircut of the last season and demonstrate off your cool side. Go on, book your rendezvous now.

Pink Bob With Side Bang


Popular medium Bob

Headrush designs, “Emily luciano,”

Shorter hair is not great enough to hold a product of styling. It may also take a while to develop a smaller bob.

Rough red bob with rippling waves

Something that’s so outgoing about bright red hair! Just look at this model and I get the feeling of being pleased, confident and positive. For this season, the profound blue-based red color is new and it looks fabulous on hot skin tones. In the stacked back, there is freshness in the gently spiky separated layers that form a nice, fluffy-out element. And the profound waves along the sides generate great reflections of color down to the darker tips that just touch the collarbone! And you can see how simple it is, including dark origins, to produce a fashionable upstyle.

Sharp Edges With A Touch Of Waves

hairbykimtran If you’re searching for ideal medium-length bob haircuts for dense hair, then a blunt bob should be the cut of your preference. It produces a distinctive and stylish look with its sharp edges that fits most forms of the face. Style it in chaotic smooth waves with a side or middle portion to give your medium bob haircut a less rigid look. Go for an ash blonde balayage with natural origins and platinum highlights in a color-wise way.

Side Parted Straight Bob Haircut

gulevich.vladimir It is likely one of the most diverse of all females haircuts medium bob. If you’ve just got a new blonde balayage, you have a wonderful chance through straight sleek strands to showcase its obviously displayed colors. What else distinguishes this medium bob haircut is the angled front, which provides the jawline sharpness more definition. If you want to emphasize the cut’s edginess, use a side portion to harness it.

However, you will need to create a little effort to maintain your bob clean and sleek. Always wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner straightening. Do not forget to use a frizz-fighting item before styling. Use either a straightener or a round brush blow dryer to obtain the required slickness.

Wavy Bob on the side

Kristen Stewart is one of the few young actors who prefer to do anything else with extra short rocking lengths. But she can’t withstand something. We are talking about the bob, of course.

The celeb enjoys the way she can play with textures and parts in this comfortable duration. At medium bob haircuts, she provides a good new take, showing up with wet waves divided to the side.


This color and haircut is perfect. We understand the shoulder bobs are trendy, but the color gray is also trendy, so adding them together creates a gorgeousbo! It is longer than the classic bob, but it has a unique atmosphere that you can not overlook. This bursts with style and coolness. The silver, gray colors really put off the haircut and it’s definitely going to stand out.

Slick A-line Bob Haircut


Slicked Back Straight Bob

Function Flash Photo Agency / Alice Eve’s hair changes like the weather; today she can rock a lengthy mane complete of waves and tomorrow… Such experiments can assist a female find out about her fresh angles.

And here’s what we’ve found about her after seeing this straight bob: the actress has a shape of a diamond face that fits perfectly with sliced bob curving at the ends. It brings more volume to the front as far as the top is concerned, balancing all facial characteristics.

Soft Blunt Bob With Nature Curls



cutting edge hair room You may not want to go insane with your color if you’re having a blunt bob. We recommend that you go for a bob of darkness or shadow. Sombre is comparable to the hair of the shadow, but dark tones are softer. Choose it if you want your blunt bob haircut to add depth and dimension.

Straight Bob With Blunt Bangs

Kathy Hutchins/ Julie Ann Emery trimmed her hair to a bob length and completed the look with blunt bangs to give her face a slight framing touch. At first sight, everything might seem easy. But this simplicity, in reality, is what makes the actress look so young and fresh. Bangs have the authority to take years off, it’s no secret. What could be better than pure classics for the straight bob?

Straight Bob With Long Center Parted Bangs

sbukley/ This Violante Placido look is here to demonstrate you a different way to combine your bob with bangs. They are long and layered this time, allowing the fringe to blend seamlessly with the rest of the hair.

As a consequence, a classic straight bob on the front receives an enjoyable volumetric twist that changes the cut picture. Plus, it provides some framing to this look!


pammacb One of the recent haircuts to attempt is the fashionable and hot asymmetric knee bob haircut. The straight, asymmetric bob cut will conquer everybody’s hearts that you meet. The cut is blunt on either side, but the asymmetrical bob on one side is slightly longer to demonstrate.

Extreme angled vintage bob in hot copper-red

This’ vintage’ bob has a soft finish on dense Mary Quant hair. The stylist, however, added an edgy twist in the bob’s extreme angle. The back, following the angle to the middle back, is stacked very high. But the hair is trimmed in disconnected close layers curved into the nape instead of the nape being buzzed or shaved to amodise such high-stacked layers. This is a super fresh look, made even more attractive by the beautiful hot copper color displayed in the slightly allied finish!


thefoxandthehair The bob’s shoulder length appears fab! It’s just like that. Enhance your hair for the summery look with a few natural waves. No need to curl from the roots, it feels the finest halfway down your hair. Bear in mind when you wave your hair, it will take up a little bit of the length of your locks, which will also create more volume.

Wavy Bob With Bangs

cutyourhair A wavy bob with bangs is one of the finest medium bob haircuts for good hair. Such shaggy medium bob haircuts are cut into layers, making styling simpler. This haircut’s disheveled look generates the impression of the hair’s complete head. Bangs, in turn, help conceal a broad or expansive front. A caramel color with ginger stripes makes the hair look bigger and bigger.

Wavy Layered Medium Bob

You can definitely embrace one for yourself, regardless of the sort of hair or the shape of your face. You’ll be able to accentuate your lengthy graceful neck with such a length of haircut or make it look like that.

Because it is cut in layers, women with thin and flat hair will find this sort of bob highly flattering. Apply a sea salt spray to your hair for additional texture and curl it with a curling wand. Rake your fingers through your locks to give the waves a natural and allied appearance. In addition, you can use skillful bronding to highlight your layered haircut.

Wavy Stacked Bob

headrush designs A stacked bob is an instance of a medium layered bob haircut that looks fantastic on everybody. The back of the head should be layered so that it stacks, hence the name, to accomplish the look. You can harness it side by side or with bangs, styled in any manner, it’s going to be chic and fabulous.

It is possible to coiff them in waves to create adorable medium bob haircuts. Make them soft and dapper or ripple and asymmetric, depending on your private preferences. When the brighter side is tucked behind the ear, this cut looks highly cool.