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Sling Tv ds Nine Discovery Network ChannelsByGabriela Vatu-29 November 2018.551 Sling Tv adds Discovery channels. Sling Tv revealed it’s finally bringing a bunch of Discovery Networks channels! Today Sling Tv provides nine additional channels for those who want to know more. Sling Tv adds Discovery Tlc Investigation Discovery MotorTrend (formerly Velocity) American Heroes Destination America Science Channel Discovery in Espanol and Discovery Familia, according to the announcement. As you may already know, Sling Tv comes with three big packages from which you can choose-Orange ($25/mo) Blue ($25/mo) and Orange + Blue ($40/mo). There are also tons of extra channel packs that you can include, and they are all grouped together by interests that make things much better as you can tailor everything to the desire of your heart.

Where to Find the New Channels So here’s where Discovery Network channels are to be found. The Blue bundle carries Discovery and Tlc while the Orange bundle contains MotorTrend. Discovery of the case can be found in both. Of course all of these are present in the Orange + Blue package as well. American Heroes and Destination America is moving over to Heartland Extra which is $5 a month while the Science Channel is going to the News Extra which is a further $5 a month. Discovery en Espanol and Discovery Familia go over to Best of Spanish, which makes sense since the Spanish broadcast is in. Subscribers automatically add the channels to their packages and if you don’t see them yet you may need to refresh the app – close it and reopen it. If that doesn’t work then try to sign out and get back in. When you’re not home, you’ll be able to set up Sling Tv to record any of your favorite shows and you’ll also have access to on-demand content from networks.