Stubble Beards Updated 2020

Stubble beards began to trend in 2015 and only since then have grown in popularity. Growing and shaping short, medium or long stubble is a good way for many people to seek bearded looks before they take the time to completely develop their facial hair. Most men prefer stubble length keeping their facial hair as it better suits their lifestyle. Weve gathered pictures of men with great stubble beards:

Soften hard Lines

A bit of facial hair can go a long way to help soften long and hard heads. The prototype wears a stubble beard and moustache of medium length as well as a small patch of heart.

Balance Beard

here we see the mix of long stubble beard with nearly bald hairstyle. This facial hair works well to balance his appearance, and he kept clean the neck and the area under the lips.

Jakes medium length facial hair

This image shows Jake Gyllenhaals medium length stubble. he wears on his collar a thicker layer of hair and has also applied a short moustache.

Narrow Beard

In this image, a thin gap between sideburn and sideburn holds the short beard. To complement this style, he has added a handlebar moustache.

New Beard

This guy is just starting a new beard of growth or maybe just trying it out. Anyway, this new growth light layer definitely looks good!

Check it out

Stubble tends to be perfect for people who generally want to shave and check a bearded look. For a few days, just let your hair grow and trim it in a clean form. Through shaving the chins sides and making friendly lines on the side, he formed his beard.

Vary Length

This gentleman uses two different lengths to keep his stubble facial hair stylish. he permitted the hair of the face to grow slightly longer around his faces contours. This is an apt look for a man who has to hide a patchy beard.

Long Beard

Bristle beards are the last stubble phase and give a strong, masculine appearance. With a moustache, Chris Evans wears his long stubble thick and total.

Jamies Long Growth

In this photo, Jamie Dornan, Fifty Shades of Grey Actor, wears a long stubble beard that was just trimmed under his lip but allowed to grow a little in his face.

Stubble Layers

You can see here that he initially grew a beard that extended along the jawline from one side to the other and has now applied a stubble layer to the face, neck and moustache.

Rugged Look

If you want a stiffer beard, let it grow all around and keep it short. This template also has the growth of a day around the chest, adding to the rugged look.

Short sides with medium front length

Feel free to mix different lengths to add depth and contrast to your beard. This guy keeps the beards sides short to feed on top of his undercut. The hair is longer over the chin and has been shaved into a nice round form.

Long Live Beards

From this perspective it is easy to see the smooth lines and shapes obtained by this long stubble beard. Notice the curved line that runs along the cheek and under the chin.

Pro Beard

This is a great look to try if youre not yet ready for a full beard. he has built a smart, professional look by keeping the sides of his medium-length stubble beard dry.

Character Beard

This model has been combined with an established bushy moustache for four days. Make sure you keep the neck clean and the moustache clipped just above the lip if you want to recreate this look.

New Beard Model

This template is just around the chin and moustache with a short stubble beard. For a polished, put-together look, he keeps his neck and sides clear. Note how the length of this facial hair often fades in the hairstyle of this body.

Scruffy But Sexy

In this picture, the hair on the cheeks and above the lip is at a short stubble stage whereas there is a longer hair patch just below the chin and jaw.

Line Up

This template smartly balanced its hair-style straight lines with its facial hair. he wears a coat of appropriately formed facial hair on the sides of this face and above the nose, and on the top of the chin there is a small patch of longer hair.

First-class facial hair

In this image, the model starts stubble on all sides while its moustache and chin are covered with a slightly longer facial hair surface.

Chin Whiskers

This is where Chris Evans has clean shaved sides and only has a stubble beard on the chin. he also wears a thin moustache that extends through his lips to join the beard below.

Bushy Chin With Short Sides

In this image, the model is stubbled along its cheek line while the chin hair is longer and bushier. A soul patch and a thin, short moustache have been added to him.

Work of Art Make your facial hair art! This man has trimmed his stubble along the cheeks into precise lines and wears a thin, narrow moustache while a tuft is slightly longer under the chin.

Golden Beard

This photograph shows Benedict Cumberbatch wearing a medium-length stubble beard around the chin and moustache while keeping the sides clear from a thin layer of facial hair.
Clean lines

A stubble beard may seem simple, but it needs to be maintained. Make sure that you keep the sides and neck like this guy clean and neat and use good beard oil.

hipster Moustache

A tiny spot under your lower lip is a genuine look that gives you a fresh look. Abeard is rasped clean and the patch and a fine touch moustache are left. The lips are left in the open to prevent being a top kiss obstacle. In your new look, you never miss a bit of masculinity. The barber has taken care of your maintenance concerns as you only need a retouch once in a while.

Wide Noticeable

If you want something noticeable and dense, this is the bet that will never go wrong. This protects the chin and links two sides of the lip-to-lip interconnections. When you put the upper and lower lips together, it looks like a noticeable continuous mop that breaks only when the lips are part of it.

Long Sideburns

And heres what youve been getting from the lower lips smalls. Most of the details go to the sides, but they end well before the jawline ends. Immediately, the chin is transparent, but not that thin line falling down in the middle on top of the handle of the jaw. It left as the point of attraction and you cant miss it in a hurried gaze.


Well, this may not be the bush effect you might think at first, but in all respects it is worthy of such a name. This starts from the sideburns to make a round run across the nose. Under the lower jaw, you will notice the small band of fibers. It is meant to create a contrast to the bareness around the mouth, and this effect is iconic.

Rounded Spotty

With your sideburns coming to an end before they hit your cheeks, youd need something to make them go for the reason. Follow this by removing all the hair on the head (sparing the lashes and brows of the eye, of course). Only what remains is a line that goes along the lower lip bend but not beyond the curved segment.


You never want a beard to take your time on the way to a big meeting. The stubble dot on your face will work magic. Its tiny, but it cant be missed. Its something celebs want to have, and this tells you why you ought to have it now. Once again, the convenience that comes with it and that is a plus for you cant be dismissed.

Classic Spot

You dont have to think about your long hair pack every other morning you want to attend a serious event. Its like a tiny insect stuck in the darkness under your lower lip. The sides are molded to a rugged surface, or there is no harm done to the looks if you want it to be smooth. Cute is what youd call it in every way.

Wild Long

Did anybody say things here never get wild and long? he lied because you can see it on your own. Youre left with the racy streaks that go long with all the facial hair gone. There is a keen intention to keep it sparse, and once a gentle breeze passes over your face you can see every strand. You cant resist having such a foggy beard so make your choice today.

Look at Me

If you pull that look, theyll definitely look at you, not with your eyes, but with a trifling beard. Surrounded everywhere with strongness, you can assume that the emphasis was placed on making the small spot to be seen. Easy and good is all you get for a fair deal.


Leave a lot of thick hair on their faces to the obsession of guys. You can have a piece thats just on your chin. Its a small impression that leaves exposed to all to see your facial bones and cuteness. Youre right to make the option and youre going to be the citys chat.

Soft Spot

The adjectives that should characterize this beard are plain, elastic and all-round. Get done in readiness for mercurial softness with the sideburns and the under chin hair. The jazz dot leaves the facial appearance to be controlled and it does not disappoint. When you complete it with an outstanding haircut, its a real catch. The guys in your social circle would want a piece of this kind to be so happy you are leading the pack.

Square Form

If youre on your first beard early days, the square cut would go a long way to give you the masculinity youre seeing in grown-ups. having a small beard, which will be a stunner to any girl you have eyes for, doesnt have to be so hard. You see, if you dont have the thick chin groove kind, you can have that little spot that will make you look good.
Who wouldnt want to grace his beard with a soul patch? It doesnt seem to be you or even that other guy. Youve seen how perfect these designs are for yourself. Youll be spoiled for a choice from simple to sophisticated, short to long. You wont miss choosing something to look for you again.

Little Brown

If youve ever wanted facial hair thats not going to completely undermine your haircut, little brown is a top style thats going to deliver that. With the clean-shaven sides, youre left with the little brownness dip. Its such a first-rate impression and will surely be the citys newest rock star.

Thick Chin

The contrast between your head and facial hairstyle is a reminder of how your trendy mastery has evolved over the years. This breaks singularitys monotony and superiority. Thick chin has the power to differentiate you from the crowd of people who just have a cut for its sake. The low jaw is left with a short stout patch and it rises to connect with the sideburns.


Its small but thats never why its not going to grow long. This is the perfect patch for those who want long styles but without the burden of a lot of hair. It doesnt have to be about your chins thickness to get a fair look when all you need is such a genius idea.

Curvy Edges

It is tedious to have thick and long hair around your lips whenever you need to tend to it. Yet please, wait! You can do something imaginative with it. What about trimming it with sharp edges to a flat and smooth bed style? Thats what you see here, and its awesome. The area under the lip is groomed to an oval shape while the mustachio is shaped into thick horns of bulls. The rest of the hair in the mudpack is cleared. This is the brightest look youll ever find in a while. If you make an instant decision to get it right away, there would be no blame.

Green Patchy

Ok, you can tell you can have such an effect on your looks when wild with mad colors. The beard is left to grow to a medium size and straightened into finer strands afterwards. A green dye hits it and the effects are just fantastic. You might say bizarre, but you cant resist the temptation of having this on you.

Dalliance Easy

Ladies want a loving guy and you know that this proves to be real. To give them that look, you dont have to spend an arm and leg. As you can see with this man, a simple dalliance awn would be successful. Is there a lady who is going to resist her charm and agility? Not in her right mind, and if you chose such a cut, it could be you.

Gray Fineness

If your skin is gray, there is nothing wrong. You can actually make your styles envy those who dont have it. The low rift of the lip reveals a gray thicket that is the only long section around the chine. The top lip has a matching gray band extending from one corner to the next.

Tiny Island

The look of the island is a binding style that focuses on your lower face. A thin line of hair falls from the lower lip center and leads to the chin groove. It is surrounded by bareness and thus appears in a wide sea like a lonely island. Its a streamlined style that wont miss those who know how fantastic beard looks. You dont have to tend to it, its good.

Scruffy Spot

This is the promise of dominance for a guy who has no room for sideburns and thick lower jaw beards (or you just dont feel comfortable with them). The thick portion of the lower lips tiny hollow is left exuding dominance with the hair around lower and upper orifices provided rough short edges. You dont miss the ladies being impressed, and thats something that many men would play with.
is there, of course, but you need to look more deeply to find out. Abeard is left rough, surrounded by white shortness. The only strands with any significant length are small patches below the lower lip center. Make sure there is no other hair on or around the beard for the best results. If its perfect then it just needs to be noticeable and thats the unpredictability of what youve got here.
Are you the kind of a man who cant picture a look of beard without a patch of soul? In this craze, youre not alone as every other cool guy would want it on their own. The good news is that having one that will suit your facial hair doesnt have to be overwhelming. So, which of the models are you going to pick?

Tiny Billy

You know how great he-Billy is. So when you can have a quick style, dont be obsessed with it. The slight bend under your lower lip leaves a scar-like hair area, and thats all for the hair on and below your chin. The top lip is left thicker, but the credit of the tiny spot is not taken away. Thats not quick, but youve got the promise of a great look.

Young he-Goat

The time to define your face hair style is never better than when it comes. Young goat comes with the promise of fresh looking taming your awn. Covering the chins lower tip is not long but adequate. You dont have to style it because it offers its truth to keep it normal. Youre amazingly beautiful, combined with your bowling hair on your head.

Groove-Around Lips

Only those with extremely thick beards were wrong if you thought the long guise was right. For your short jowl hair, you can have it, and everyone will note the beautiful finish with which you end up. A dot-like blotch is all that remains on the low side while the top lips and sideburns make a celebrity impression. It makes a groove on the top of your lip and grows to the sides. Since youve come all this far, you deserve what you get. Youre going to be the focus for your next event and youre going to get questions about where youve been doing your beard.