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Twitter’s Bottom Navigation Bar More User Friendly on AndroidByCopley Sutton-July 13, 2018.171 This week, Twitter has announced changes to its interface that will impact Android users. Now you can find the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen for faster one hand scrolling. However it is now disabled to swip between tabs. It is an automated adjustment that needs no upgrading of the program. It was checked, and it is out now. Today Twitter launched an update for Android users. From now on, instead of the top, you can see the navigation bar at the bottom. Apple users are already used to this feature as it has been part of the iOs interface of Twitter for some time. Why does it need this change? One incentive is getting bigger smartphone screens. With more room a more user-friendly interface can be built. The new design makes the performing of certain tasks much easier; even more so if you operate your phone with just one hand. You can easily navigate between the Home Search Messages and Alerts tabs with the icons placed at the left. One useful aspect of this move is that it does not even require an official update to the app. You may see the update the next time you’re using the application so don’t go to the App Store to look for it. It is an update on the server side, which is immediately pulled through to computers. The change was announced on Twitter itself, quite appropriately. Now we are waiting for the input from the users. handle.